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May 25th, 2011

It wasn’t pretty, but none of that matters. Kevin Bieksa’s overtime goal on Tuesday night put the Vancouver Canucks into the 2011 Stanley Cup finals. It’s an incredible achievement for the NHL’s top regular season team, although Bieksa was quick to point out the goal was a bit of a “duck.”

For anyone who missed it, the puck took a crazy bounce off a glass partition known as a stanchion. No player on the ice knew where the puck had bounced to, except Bieksa, who took the quickest shot possible to beat San Jose Sharks goalie Antti Niemi. Although the shot beat Niemi, the “duck” comment came from Bieksa in a post-game interview admitting he fanned on the slapshot.

What makes the unique goal even more incredible, however, is the accuracy of’s game stats. In fact, I was so blown away how precise the stats were, I had to take a screenshot. Check it out:

(Click here for a hi-res image)

In all seriousness, congrats to the Vancouver Canucks. Boston or Tampa: you have your work cut out for you now.

Stay classy, Vancouver Canucks. Stanley Cup finalists.

The stupidity of these so called Tampering charges

October 7th, 2009

Recently, Mike Gillis and the Vancouver Canucks filed tampering charges against Brian Burke and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Before I get into the stupidity of tampering charges, I’d like to remind everyone that Gary Bettman and the NHL rarely do anything without 3-4 months of courtroom drama which ultimately leads to no decisions and takes far too long doing so. End result: no one really cares anyways. Good luck with the filings, Mike Gillis.

I don’t get Tampering.

It seems pretty silly to me.

I guess it started earlier this summer. The Toronto Maple Leafs pissed off the Gills and the Vancouver Canucks when coach Ron Wilson suggested Burke had interest in Daniel and Henrik Sedin (who at the time were scheduled to be unrestricted free agents on July 1st). I don’t really see what’s wrong with that. Aside from Burke’s obvious history with the Sedins (he did move mountains to draft both Sedins second and third overall at the 1999 NHL Entry Draft), the Leafs needed (and still need!!) high end offensive players and the Sedins are pretty damn good. Makes sense so far, right?

Instead of getting mad about Wilson’s comments or Burke’s intents, Mike Gills should of said, “Yeah, duhh” and moved on. Every GM probably wanted the Swedish twins. I don’t see a problem publicly stating that.

Then more recently (and ironically!!), Toronto’s official Leafs TV revealed Burke ousting a potential Vancouver Canucks-Tampa Bay Lightning trade at the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. The rumored deal included Vancouver’s Kevin Bieksa, Alex Burrows and their 2009 22nd overall pick (Jordan Schroeder) for Tampa’s 2nd overall pick (Victor Hedman). Side note: Probably a good thing Tampa didn’t take the trade. Vancouver’s Team1040 has the actual clip, here.

Now, I really like Mike Gillis (read why here). But is this whole tampering thing a not-so-clever way to divert attention from the 0-3 Canucks and their poor start to the 2009-2010 NHL season?

Gills has reason to be upset about Burke outing players names in the trade mentioned above. Brian Burke is guilty of bad judgement – kind of a GM no-no. But it also shows others were in the know and told Burke.

I don’t see this as tampering. Perhaps poor judgement and brutal honesty are more reasonable accusations.

Before I end, I wanted to point out several points of stupidity in this mess:

  • Why would Leafs TV release potentially damaging audio of their Presdient/CEO? Definite Career-Limiting-Move.
  • Why would the Lightning/Canucks organizations not keep a tighter lid on this his profile trade? What does this say about their organizations?
  • Would Mike Gillis have known about Burke’s ‘tampering act’ had it not been for Leafs TV?
  • Every GM/Agent talk to each other prior to July 1st. How else do you think big dollar/long term deals are announced 1 minute into free agency?
  • Aren’t the Canucks still under investigation by the NHL for the Roberto Luongo deal?

What a disaster. Glad I can still make fun of it.

Stay classy, NHL tamperers.

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The Vancouver Canucks future looks promising

September 8th, 2009

Over the last few years, I haven’t felt the Vancouver Canucks were true Stanley Cup contenders. In fact, the last time I felt the Canucks could seriously challenge for Lord Stanley, the city of Vancouver still liked Pavel Bure and Kirk Mclean’s blocker didn’t look that retro.

In years more recent, I always felt the Canucks offense lacked a dynamic second punch. Of course Henrik and Daniel Sedin providing the only punch. And even with Roberto Luongo standing on his head (regardless of missing 5 minutes of overtime for an unexpected bathroom break), I still thought the Canucks were beatable.

Until now, sort of. I’m not saying the Vancouver Canucks are Stanley Cup shoe-ins — not at all — but, the ‘Nucks future hasn’t looked this bright in some time. With training camp set to start on Saturday and young prospects like Cody Hodgson and Jordan Schroeder waiting in the wings, I like where the Canucks are heading. Feel free to add Michael Grabner to further support my statement.

Couple these two blue-chip prospects with a solid core group that includes Luongo, the Sedins, Mikeal Samuelsson, Alex Burrows, Ryan Kesler (I have no doubt Mike Gillis will lock him up long term) and you have yourself a pretty decent future.

Vancouver’s defence isn’t terrible but could be improved. No Canuck defenceman has a contract that goes beyond the 2010-2011 season, except Alex Edler.  Kevin Bieksa — who has been the subject of trade rumors for some time — Willie Mitchell and Sami Salo are due for raises when their contracts end after the 2010-2011 season. That could become a problem when the core group mentioned above take a significant cut out of the Canucks salary cap. Perhaps that’s why Mike Gillis drafted two 6 foot offensive defenceman earlier this summer (Kevin Connaughton and Jeremy Price). Nice work, Gillis.

The Vancouver Canucks future looks promising with nice up-and-comers and a good core group. And Roberto Luongo is signed long term. Let’s be honest, as good as these kids may be, he’s the cornerstone piece.

Stay classy, Vancouver Canucks.

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