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Please Shut Up, Bob

May 14th, 2011

Hockey Canada President Bob Nicholson bitched and moaned on Friday after Canada was eliminated by Russia at the 2011 World Hockey Championships earlier this week. Nicholson’s comments – saying the results are “totally unacceptable” – are fueled by the fact that Canada hasn’t won a single medal in the last two tournaments.

Bob Nicholson, President of Hockey Canada

Nicholson also took a shot at several young Canadian players who declined playing in the tournament for reasons that were a “little lame.” Thanks, Bob. That was very insightful. Here’s another gem of a quote from Nicholson:

“This team was good enough to win, but with one or two more players (it could have been different). You know what, Hockey Canada and Canada have been pretty good to those players through the under-18, the juniors and an Olympics Games. I thought they would have thought about that before refusing to come this year.”

Is this guy freaking kidding me? That has to be the most ridiculous and obnoxious thing I’ve read in weeks. In my opinion, that’s worse than anything Jeremy Roenick said over the last few days. Let’s break down several reasons why Nicholson’s comments are so absurd:

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Super Playoff Weigh-In

May 10th, 2011

It’s about time I weigh in with some playoff thoughts. But first one quick thing to mention:

OK. These playoffs have been great. The first round was absolutely killer. Easily the best first round I can recall. For me, some highlights included watching game seven of the Blackhawks-Canucks series in a downtown Chicago bar. You could hear a pin drop in that packed bar for the majority of the third period. That is, until Jonathan Toews did something amazing. Then things got nuts. Unfortunately for the Hawks, Chris Campoli made the biggest error of his career by assisting on Alex Burrows series winning goal.

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Taxicab driver gets Kane’d

August 11th, 2009

December 1, 1985.  Not just your average day in New York State.  It was the date in which the legal drinking age was raised from 19 to 21 years.  I wonder if any of these Miller Lite girls are even over 21.  Or can even count to 21.  (I guess that doesn’t really matter.)

Patrick Kane staying classy...

Patrick Kane staying classy...

More than a decade later, 20 year old Patrick Kane, either too drunk or too stupid to know better, gets in a fight with a 62 year old cab driver over what most would consider to be pocket change.  In Buffalo.

What is there to do in Buffalo?  Well, not a heck of a lot.  How much trouble can you possible get into?  Unless this is your hometown (which it was for Kane), you play for an NHL club with a bright future (even if you count the signing of Marian Hossa), you earn the league maximum for rookies ($875K, plus potential bonuses), you are on the cover of EA Sports NHL 2010.

NHL 2010 with Patrick Kane

NHL 2010 with Patrick Kane

And you have the judgment and temper of a Mike Tyson looking to turn Holyfield into his own all-you-can-eat buffet.  Continuing with my Roenick quotes, JR recently told ESPN when asked about Kane:  ”I think at that time of the morning he’s got to be responsible for where he is, what he’s doing and what he’s doing to get home. I really think it’s an unfortunate situation.”

(I love how sound bites always have the word “unfortunate” or “regrettable” when they really mean “STUPID”)

Nothing can be stupider than making headlines for yourself in August, at a time when NOTHING is happening in the NHL.

What else should Kane have been doing?  Sleeping might have brought better Karma.

Check out his profile, and you’ll learn that his favorite meal is “steak and mashed potatoes” and his preferred ice cream flavor is “vanilla with chocolate sauce”.  I wonder if they serve that in prison?

Don’t hold your breath.  The lawyers will plead this out and it will be settled before the puck drops on the new season.  He’ll do community service by cleaning up some neighborhood park of empty Coors Light bottles, and after a 35 goal season in 2009-10, all will be forgotten.  I mean forgiven.

Kane — look by “classy” in the dictionary.  You might learn something.

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Quote showdown: Burke or Roenick?

August 6th, 2009

Yesterday’s blog from Baxter about Jeremy Roenick and some of his more memorable quotes was pretty good.   JR had some great moments during his 20 year NHL career.

But it made me wonder, who’s the better quotester?   Current Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke or Jeremy Roenick?  Both know how to stir it up and both aren’t afraid of saying what they really think.  Although this would be a pretty epic battle, my vote has to go to Burke.   Burke’s got the wit and can eloquently say “you are an ass”, while Roenick is more of a straight shooter, direct and to the point.   However, Roenick never shy’s away from the truth and is over-the-top blunt.  Instead of dressing it up, JR would basically say “you’re an ass”.

But, I think its fair to say Burke has more overall credibility than Roenick.

Upon further thought (I’m a deep thinker), it occurred to me both of these NHL mouthpieces are American born.   Hmmm, interesting.   Chris Chelios, another American, is no stranger to speaking out either.   So are American hockey players (or coaches/GMs) the most outspoken hockey nation?

Probably not.   Canada lays claim to Sean Avery.  Unfortunately.   Anyways, I’m not sure what the point of this post really is.  Relevant hockey news is pretty slow in the middle of summer.   And I don’t want to talk about Jim Balsillie anymore (unless he actually comes close to getting a team in Hamilton).

So a simple question to all of you.   Your feedback/opinion is critical.   Who’d win in a war of words: Brian Burke or Jeremy Roenick?  You know my thoughts and now I want yours.   Let the debate begin.

Stay classy, memorable quotesters.

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JR shoots back

August 5th, 2009

On Thursday, the NHL will lose one of its all time notorious characters. Jeremy Roenick, at 39, will finally retire his skates but probably not the outrageous personality they carried.   Outspoken, charismatic, and never too far from a microphone, he once told fans to “kiss my ass” following the 2004-05 lockout season (StayClassy won’t forgive you for that, Gary Bettman!) when commenting about overpaid hockey players.   He recently told reporters that he has been asked to try out for Dancing With The Stars.  Oh boy.

Controversy seemed to follow him.  Or vice versa.

Notable quotes:

“NHL, WAKE UP!…The National Hockey League has to step in and tell (the referees) to open up their eyes”
- January 13, 2004, following a 6-2 Flyer loss to Buffalo, with Roenick receiving a gross misconduct and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalties with less than six minutes to go

“Because wives and girlfriends aren’t on the road….All of our wives and girlfriends are wonderful people.  They’re wonderful people.  They just have to know to leave their guys alone on game days.  No grocery shopping.  No cleaning up the house.  Just let ‘em sleep and get their rest.”
- January 31, 2008, when asked why the Sharks have a much better road record than a home record

“He goes and puts his stick down and, you know, he is hot.  He is hot.  He’s telling everybody that he’s red hot, and his stick is hot, he’s … letting everybody in the world know that he knows that he’s good and that he’s hot.”
- March 30, 2009, when asked about Alexander Ovechkin and his over-the-top 50th goal celebration

“You see him [expletive], whining and crying.  He’s supposed to be the poster boy of our league and yet every time he gets hit, he’s grimacing and complaining to the referees.”
- January 23, 2009, talking about Crosby

“I fought Dion (Phaneuf) three times and I came out three for three.  I don’t know how realistic that is, but I’ll take three for three with Dion any time.”
- September 22, 2008, speaking about his likeness in EA Sports NHL 09

“My in-game character is a little slower now in NHL 09.  I think that’s because I’m almost 39 years old, so they’re trying to make it as real as they can in terms of my speed.  But I’m still very strong and I still hit a lot in the game, which is very real.”
- September 22, 2008, explaining why he is not so quick in EA Sports NHL 09

“(Bettman) forgot that the NHL merged with the WWF and we hide razor blades in our pockets and cut ourselves so we can get calls…I’m just surprised that you can get fined $91,000 for throwing a water bottle on the ice.  It’s like fining Gary Bettman for all those lies about the collective bargaining agreement coming.  He throws those around like they’re candy.  The NHLPA should fine him for those.”
- January 15, 2004, teeing off on Bettman following his one-game suspension for throwing a water bottle at an official who missed a high-stick on Roenick’s face. One tooth and seven stitches later.

“Our sport still is great.  It’s just ruled by Neanderthal people”
- January 15, 2004, still talking about Bettman

And probably the best exchange involving Roenick, trading jabs with Patrick Roy.   After Roenick is tripped on a breakaway (no penalty called), Roy says “I would have saved it anyway”. Later, Roenick shot back, “I’d like to know where Patrick was in Game 3…probably up trying to get his jock out of the rafters”. In that game, Roenick had scored on Patrick Roy on a very similar looking breakaway.    Roy countered with his most famous line, “I cannot really hear what Jeremy says because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ear”.

Gotta love it.

Be good, JR. We’ll miss you.

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Jeremy Roenick has figured out reasons for Chris Chelios' lack of ice time

May 21st, 2009

Jeremy Roenick is at it again.  

Its OK if you thought who???  I pretty much forgot about Roenick too.  Afterall, he last played hockey on April 28th.  And yet, a month later, I’m still talking about him, despite the fact he and the San Jose Sharks chocked.  Again.  

I’m told one of the first rules in journalism is to never let your personal feelings mix with your writing.  But whatever, I’m still bitter the Sharks didn’t and can’t make it past the first round of the NHL playoffs.  And I’m not even a real writer anyways. 

Back to Roenick.  In a  interview with Comcast on Thursday, JR claimed the following reasons for iron man Chris Chelios’ lack of ice time this season:

  • Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock doesn’t like American born players
  • Babcock especially dislikes Chelios
  • … plus a lot of other crap like “you should hear the things [Babcock] says to Chelios …”

Riiiight.  First of all, I don’t really get the timing on this.  Secondly, on a Red Wings defense roster that features Nick Lidstrom, Brian Rafalski, Nicklas Kronwall, Brett Lebda and Brad Stuart, Chelios is lucky to get his season average of 11 minutes per game.

Let’s remove the personal feelings Roenick may have here.  Chris Chelios’ career is amazing… and older than Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Sidney Crosby!  And that’s the point: Chelios is a 47 year old man playing in the highest level of hockey in the world.  A level where most players peak at 28 years old. It’s completely unreasonable to think a 47 year old can compete with a 21 year old kid in a 3 hour hockey game, 82 times per season, plus playoffs.

We’ve all watched the turnover’s Chelios has been laying this playoffs.  And these Cheli-overs were costly against the Anaheim Ducks last round.  Frankly, I question if Chelios can handle the 11 minutes he currently averages.

Furthermore, I find Roenick’s comments about Babcock disliking Americans a little off-base.  It’s not like fellow American defenseman  Brian Raflski has trouble getting ice time. 

Putting it bluntly, Chelios has seen better days in his career.  He can barely keep up with the NHL pace at his current ice time load.  Why should he get additional ice time when he can’t handle what he gets now?  

Jeremy Roenick is off base on this one.  Fact is, the Red Wings have better players that they can rely on more.  As far as the rude things Babcock says to Chelios that Roenick actually claims, that’s part of sports, isn’t it? Performance and results do the talking and when those aren’t good, you don’t play.  It’s pretty simple and guys like Chelios and Roenick have been around hockey long enough to know that.

Stay classy, Chris Chelios … but tell JR to actually win a Stanley Cup before opening his mouth during playoffs.

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Capital injuries Leafs us wondering…

April 7th, 2009

What do you do if you can’t make the Stanley Cup playoffs, year after year?  If your last playoff game was against Jeremy Roenick… when he was still a Flyer?   Or if your last deep playoff run was with a goalie – Curtis Joseph – who left and then came back and is one loss away from being the record holder for the most losses ever?

The answer is pretty easy when you’re a Toronto Maple Leaf: injure key players on post-season bound rivals.  Hey, if you can’t get there yourself, why let someone else?

Harsh, but true.

In March, I noted why the Montreal Canadiens are in trouble come summer time.  And now, their season is in serious jeopardy and those summer troubles could come sooner than later.  The Canadiens smoked the Leafs 6-2 on Saturday night, however, the win was costly: both Andrei Markov and Mathieu Schneider left the game with serious injuries. is reporting Schneider will require season ending shoulder surgery and Markov will be out for at least three weeks with a knee injury.  Whoa. .. two integral pieces of the Montreal Canadiens injured from a lousy Leafs game.  Sound familiar, Sens fans?

April 3rd, 2008; Ottawa vs Toronto.  The Ottawa Senators = making the playoffs.  The Toronto Maple Leafs = missing the playoffs.  Leafs forward Mark Bell takes a run at Daniel Alfredsson, injuring Alfie and forcing him to miss the rest of the regular season plus the two games against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs (Alfredsson was not 100% healthy, despite a return in game three).  Mike Fisher was also sidelined for the remainder of season in the same game, courtesy of who else, Mark Bell, in what was a meaningless game for Bell and the Leafs.

Revisiting Saturday night; Toronto vs Montreal.  The Montreal Canadiens = probably making the playoffs.  The Toronto Maple Leafs = missing the playoffs, again.  I literally copied & pasted that line.  Ahhh, too easy…

Fortunately for Habs fans, Mark Bell is pretty much the most forgettable Leaf ever and wasn’t in Saturday’s game, however, forwards Brad May and Mikhail Grabovski were in the lineup and did in fact finish their hits on Schneider and Markov.  Come to think about it, that may be a first for Grabovski and Habs fans will probably agree.

Anyways, I’m not saying Saturday’s hits were dirty – both hits were pretty solid, actually.  But is it really a coincidence the Leafs injure key players on rival (Canadian) teams just days before the playoffs start in meaningless Toronto games, two years in a row?

Maybe it points to something Leaf fans have probably noticed over the last few years: if the Toronto Maple Leafs played that hard all season, perhaps they’d be the ones looking forward to post-season play.

Stay classy, injured Leafs victims.

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