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Please Shut Up, Bob

May 14th, 2011

Hockey Canada President Bob Nicholson bitched and moaned on Friday after Canada was eliminated by Russia at the 2011 World Hockey Championships earlier this week. Nicholson’s comments – saying the results are “totally unacceptable” – are fueled by the fact that Canada hasn’t won a single medal in the last two tournaments.

Bob Nicholson, President of Hockey Canada

Nicholson also took a shot at several young Canadian players who declined playing in the tournament for reasons that were a “little lame.” Thanks, Bob. That was very insightful. Here’s another gem of a quote from Nicholson:

“This team was good enough to win, but with one or two more players (it could have been different). You know what, Hockey Canada and Canada have been pretty good to those players through the under-18, the juniors and an Olympics Games. I thought they would have thought about that before refusing to come this year.”

Is this guy freaking kidding me? That has to be the most ridiculous and obnoxious thing I’ve read in weeks. In my opinion, that’s worse than anything Jeremy Roenick said over the last few days. Let’s break down several reasons why Nicholson’s comments are so absurd:

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Canada/Russia Prediction & Trade Implications

January 5th, 2011

Just a quick post today with the huge World Junior Hockey Championship game less than 30 minutes away. This should be a great game as the Russians have really come together as a team throughout this tournament, improving in each game they’ve played. Meanwhile the Canadians seem to be firing on all cylinders at the moment and have a solid physical element that no team has been able to match yet in this two week tournament. This sets us up nicely for a great game.

Prediction: Canada wins 4-2 in a tight but electrifying game with tons of highlights, hits and slick moves. What’s your prediction?

*    *    *    *

Let’s talk about trades for a second.

Sometimes they can have a negative effect on an organization, in addition to on-ice performances. Senators fans know the latter well, but sometimes trades shouldn’t be made to build team credibility. Sometimes it’s better to not trade a veteran, even if he’s a pending UFA. I believe such is the case with long time Senators defenseman Chris Phillips.

* GASP *

“What? What the hell is wrong with you, Burgundy!!?!”

Ahh yes, the inevitable disagreement. I’m sure it will happen with many of you in a matter of moments. But before you cast me off as a complete wanker, check out my latest column on Houses of the Hockey to know why I think the Sens shouldn’t trade “Big Rig.”

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Stay classy, World Junior Hockey Championships.