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Girls looking for sex free private prostitutes Queensland Waterloo Counseling Center ; E. Fans of The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival will recall their multiple awards at the annual end-of-summer salsa celebration. All That You Desire! Bertinelli is always likable, while Leeves is not bad. Lomas received a formal written reprimand for allegedly being rude to Janousek. Attacks occurred between April- August Sentenced to 3 yrs jail with 18 months suspended — To serve 18 months jail. Instead, after a sizeable portion of fat was removed, it was just enough for a small woman who had already eaten sushi and short rib.
CRAIGS LIST CASUAL ENCOUNTER FREE SEX NEAR YOU QUEENSLAND The deadline for the July 16 issue is Monday, July 5. On Wednesday, Weis and Wright were in town to meet with city officials and were expected to speak at a public forum in the evening. Well, check out all that we have to offer. The question of how the women first entered the industry produced some very interesting answers. Learn the basics of Hatha yoga over the course of six classes.
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International escort agency chronicle personals Sydney With so many good local cartoon- ists available, why do you waste your space with such, urn Sally Hemings is not. Yogi Berra is not. Heading to the fireworks stand to load up on fireworks. It perma- nently scars the lives of everyone involved, everyone in the community. Horny wild child for your exclusive pleasure Outcalls only — Well, Thursday she will!! You can run, you can run, tell my friend-boy Willie Brown.

Make sure you take time to walk around the Japanese garden. The leafy surrounds and great touring exhibitions are just some of the many reasons the Art Centre is visited by approximately , people each year. The turn off from the Pacific Motorway to Cooranbong is definitely worth your time. After this head towards Lake Macquarie , the largest coastal saltwater lake in Australia. Dobell House is the home and studio of the late artist Sir William Dobell.

Guides are available on all occasions. Groups receive a presentation about Dobell, his life, his art and the history of the House before they experience the House and Studio at their leisure.

It is accessible by public transport, vehicle, water, walking or cycleway which connects to Fassifern Railway Station. Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery. Set in the leafy grounds on the lake front, the award-winning gallery exhibits touring shows alternately with gallery-curated exhibitions featuring nationally significant artists. Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery is an exceptional cultural and tourist destination, widely recognised for Dog made Assistant Director at the Maritime Museum.

Maitland Regional Art Gallery. List view Map view. He did not shatter all conventions, social and literary; he simply and heartily stepped beyond them when, 1 1 lines into his great poem, he stripped naked and rolled in the grass, insisting that your body is equal to your soul. I believe it was Sharon Olds who said that Whitman makes humanity seem like a good idea.

America may do the same. A Public Hearing on the FY elected officials' salaries and allowances will be held on July 13, , at 9: This ad reflects the budgeted salaries for the elected officials. All elected officials have the right to decline the salaries set for their office. All persons are invited and may participate in the hearing. Commissioners Court will then set the elected officials' salaries and allowances.

Travis County pays for health insurance for every county employee and elected official. This amount may, at that person's option, be added to their total annual FY 11 salary or placed in an IRS approved flexible spending account for the reimbursement of health care or dependent care expenses. The State Salary is the least state compensation received by any of these officials. The County Salary is the least compensation received by any of these officials. Get inspired by his newspaper blackout poetry, grab a marker and make your own.

Learn about his new book at: Iden Payne Award-winning creators of improvised Charles Dickens, impro- vised French farce, and improvised screwball comedy, among other formats. But not to worry, these absences are only tem- porary, and the troupes are going away for the best of rea- sons: Paul, while Dusk will be off to New York City for a three-night stand with the Tank, an arts presenter in the heart of Manhattan. And the best thing about that news to date? After our local improv artists wow crowds in other cities with their quick-witted- ness, ingenuity, and ensemble playing, they always come back home.

Which means we get to savor their skills ourselves all over again. For tickets, visit www. PGraph is back in its weekly slot at the Hideout, Congress, teaming with a different troupe each Friday at 10pm for the show dubbed The Spectacle. For information, visit www. For informa- tion, visit www. And as honors go, this one is major.

Only 14 people have been given a Hoofer Award to date, and they represent the top of the field: Acknowledgment of their efforts is especially meaningful. Not that Gray was expecting it.

Presentation of the Hoofer will take place during Tap City, the New York City tap festival that Gray has attended for years as a per- former and teacher. And one of those people has a special connec- tion to Gray: By the time the resolution endorsing the CreateAustin Cultural Master Plan was taken up by City Council on June 24, the clock had moved a full three and a half hours past the scheduled time for its consideration.

For more CreateAustin information, visit www. And I flew here in a jet to say that. Two-point-three million folded prison uniforms stacked together, equal to the number of Americans incarcerated in And how many numbers is that pic- ture worth?

Americans use 60, plastic bags every five seconds. Twenty-eight thousand gallon barrels of oil are consumed in the United States every two minutes. One hundred million trees are cut down in this coun- try each year to make the paper for junk mail. Ooh, ooh, big giant numbers. The implications would chill you, maybe even inspire heart-racing ter- ror, if only you could wrap your head around all those big fucking numbers.

One, two, three, many: You move into the hundreds and beyond, you might as well try to get to first base with infinity. What would these big num- bers even look like? Then I turned down the lights and made five pictures. So I ended up with 15 pictures of each can at different brightness levels.

And so on, until the entire thing is completed. Everybody stop - we have to deal with the big bloody rhinoceros head over in the comer! And I ended up with a folder of And then I worked with a photo-mosaic pro- gram. I knew I needed , cans, so I got a high-resolution image of the Seurat painting and rezzed it down until it was exactly , pixels, so each pixel could be replaced by one can.

I could have someone help me! Even incremental changes, which will build up. I mean, the next time someone goes to throw something away - that cell phone, those bottles, a plastic bag - the visual memory is going to stop them, going to make them think. Everybody stop - we have to deal with the big bloody rhinocer- os head over in the comer!

But Jordan - with a bloody rhinoceros head to guide him - toils on. And then, when you move closer, you see that the collective is made up of lots and lots of individuals. And another way you can look at it is: Of course every one of us matters. For more information, call or visit www.

Three actors — dozens of characters. One foley artist — hundreds of sounds. One keyboardist — thousands of notes. Who the hell is Facebook to decide that someone has too many friends? How many is too many? Maybe Willie decided that he had too many friends? Sixth with all donations going to the Red Cross. My job will be to engage and entertain the attend- ees and urge them to tip more. Please come out and be generous - the Red Cross needs you, and you never know when you may need the Red Cross!

This past year has been devastating for me. I behaved very badly and am paying the price. So I will now: Worldwide Maniac proposes a world where creators pay it forward. But the concept, while hardly new, is a lovely one.

Something about already being associated with apparel com- panies. Too bad for them, I say. Richie and his collection were the stars of the evening. Another star in the Worldwide Maniac world is the glamorous and auda- cious Lauren Elliott, aka Lala, the mar- keting manager. This dame is an impres- sive powerhouse who will go very far in her chosen career. She is the entire package. Anyway, apparently Worldwide Maniac helps provide sustainable housing for those in need.

With so many worldwide disasters in the news lately, thank God for Worldwide Maniac. Go to its site. Make up your own mind.

Write to our Style Avatar with your related events , news, and hautey bits: Being an immensely gifted writer helps, but knowing when to play which cards creates a perfect nest to place his latest work.

He takes the bones of stories told many times, in many ways, and shapes them into something sin- gular and breathtaking. The Beaufort Diaries, his latest, might stake out new territory in some super- ficial way, but Cooper is still taking inspiration from some awfully common sources - climate change, Hollywood cliches, and the combination of the two - and shaping it into something few writers, or imaginations, could deliv- er.

Like his breakthrough novel, Lipshitz Six , or Two Angry Blondes, this slimmer, more whimsical volume is at heart an immigration story, one in which the dislocation is as much psychic as it is geographic. Named after the sea from which his mother launches him southward, Beaufort is a polar bear who makes his way to L. The work here is subtler than it sounds: In Beaufort, Cooper in West relations. Mitchell abandons almost all of his previous postmod- ern trappings, leaving an engrossing tale told with deeply insightful language that has the effect of rewir- ing or refreshing tired lin- guistic synapses.

He can have his heart broken by the shallowest of supermodels or naively take a dip at a Hollywood pool party before being told no one actually swims at those; he can also relate deceptively sublime details that read as innocent discoveries and cut to the bone. There also exists an animated short directed by Petrowsky and voiced by David Duchovny www.

Instead, Cooper makes it original, humane, and deeply funny. Well, check out all that we have to offer. Lamar 9 am - 1 1 pm everyday shop online at: L IXAiV with xfxaal drinkx: Thank you Austin Chronicle readers!

Not least of these pleasures is an evolving high stan- dard and variety of food. Green eggs - a garden-herb frittata dressed with an incredi- ble tomato-y chili and beans - may be the best bite in town. Admirable hand-thrown crusts convey classic ingredients, including farm tomatoes and fresh basil, and are nicely complemented by fruity frozen limeades.

The luscious date pudding is not to be missed. As well as wine, the proprietors prepare inspired daily soups, snacks, sandwiches, and desserts. Hang out on the front veranda, inside by the fireplace, or in the backyard under rustling cottonwood trees. It features well-prepared espressos and coffees from Big Bend Coffee Roasters, ice creams, Italian sodas, and wi-fi. Cheeseburgers are awesome, pours are generous, and regulars are welcoming to us estranjeros.

WOOD Summers used to be so laid back around here, but this July is off to a flying start with plenty of water in area rivers and lakes, festive holiday celebrations, and eagerly anticipated restaurant openings.

There is a much bigger kitchen, many more seats at the sushi bar, and a larger din- ing room. Another busy Austin chef also created a new restaurant recently. Braise serves dinner Tuesday through Saturday, providing a complimentary beer or glass of wine with food orders until its beer and wine license is approved.

He was 61 years old. Thursdays, July 1 and 8, 6: Order Divine Palomas, Pinky Friedmans, and prickly pear margaritas to contribute to the cause, and enjoy live music before the fire- works. Sunday, July 4, 7: Sunday, July 4, llam-llpm. Sunday, July 4, pm. Complete details at www.

Sunday, July 4, l-4pm. Thursday, July 8, 4pm to close. Like many folks, Luke followed music to Austin in Initially, he drove a cab while managing and booking musician friends from Minnesota. They had no children, but probably put hundreds of kids through college over the past 22 years. Luke will be cremated, and Pat will host a small, private gathering for fami- ly and friends at his studio sometime soon. We share your loss. The water is blue, the hills are green, and several new restaurants are cooking near area lakes.

The Lakeway Commons spaces that formerly housed Expressions Fine Chocolate and the Vino wine bar have been transformed into an inviting bistro with an open kitchen, decorative wine racks, and comfortable seating for about Cesidio bakes bread and pastries fresh every day and serves them alongside the traditional bistro classics of his homeland.

The neighborhood appears to have an enthusiastic response to his efforts. Our group of four showed up for brunch on a recent Sunday to find the dining room full and a two-hour wait for a table. The moral of this story is that reser- vations, especially for the popular brunch, are a good idea.

Laureen sent us on our way that Sunday with a complimentary bag of croissants and genuine encouragement to come again another day. I eagerly returned for lunch a few days later. Meals here begin with a basket of house breads and a simple black olive tapenade. It was lovely and satisfying. Both of these delightful bistro staples were paired with dainty side salads.

That alone was worth the second trip! Then the wave started with Zoot, then Mizu, and now the Grille at Rough Hollow - the centerpiece of a new development on the northwest side of Lakeway that includes a mari- na, yacht club, fitness center, and pavilion. The development is classy and casual: The food is much better than we normally expect around the lake, with quality ingredients like Niman Ranch meats, scallops from Georges Bank, and mussels from Prince Edward Island.

One bit of warning: Choose the hours from 4 to 6pm at your own peril. The place is hopping during those hours; folks happily wait in line for good food at rock-bottom prices. After about 7pm, the waits are far less egregious, and the combination of good food, a lake location, a well-equipped bar, and righteous prices make this one of the best choices in the Lakeway area.

Yet the ample dining room could use a good makeover: The dated furniture and old carpet detract from the resort experience. A bit more attention to detail would defi- nitely improve the overall appearance.

We were seated promptly upon arrival, and the manager came out to greet us and offer us a glass of wine while we looked over the menu. Perhaps the web- site could use an update as well. Lunches include soups and salads, sandwiches, and burgers with interesting toppings for customization fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese, black pepper bacon, Veldhuizen jalapeho jack.

We started with an appetizer special of crisp flatbread pizza topped with local tomatoes and basil, which was very fresh and satisfying.

This proved a delicious combination of complementary flavors that we absolutely loved. The mashed potatoes came in a tiny cast-iron skillet with a dol- lop of butter in the center; the creamy and golden mac and cheese also came in a skillet hot out of the oven; the jicama-chayote slaw was crunchy and fresh, and the corn on the cob with maque choux butter was incredibly sweet with a hint of spice.

The manager suggested a delicious Cotes du Rhone that was the perfect complement to our dinner, and ser- vice was courteous and efficient. Our overall experience was very positive, though the decor and ambience should be updated to match the fine food and lovely view.

Sunday-Thursday, pm, and Friday-Saturday, 5-llpm www. Mizu sparked big-time hopes when it announced gifted chef Chris Bauer would run the food operation. The owners also secured one of the most gorgeous building sites in Travis County and designed the ideal place for a romantic tete- a-tete the main dining room and patio and for a thirsty sports fanatic the bar, with good drinks and plenty of hi-def TVs.

The main room has a pan- oramic view over the Hill Country, toward Mansfield Dam. But you should go early or sit on the patio to see it.

After dark, the glass in the main dining room reflects back so much light that the view is all but obscured. We started with sushi. Bouillabaisse is a deceptive name for a dish which is actually a Thai-styled soup of coconut broth, pickled carrots, cucumber slivers, mussels, and scallops. It was just slightly picante and richly aromatic. The rib was a generous portion of intensely flavored beef with the correct ratio of fat to lean, accompanied by a delicious wedge of sweet cornbread.

We were expecting a Flintstone-sized pork chop after the description from our server. Instead, after a sizeable portion of fat was removed, it was just enough for a small woman who had already eaten sushi and short rib. The yummy side of cauliflower- golden raisin gratin arrived in a tiny hot cast-iron pan but was icebox cold in the middle.

Our server quickly rectified the problem and returned with a delicious dish. Our server was cordial, interesting, attentive, and new. The recipes and concepts are excellent, but issues with freshness, food temperature, and quality of raw ingredients need to be corrected.

It has good serv- ers and a gorgeous location. The prices are high, but if everything else were fixed, people would be willing to pay. Fans of The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival will recall their multiple awards at the annual end-of-summer salsa celebration. Though the two women are still partners in the condiment business, Thompson embarked on a solo restaurant venture in November and Two Hot Mamas Grill was born.

It offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a full bar. The menu reflects some of the same Latin influ- ences as the popular line of sauces and dips, and all the tasty condiments are available as enhancements to the menu items. The component parts of the sandwich that were made in-house were all very tasty and satisfying. The bun, on the other hand, had all the taste and texture of cotton balls, and the sandwich was not grilled as described on the menu.

The house-made dishes were fine, but the chips were tough, stale, and tasteless. Food this good deserves better support vehicles. Many aspects of this comfortable little diner and tavern reflect the involvement of friends - artist friend Susan Parks decorated the walls with colorful parrot murals, and all the friends who invested in the venture are recog- nized with brass nameplates on the backs of the tall stools lining the bar. The friendly spot offers a little something for everyone - breakfast on weekends, live music four nights a week, a flat-screen TV for sports fans, karaoke on Thursdays, and bar-tab bingo coming soon - and it attracts a diverse crowd as a result.

A friend joined me for breakfast here on a recent Saturday morning, and we overheard a table of regu- lars discussing their favorite dishes, usually a good sign.

I substituted a big, flaky biscuit for the tortillas and had a hearty, satisfying breakfast, even without a hangover. The three-egg omelets come with a choice of three ingredients from a list of meats, cheeses, and vege- tables, plus one of four optional toppings for an extra buck.

The bland gruel bore no flavor of chile, cheese, or even salt - which is a cru- cial spice element. Everything served is top-notch in freshness and quality, and word of mouth is bringing in new customers at an exponential rate.

Deli salads include pasta salad, roasted corn salad, potato salad, and two kinds of chicken salad. They include entrees such as grilled mahimahi with mango-jalapeho pico, grilled squash, and Hatch corn pudding; chicken enchiladas with black beans and cilantro chile green rice; and grilled chicken with basil pesto over angel- hair pasta. The entire place has been cleaned, straightened, painted, and expanded.

It is obvious that a lot of money went into the upgrade, and the place really looks great. The menu appears to have changed only a little, however. But although the menu is familiar, the food itself has changed: Everything is now quite solidly The burgers look right, and the toppings are fine, but the beef patties themselves are shockingly flavorless despite appear- ing to be charcoal-broiled.

The fried items onion rings, fries, okra, chicken tenders suffer from the same problem: Ski Shores now has table service, complete with a host to seat you and a server to take your order. In theory, this would eliminate the long line at the ordering window and long wait times to get your food.

The wait times are significantly longer, and the for- mality in this setting seems ludicrously forced. But this new version of Ski Shores has only been open a few months, and the new management has faced a lot of challenges; with more time and effort, they could very well get these problems solved. It remains a wonderfully relaxing spot for lakeside refreshment.

Taking matters into his own hands, he opened a Texas-style barbecue joint in chilly Stamford, Conn. Tim Cook grew up in Beaumont, and he brings some East Texas barbe- cue traditions with him, serving fork-shredded pulled pork, as well as brisket, Elgin sausage, chicken, ribs, and turkey breast, plus two items of his own cre- ation: The Garlic Bomb is pork shoulder, studded throughout with garlic cloves prior to smoking.

But it turned out that the garlic cooks evenly with the pork and slices beautifully. Many customers call ahead to order family- style meals for pickup, to take home on weeknights or out on the boat on the weekend.

Its proprietors, French couple Chi-Minh and Anne Lise Pham-Dinh, fell in love with the Texas Hill Country while visiting Austin a few years ago and decided they wanted to open their dream business here. Originally from Ver- sailles, Chi-Minh is a classically trained French baker.

He graduated from the French National Institute of Bakery and Pastry, then put the polish on his craft working at a celebrated patisserie in Versailles. It is pure delight, and in spite of ever-increasing production, the bak- ery case often sells out by early afternoon.

Fortunately, in addition to a full espresso bar and bakery, Baguette et Chocolat has an extensive menu as well. And then there are the sandwiches! Always busy and often packed, this little bakery and cafe is already a neighborhood favorite and a perfect place to stop on your way out to the lake.

Enchanted by the flavors of southern Germany, Rodriguez, his daughter Marisela, and son-in-law Chad initially teamed up with longtime Austin fixture Achim Thiemermann aka Chef Keem to craft a menu of Bavarian classics, such as goulash, schnit- zels, bratwursts, German potato pancakes, spaet- zles, and kartoffelknodel potato dumplings. Chef Keem has since moved on to new projects, but the owners still offer many of the same dishes.

An accordi- onist plays on weekends to remind everyone that in heaven there is no beer. The selection of both German and domestic arti- sanal brews is excellent.

Soft pretzels definitely star on the menu. Nonetheless, they make a satisfy- ing snack to nibble on before the main course arrives. Rather than the thick hearty stew described on the menu, the soup we sampled tasted more like someone simply added chewy chunks of meat to watered-down soup from a can. The roasted pork was briny and tender, accented by a muscular brown sauce redolent of meat juices and perhaps a little red wine.

The homemade spaetzle was light, yielding tamely to the tooth, though I pre- fer mine with a trace of nutmeg. Both the cooked red cabbage and the Bohemian sauerkraut had the sweet and salty bite of genuine German kraut. Specials such as a ounce sirloin steak Wednesday and all-you-can-eat schnitzel Tuesday are featured on other nights. Lamb chop lollipops, Kobe beef sliders, fried mac and cheese?

Grab a Longhorn Whoopie on your way out. Cheesesteaks and a nice assortment of pasta dishes round out the menu.

Enjoy a tasty meal and fun wines in an elegant atmosphere before or after an evening of shopping. Live accordion music five nights a week. Try the Longhorn Roll for a local twist.

Traditional Tex-Mex is complemented by the famous Margarita Jaime, a frozen margarita with fresh sangria on top. Their large herb and vegetable garden in back makes for fantastic fresh plates. Try sweet-potato pancakes and fried chicken at breakfast. The menu walks a tasty line between deli standards and gourmet innovation. One block east of This restaurant also serves a mean breakfast. The hot-and-sour soup rocks, and the lunch specials are delicious, big, and cheap.

Dim sum cart service on weekends and from the menu during the week. Chicken is available in enchilada, chalupa, and fajita forms. Pull up a chair on the sunbaked concrete and forget about tamales; they are not on the menu. Order the fish fried, blackened, or charbroiled, with a variety of side dishes. The fruity cocktails are great too. Dishes are served family-style or personalized for two with smaller portions. Gluten-free crusts and plant-based cheeses make the health- conscious and vegans among us happy.

Great deck and backyard area in an old oak grove. Get the tres leches cake on your way out. Terrific food, friendly service, and live music most nights during dinner. Try the birria lamb and the perfect picadillo. Choose from rich pastas, a low-carb menu, and pizzas. Full bar and weekend brunches. We sug- gest the burritos. Live mariachi on Thursdays. Chicken-fried steaks and the best hand-battered onion rings in town make this place a regular stop. By lunchtime, you can choose from a staggering array of sandwiches, soups, salads, and side dishes.

Very friendly counter folks and great coffee, too. Pick up some brined grape leaves to try DIY dolmas at home. The half-pound burgers are tasty and massive, and the menu also offers chicken-fried steaks. Lesser mortals will be sated by one of the biryanis or a tangy vindaloo.

The daily lunch specials ensure a surprise treat for every visit. Sea Dragon has been in business for more than 20 years and has a huge menu. CAFE The sand- wiches, salads, sweets, and croissants are the best around.

Excludes daily specials and any other offer. Not valid Thursdays or Fridays from 5pm to close. One coupon per table. Not to fret, dear reader. None of them deserved a full review, so they get the what-rocks-and-the- knocks treatment.

I really wanted to love this British import. Instead, I fell in like with it. The Choir features an equally enthusiastic choir master in Gareth Malone, a classically trained musician who has decided to bring music into working-class schools with nonexis- tent music programs.

Unlike the buffed and brawny kids in the fictional Glee, The Choir features real students who look, well, real. Betty White is red-hot these days, now that a younger generation has discovered the once-and-forever Golden Girl. Bertinelli is always likable, while Leeves is not bad. In fact, I like her better here as a Hollywood aesthetician with a past than in her role as sweet Daphne Moon on Frasier. As Melanie Moretti Bertinelli and her gal pals travel to Paris to help Melanie forget her recent divorce, the plane makes an unexpected stop in Cleveland.

Because they all get some play in a local pub by honest-to-goodness men, Melanie decides to forget Paris and stay in Cleveland. It just so happens a house is for lease, full of great furniture and - oh! The gal pals stay, too, pontificating about aging, Hollywood standards of beauty, and men, allowing Elka to break in occasion- ally with snarky asides. As wonderful as she is, White seems tacked on to this series.

Throwing away a trip to Paris because a guy pulled out a chair for you? Even cops have to have a first-day- of- the-rest- of-your-life moment, right? A reality show that leans toward documentary rather than exploita- tion.

Watch with a box of tis- sues nearby. Past episodes of both Boston Med and Rookie Blue can be watched online at www. As always, stay tuned.

Follow TV Eye on Twitter: E-mail Belinda Acosta at tveye austinchronicle. It perma- nently scars the lives of everyone involved, everyone in the community. But, then again, they also never felt so alive as they did when deal- ing with that same event.

See Special Screenings, p. At first glance, Killer Kaiju Monsters feels like something of an anomaly, too. Killer Kaiju Monsters positively overflows with full- page artwork original and otherwise , pithy essays on all things eiga, and generous amounts of J-pop- inflected ultracool. Not everyone gets Godzilla and his seemingly endless and often ill-designed progeny see Nick Adams: It also bears noting that a quick look at the recent work of, for example, Spike Jonze, reveals an indie-film culture that has taken these selfsame strange beasts of Japanese film to heart: Cropsey lives on in the imaginations and under the beds of the people of Staten Island.

Because then it can be made into dark versus light, good versus evil. See Film Listings, p. Also known as Master of Romantic Thrillers. He has extensive experience in the film indus- try. In , he founded Moviehead. In , he completed a second film: Replica - a romantic thriller. Recently, James completed directing Birdemic: Currently, James is working on the sequel, Birdemic: She screamed bloody murder and leapt up off her chair, dousing us both in cheap Merlot and almost going over the railing in the process.

I realized immediately, subconsciously, that the beaky pair were prob- ably performing some aerial mating display or chasing down stolen food or whatever. But I screamed bloody murder, too. And in Birdemic, you have Rod among them a corporate sales meeting that goes on. At its most absurd, Birdemic operates with an illogic all its own - David Lynch meets, um, James Nguyen while dangling upside-down from the jungle gym at Bodega Bay PS 1. At its best, Birdemic plays like a modern Situationist detournement riff on all things Hitchcock.

Can they get in? Oh, and some- times they just plummet right out of the sky and splap on the pavement with a wet thud. Try that, Hitchcock - or Mr. Hitchcock, as Nguyen would say. The genre of the romantic thriller was invented by Mr. The Birds, Vertigo, Rear Window, and even Rebecca, his first movie in America and his first film to win an Oscar, was a romantic thriller.

Even though he never called it a romantic thriller or categorized it as a romantic thriller, I did. I call them romantic thrillers. With vultures that have acid for blood. How cool is that? In fact, in the last few years more than 40 species have become extinct because of global warming.

However, there is an interesting research: In prehistoric times, birds did attack cavemen. I was per- sonally influenced by Mr. Shock and Terror was Mr. It was made in , but it was very prophetic.

It was way ahead of its time because it dealt with environmental issues and even global warm- ing. Even in the restaurant scene, where the woman bird expert mentions that birds have been around for millions of years and man has been doing bad things to birds, and so on. We live on this planet called Earth, and the human species has done a lot of things that may not be good for the planet.

And then with a little bit of humor and good casting you can have a hit! For more about Birdemic, visit www. Stuffed ballots will be eliminated. Ballot stuffing is serious business. Did you know every year, competi- tive ballot getters are eliminated due to ballot stuffing?

You may be taken out of the running for an award you otherwise might have won! Only one mail or Web ballot per person. Only one ballot per envelope - no exceptions. Only ballots with name, address, and phone number will be accepted. Hand-delivered entries must be in Chronicle offices by Monday, July 19, 6pm. C3 spokesperson Shelby Meade declined to comment.

Moreover, a source close to the matter tells OTR that that particular clause has been waived for all local acts. The exclusivity prevents local venues from booking approximately bands for nine months out of the year.

The mile radius clause is said to have a spillover effect into surrounding cities such as Detroit, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee. For the most part though, the promoters that control the major U. Ramsey, 58, suffered from liver cancer and was being treated for it until his kidneys began to fail over the weekend.

He was placed on a respirator, which his family and wife, Tracey, made the decision to remove on Tuesday, following a steady stream of friends and loved ones saying farewell. By the end of the decade, Ramsey switched gears and opened a successful advertising agency.

The weeklong tour of the UK produced the sem- inal On Tour With Eric Clapton live album, and next month Rhino Handmade is set to release an expanded 4-CD deluxe edi- tion that tacks on three hours of previously unheard material.

No stitch- es though. I would hope that this is the pet rock of music. On the other end of the spectrum, I got to see the Dickies for the first time. It reminded me how I can love music just as much as I can hate it.

These are the good parts. The next day in Phoenix we take part in an off day bowling tournament. After losing a bet it appears that the entire band will be wearing Face to Face shirts onstage for a week. The Riverboat Gamblers need to drink less when bowling against Face to Face. Or so grumbled its native son and American Splendor incarnate, last Tuesday evening in Cleveland Heights. I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.

Goodbye, Melvins shake- down tonight at the Grog Shop just around the corner. You can still barrelhouse, baby, on the riverside. They did it to Austin City Limits. You can run, you can run, tell my friend-boy Willie Brown. I went down to the crossroads, tried to flag a ride. Nobody seemed to know me, everybody passed me by.

I want to kill you. Mother, I want to The Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen. My parents took me to see the original Treasures of Tutankhamun tour in the s. Austin underachiever Gary Clark Jr. Everyone pays their respect, not the least of which means the jam-packed house. Austin trumpet mercenary Ephraim Owens stood behind us. Their profoundly evocative songs tell stories woven into melodies that are both individual and universal.

McCauleys vocals gruff yet heartfelt and his lyrics are his strongest to date. Destroyer of the Void takes Blitzen Trapper further than ever before, building on the band's seamless marriage of the familiar and the fantastic.

Gibbons in their places. King for a finale. Now that you mention it Bands must opt in on their Musicians Register profile page in order to participate and be included in the contest. Update your Musicians Register profile, upload your song, and good luck!

Record an entire CD for the price of what most studios charge for a 3 song demo. Listen to some of our work at cedarfeverstudio. All levels and instruments welcome. Call asap for more info.

Working ZZTop tribute band seeks drummer. Call Chuck at or email chuckcottle sbcglobal. Male or female, www. New to Austin and starting to get shows lined up with just me and my guitar. If you think you might be interested, please go to: RASS Groove and melody oriented bass player available for project.

Pro attitude, pro gear, lots of exp. Avail for recording touring, and regional. Looking for original project. Will consider cover band if working. I also have a small home studio. Tommy at tmamone austin.

Have played in Austin for the past 6 years up and down Red River, now am hopeful to rekindle inspiration and start anew by developing a crushing sound akin to Con- verge, High on Fire, etc. Please have 10 years of experi- ence, decent gear, and are willing to be devoted. If this is you, please respond. Austin needs to be stayed. I can improvise beautiful background music for your restaurant or hotel, or I can take requests and play covers.

I also have a large repertoire of classical music. If interested, please contact me at pianocomposer15 yahoo. Guitar, bass, voice, mandolin, music theory; by ear or notes. Amazing Deals on lessons!! All ages, All levels. We are not happy till you are. Suite 3 Born In Texas - Est. For advertising information on this page: The major shift is that the burnt baritone of singer Matt Berninger leads the tunes less than the compositional flair of guitar- ists Aaron and Bryce Dessner or steady rhythms of Scott and Bryan Devendorf.

His stories were often aimed toward kids but were charmingly subversive. His music, like the songs he wrote for Dr. And so as tribute albums go, Twistable Turnable Man captures one of the more interesting subjects, in that Silverstein straddled both the salty and the sweet. This being Sugar Hill, the acts gathered to tip their hats are typical, and a handful do it well: Not all of it works. Are We Not Men? Nothing has changed for the onetime Akron, Ohio-based group.

Harvesting Semblances and Affinities Pi Recordings is certainly rhythmically and compositionally intense, almost to the point of being mathematical. Sleigh Bells offers little more than a Barbie version of M. Producer Derek Miller crafts aggressive instru- mentals with street-sweeper riffs and dirty house beats, as if trying to single- handedly end the loudness wars, while Alexis Krauss cheers from the sidelines with bubblegum vocals.

Strip away the distortion and vocals, and you land in the same neigh- borhood as fellow Brooklyn twopiece Ratatat. Also, if you have 35 book boxes, and each contains 10 books, how many books are there? It took until spring eight years after the invasion of Afghanistan for the U. Army to realize that enemy fighters in that vast, mountainous country were diffi- cult to shoot at because they are often so far away. The Associated Press reported in May that the Army is only now reconsider- ing its reliance on standard M-4 rifles whose effective range is less than 1, feet , in favor of M sniper rifles effec- tive at more than 2, feet.

Shorter- range rifles work well in Iraq, since the fighting is closer in. In this latest collection of men who acci- dentally shot themselves recently, private parts were the center of attention.

Obviously, members of the Legislature use the express line, along with Capitol employees presenting ID. A third category of favored visitors: The Houston Chronicle reported in June that the lobbyists frustrated with the long security lines have been applying for concealed-weapons permits even if they expect never to touch a firearm.

She becomes what you want and need her to be. Visit Chuck Shepherd daily at www. Send your Weird News to: Get all the tax tips you need from the folks who know. This is a Spanish-language session. Community Financial Center , W. Milwood Branch Library Amherst, Waterloo Counseling Center ; E. Fees based on sliding scale, www. Why both at the same time? Thursdays and Fridays, The Vortex, Manor Rd. Live music, auctions, raffles, and barbe- cue make helping seem like celebrating.

From the river , south on South Congress. Call for info on their exclusive Sunday meet-ups! South Austin Tennis Center ; Cumberland, An improv performance kicks things off at 8pm, followed by a silent movie screening. All proceeds go to Brides Against Breast Cancer. Renaissance Hotel, Arboretum Blvd. Windsor Park Library, Westminster, Former students and co- workers are invited to join in the celebration.

Nothing like a national holiday to remind us of what we have and have not, when it comes to full citizen- ship and rights in this country we love so much. How will you celebrate this Fourth of July?

Red, white, and burly fire- works. Celebrate the Fourth with the appropriately named Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Heading to the fireworks stand to load up on fireworks.

Then off to blow shit up literally and figuratively, Hopefully water is involved, as my ass will be covered in sweat from the degree bullshit. Is that too much detail? A per- fect July 4th!!! For the full text of these and other contributing revelers, please check The Gay Place Blog: Republic Square Park , Guadalupe , Toney Burger Activity Center , Jones , Environmental stewardship was never so fun. Call or e-mail to register. First Saturdays , lOam-lpm.

Go online for a list of participating stores and events. Gayatri Healing Center, Dessau, No experience necessary, so sign up now. Sacred Streams Yoga, A W. Ruta Maya, S. Free with cafe purchase. Once a month for 18 years, he has also hosted Full Moon Yoga - a free, out- door yoga class.

Go online for location and time details. Eastside Yoga, E. Learn the basics of Hatha yoga over the course of six classes. Austin Centre for Wellness, S. If your skill level is high enough, the institute has teacher training to prepare you for certification.

Expect to leave a more balanced person. Soma Vida, Rosewood, Go online for a complete list of courses and to meet the instructors. Love Yoga Co-op, S. Check the online schedule for times and charities. Gayatri Healing Center ; Dessau, Call or go online to sign up.

Sign up to add the canine in your life to your yoga routine. Insert downward-facing dog joke here. Southpaws Playschool, B South Lamar ; Yoga Rx, S. Come out for happy-hour yoga or one of the morning sessions.

Check the website for a schedule. Free with cafe pur- chase. Clear Spring Studio, Copeland, Go online for a schedule, or e-mail to schedule a house call. It also offers yoga-teacher training and special events all year round, info yogayoga. Castle Hill Specialized Fitness, N. Also look out for its special classes for dancers, athletes, and even students for PE credit no less. Kula Yoga, Exposition, US This donation-based community studio offers 60 classes a week.

Go online for instructor bios and a schedule. Yoga Vida, Bee Caves Rd. Bodhi Yoga, San Gabriel,

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