Japanese escorts erotic massage

japanese escorts erotic massage

Once inside and with introductions over, Nanami began to setup her work space. I offered my assistance but she insisted that I just sit on the couch and relax.

The first thing she did was remove the blankets off the bed and rolled out a towel down the center, leaving one pillow for the customer. After that, that the girl would get the bath ready by running the water to a pleasing temperature and put special soap in the tub. Nanami then pulled out various bottles of essential oils and asked which one I wanted to use, but I left it up to the professional who also had a wooden bowl ready to stir up her concoction and a flower head for presentation.

Service The last thing Nanami set up before play time began was connect some kind of electric oil vaporizer to the outlet next to the sink.

Immediately following that, I was presented with a large menu that looked like it came from a 5 star restaurant, was verbally told there is no sex, but if I wanted to do their optional services which were all written in English then I would have to pay yen. The optional service included, but not limited to 69, kissing, licking of nipples etc. I was given the option to pay before or after the session and since I did not know if I wanted to take up the optional service or not, I opted to pay everything the end.

We then undressed and made our way into the shower. In the shower, it was not just a scrub down or some rouse to get me to pop a boner -- I was given a proper massage using the shops special soap. After applying soap to my body, Nanami would bear hug my left arm and glide straight down with her naked body. She repeated this technique to my back and to my right arm before washing my chest and penis shaft. We then got into the tub which had been filled with warm water and soap that gave out a soothing fragrance.

We had small talk as I rubbed her nipples and I would get a peck on the cheek and lips. After getting out of the tub, Nanami got a bath towel, held me from behind and wrapped the towel around my waist, ending with another peck on the neck. Outside the shower I could already smell the fragrance that engulfed the room which had a synergistic effect with the aroma bath. The two worked in tandem which enchanted my mind and soul.

I was then instructed to lay face down on the bed and did so, disrobing the towel from my waist. Soon after, Nanami asked if she could turn down the lights to darken the room which would help get us both in the mood and calm the nerves. Like with many professional massages, Nanami covered me in towels and with one leg exposed, began massaging it with the oil she had already prepared.

The massage began with what felt like the effleurage technique followed by petrissage , ending with her knuckles really going into the soles of my feet. When one leg was finished, she covered it back up with a towel and glided across my back with her breasts like a nuru nuru massage and gave me a love peck on my neck and ears, before doing the same type of massage to my other leg.

With two legs finished, Nanami moved to my back, this time using a deep effleurage technique, making a butterfly like shape on my body, from the hips to my shoulders. This was followed by the kneading technique, from hips to the shoulders, then from left to right and ending in right to left.

I was then instructed to flip over and got a leg massage with intense pressure going to the bone of my toes. During the massage, Nanami always held deep eye contact with me which only made the situation more erotic. After one leg, I would again get another peck from her lips on to my cheek.

With the leg routine finished, I got massaged between the legs, including my landing strip. The aroma massage was officially over and things started to get erotic. Nanami began to jerk off my cock and ripped the towel right off my body so that she could lick my nipples. Skills at esthetics are still an unknown quantity, but it's not hard to imagine that she gives you massage with a feeling of shyness, and it brings you to the summit of sexual sensations you have never experienced.

Yuna will definitely become so popular that you won't be able to make an appointment freely. We are looking forward to your appointment. Slender and beautiful masseuse. We can't help falling love with Ms. Minami, when she charmingly smiles with watery lips. You can enjoy prime healing with highly-skilled massage and kind consideration. You will be definitely satisfied with Ms.

Minami, a masseuse with perfect figure. Maki is an adult masseuse offering superlative orgasm and healing. She is womanlike placid, and an air of neatness and adorableness surround her. Her gentle manner makes us feel strong affinities with this wonderful lady. Her personality combines sexiness and shyness, and that is why she is attractive in spite of fresh innocence. Customers will be sexually aroused by pleasant oil massage, and then they will be brought to superlative orgasm and healing.

Enjoy sexual sensations to your heart's content in a room of just you and her. Kotori is an outstandingly beautiful masseuse suggestive of Japanese idols. She is nothing but "moe"-type, for her adorable looks and childlikeness originating in her age, Looking at her slender figure, we may think she is a pinup girl. Good looks, good figure, and what is more, long black silky straight hair.


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