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Although not specifically a "conspiracy thriller" show, several episodes have focused on fictional conspiracy theories.

An American TV series, which ran for four seasons and 81 episodes from to In it, structural engineer Michael Scofield infiltrates the prison in which his brother, Lincoln Burrows , has been unjustly imprisoned for the murder of the Vice President's brother, a murder he did not commit. Eventually, the two successfully escape along with several other inmates and learn that Lincoln's framing was the work of a shadowy consortium of conspirators called " The Company ". The two spend the rest of the series combatting the Company's machinations.

Lincoln Burrows hears rumors of his thought to be dead brother, Michael Scofield, might just be alive but living by a different name altogether Kaniel Outis. A British TV series, which ran for one season of 17 episodes from to In it, a British secret agent who has recently resigned his position is abducted by unknown forces and taken to a mysterious, idyllic village in an undisclosed location, which is seemingly populated entirely by other former agents of various international intelligence agencies.

There, he is designated " Number Six ", and a succession of interrogators, known collectively as " Number Two ", attempt to extract the reason for his resignation from him via a variety of methods, including hour surveillance , torture , double agents , mind control , hallucinogens , hypnosis , gaslighting , and a series of elaborate confidence tricks.

A British miniseries, based on a novel of the same name by future Member of Parliament Chris Mullin. The series concerns the events following the election of an avowedly socialist Labour Party leader as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on a platform of unilateral nuclear disarmament , withdrawal from NATO , nationalization of major industries, and other policies unacceptable to the power elite.

Following his assumption of office, a conspiracy is hatched that includes high-ranking officials of MI5 and MI6 , the CIA , and wealthy business moguls, who plot to bring down the Government through subterfuge, rather than violence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is an orphan , as no other articles link to it. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. Volume 41, Number 3, Issue pp. Lists of films by genre.

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Above the Law [ citation needed ]. A Chicago vice unit cop stumbles on a CIA plot to finance black ops with crack cocaine. A master burglar goes on the run after witnessing the President murdering his mistress. Air America [ citation needed ]. Pilots in Laos discover that they are patsies for a CIA heroin -smuggling plot. All the President's Men [2]. Two young reporters uncover the Watergate scandal. Angels and Demons [3].

A computer engineer who graduates from Stanford joins a Portland -based computer firm and uncovers the terrible truth of the company's operation.

The Arrival [ citation needed ]. Mysterious forces cover up an alien invasion. A former FBI agent, grieving for his deceased wife, suspects his next-door neighbors are terrorists. The Assassination Bureau [ citation needed ]. An international anarchist organization performs political assassinations of the "socially undesirable" for pay.

A movie sound effects man goes on the run after recording the Chappaquiddick incident -style assassination of a prominent politician.

A helicopter pilot cop discovers that rogue military and government officials are plotting to use a high-tech police helicopter for sinister purposes. Mockumentary ; a right-wing politician, embroiled in the Iran-Contra affair , is the apparent target of an assassination. An amnesiac CIA assassin goes on the run from his superiors, who want to cover up their illegal activities. The Boys from Brazil. Nazi fugitive Josef Mengele plots to use cloning to create the Fourth Reich.

A marketing executive in a dystopian future discovers that ads are alien life forms feeding off humans. Army officers plot to assassinate General George S.

Patton to cover up a massive theft of Nazi gold. Comedy ; the President and his advisers seek to boost his approval rating by fabricating a cold war with Canada. Superhero film ; Captain America discovers that a terrorist organization has infiltrated the espionage agency he works for.

The government fabricates the first manned mission to Mars. Management covers up safety flaws at a nuclear power plant ; foreshadowed the Three Mile Island accident.

Film noir ; a private eye stumbles onto murder and political corruption involving real estate interests in Southern California. A big hospital illegally harvests organs from comatose patients. A conspiracy theorist cabbie goes on the run after stumbling onto a real conspiracy involving brainwashing. The Constant Gardener [6]. A paranoid surveillance expert thinks he has overheard a murder plot and that he is being spied on.

The Da Vinci Code [7]. A Harvard symbologist discovers a cover-up of the secret history of Christianity. Hunting terrorists in South America , a policeman encounters roadblocks in a corrupted state. An amnesiac awakes to discover that he is accused of murder, and that a mysterious group of men who possess the power to stop time and change reality are involved. The Day of the Jackal. Death of a President.

Faux documentary ; government officials cover up the truth of President Bush 's assassination to push an anti-terrorism agenda. Defence of the Realm.

A reporter investigating an MP 's sex scandal stumbles onto a web of MI5 cover-ups involving murder and nuclear weapons. A mysterious organization busts a Vietnam War vet out of prison for an assassination. Comedy; an innocent investment banker goes on the run from the CIA and a Mexican drug cartel after stumbling onto a money laundering scheme. Two people are guided by a mysterious and seemingly omnipotent female voice on their phones towards the end result of wiping out most of the U.

Presidential line of succession. When a journalist fabricates a story that a prominent right-wing Australian politician is a Nazi sympathizer and this hurts the government, a revenge plot to use the journalist as patsy in a political assassination is conceived. Enemy of the State. An attorney goes on the run from rogue NSA operatives after he is passed a videotape of them assassinating a congressman.

Rogue Pentagon officials sell high-tech arms under the table and eliminate the witnesses with the help of rogue U.

A group of right-wing business magnates and mercenary covert ops specialists plot and carry out the John F. A EPA agent battles and investigates a corrupt corporation in Kentucky that is dumping toxic waste in the state's abandoned mine which leads him to the death of his partner and best friend.

A Harvard Law graduate from Boston joins a firm in Memphis and discovers that the company murders its associates. A woman's daughter disappears without a trace aboard an airplane. Two Texas border-patrol men find a Jeep that has been buried for twenty years in the desert.

Spies masquerading as leaders of a peace movement arrange a peace conference and a phony assassination in order to kidnap a diplomat. Comedy; an innocent librarian stumbles onto a bizarre plot to assassinate the Pope. A psychic detective in Victorian era London investigates the Jack the Ripper killings and uncovers a Masonic plot. An innocent surgeon is framed for his wife's murder and goes on the run to uncover the conspiracy. An unsuspecting investment banker is enrolled in a mysterious "game" as a birthday present and becomes the target of sinister forces, who may or may not want to ruin his life.

A ghostwriter for the British Prime Minister investigates the mysterious death of his predecessor, which leads him to uncover the Prime Minister's secret history with the CIA. Rival Mafia factions compete to use the Vatican Bank for money laundering, leading to the assassination of a reformist Pope.

An Australian cameraman investigates the link between his father's death several years ago and the British nuclear tests at Maralinga during the s. He discovers a secret which the government is prepared to kill to keep quiet.

A union boss gets embroiled with the Mafia and politics and is eventually murdered. Season of the Witch. A small-town doctor discovers that an evil mask-making company owner is plotting to kill millions of American children on Halloween with something sinister inside Halloween masks. Comedy; a cat burglar is ensnared in an international conspiracy involving a maniacal billionaire , corrupt CIA agents, a Vatican secret society , and alchemy. A human rights investigator and an honest cop investigating the massacre of 23 campesinos in Mexico find links to drug cartels, dirty cops, and a multinational corporation embroiled in a union election.

An Italian cop investigating the assassinations of several judges finds that they are part of a neo-fascist " strategy of tension ". The government responds when a rural town is infected with toxic waste, causing violent and hyper-sexual behavior among the residents. Science fiction ; a team of corporate spies plan the ultimate heist: Big tobacco seeks to cover up the health effects of tobacco and silence a whistleblower.

An Interpol agent investigating a shadowy banking cartel discovers money laundering, political corruption, war profiteering , and assassination plots. A United Nations interpreter stumbles onto a plot to assassinate a controversial African head of state on the floor of the General Assembly. Interview with the Assassin. Faux documentary; a critically ill ex- Marine sniper admits to his next-door neighbor that he assassinated President Kennedy.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Pod people subtly take over a small California town. Pod people subtly take over San Francisco. A veteran Secret Service agent tries to stop a psychotic assassin from killing the President of the United States. Superhero film; a government-backed think tank controlled by a mad scientist perpetrates false flag terror attacks and schemes to assassinate the President in order to install a puppet ruler.

The government performs chemical experiments on unwitting Vietnam soldiers. The District Attorney of New Orleans investigates the Kennedy assassination and prosecutes a co-conspirator. Film noir; a private eye investigates the disappearance of his friend and his connection to a call girl.

A private-eye and a football player discover that a team owner is planning to assassinate the U. Senator who is blocking legalized sports betting. In a dystopian future in which humans live hedonistic lives in a domed city, reproduction is controlled by computer and all humans are executed at age 30, for population control.

Logan 5, an enforcer of early termination, struggles to escape his own fate. The Long Kiss Goodnight. An amnesiac housewife learns that she is actually a CIA assassin when her former colleagues come to eliminate her. A team of rogue foreign spies kidnaps an American couple's son to silence them about a plot to assassinate an important dignitary. The Manchurian Candidate [13]. Communist spies use mind control for a political assassination. An innocent grad student who finds his CIA-agent brother murdered is ensnared in an international Nazi money-laundering plot.

Science fiction; a hacker discovers that the world he inhabits is a virtual reality simulation controlled by sinister artificial intelligence. An NSA official sends assassins to kill an autistic nine-year-old who cracked a state-of-the-art encryption cipher. A "fixer" for a New York City law firm uncovers a web of corruption and intrigue regarding a major client of his firm, an agrochemical corporation. Science fiction; a cop who "solves" murders before they happen with the help of several "precogs" finds himself pursued for a crime-to-be, but he believes he is being set up.

Film noir; a man, recently released from a mental hospital, wins a cake at a carnival and finds himself pursued by spies. An American businessman searching for his " disappeared " son in a South American dictatorship finds evidence that the American government was involved.

A secret agent goes on the run when a traitor within his agency frames him for the murders of his team.

Impossible — Rogue Nation. A secret agent goes on the run to uncover the rogue espionage cartel behind a series of disasters and assassinations. A former special forces officer goes on the run after being recruited into a secret assassination squad and framed for the murder of the First Lady. Sherlock Holmes investigates the Jack the Ripper killings and uncovers a Masonic plot.

A white-hat hacker stumbles onto a software company's machinations and goes on the run from cyberterrorists. An innocent African-American Chicago Police hostage negotiator , framed for murder , embezzlement and police corruption , takes the city's police department hostage to uncover the conspiracy.

A news network conspires with a revolutionary group to profit from their sensational acts of violence. An innocent accountant 's daughter is kidnapped by mysterious operatives who demand that he assassinate the Governor of California. Thought Crimes meet Big Brother. An aide to the Secretary of Defense sleeps with the Secretary's mistress, who is subsequently murdered.

An innocent advertising executive goes on the run after being mistaken for a spy by foreign operatives and finds that the CIA wants it that way.

A retired CIA assassin is pitted against his former colleagues when he seeks to protect a witness to Russian political corruption. The corrupt owner of an oil company plots to use a new state-of-the art oil platform with sinister intentions that would endanger the people of Alaska and the Eskimos. An American soldier stumbles onto an assassination plot by rogue American and Soviet military officials who wish to prevent the signing of a nuclear disarmament treaty.

The FBI seeks to destroy the Black Panther Party by any means necessary, while teaming up with Mafia to keep the blacks down by flooding the ghetto with cocaine and heroin. The Parallax View [15]. A journalist re-investigates the assassination of a presidential candidate and discovers a mysterious organization that seemingly recruits assassins.

An innocent law student goes on the run after writing a paper speculating that a billionaire had two Supreme Court justices assassinated to fix a lawsuit appeal. Comedy; an innocent psychotherapist becomes analyst to the president and goes on the run from operatives of every intelligence agency on Earth. An innocent hotel manager is trapped aboard an airplane with a ruthless mercenary who threatens to kill her and her father unless she helps with a planned assassination.

A CIA agent is accused of being a mole by a Russian defector , and goes on the run to prove her innocence.

A French fugitive takes refuge with a couple, claiming that he is being pursued by the authorities carrying out a cover-up. An innocent Secret Service agent is framed for plotting to assassinate the President of the United States and goes on the run to uncover the conspiracy. The digitization of porn , is accompanied by a big escort scene. Pimps have girls professionally photographed and suitably airbrushed to make them look ethereal, then sell them online. Typically, the girl will be available and on call for five days and nights per week.

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There are arguments to say that escorting is easy money, and maybe to some it is. I left home very young, having had a troubling relationship with my mother, and was quite vulnerable. I soon ended up in the glamour industry , and at the mercy of much older men, modelling and dancing — but sometimes also escorting. After my time escorting, something inside died. The worst thing I heard someone say to me, taken from a spiritual doctrine, was that every person who ever fucks you leaves their essence with you.

Vikki Dark is a British writer and academic whose oeuvre spans erotica, biography and transgressive fiction. Her latest book, about an adult film star, focuses on contemporary feminism relevant to cyber culture and sex. Men are hungry beasts when it comes to sex. They want all the satisfaction for themselves.

It is a bit embarrassing. I simply love these call girls and escorts. I mean, being married with kids is good, but as a man I need my urges satisfied as well, which my wife of course can never do. But yes, the sex is just awesome. I might regret it afterwards but thinking about one touch, one blowjob and one damn strip tease— that is all it takes for me to lose control and cheat.

When I was in my early twenties I visited a brothel in Germany. I was young, the women were alluring, and the idea of legal prostitution was new and exciting to me then. I paid 70 marks for an experience that lasted less than 10 minutes. I found it empty and rather hollow. That was my one and only time. So why do other men pay for sex time and again? I can only speak for myself.

Living in a society that bases its morality within a Christian-Judeo framework there is the temptation to judge the prostitute and her John. I resist doing that because I resist blanket generalizations. I know every man has his story just as every woman has hers.

Thank You for your courage in writing about this. No amount of money or glamorization can compensate for being treated like an empty soulless object. There is nothing shameful about being an escort. Thank you for sharing your story Vikki. What is interesting now is that more women are being open about booking male escorts.

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The implication is that a man who pays for sex automatically earns the escorts contempt. Would this be correct or not? I felt increasingly angered by some who I saw more than once. I resented knowing them, noticing how they automatically found it easy to use a woman; also that they had been conditioned to think that that is just the way things are: I was a functioning drunk when I conducted myself as an escort.

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