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Originally intended to be a dark cautionary tale about class and sex work in Los Angeles , the film was reconceived as a romantic comedy with a large budget. It was widely successful at the box office and was the third highest-grossing film of The film saw the highest number of ticket sales in the U.

In addition, screenwriter J. High-powered businessman Edward Lewis has broken up with his girlfriend after an unpleasant phone call wherein he asked her to escort him during his business trip - she is offended that he treats her as his "beck and call girl". Leaving a business party in the Hollywood Hills , he takes his lawyer's Lotus Esprit sports car, and accidentally ends up on Hollywood Boulevard in the city's red-light district , where he encounters prostitute Vivian Ward.

Having difficulties driving the car, he asks her to get in and guide him to the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel , where he is staying. It becomes clear that Vivian knows more about the Lotus than he does, and he lets her drive. That evening, visibly moved by her transformation, Edward begins seeing Vivian in a different light.

He begins to open up to her, revealing his personal and business lives. Edward takes Vivian to a polo match in hopes of networking for his business deal. His attorney, Phillip, suspects Vivian is a corporate spy, and Edward tells him how they truly met. Phillip later approaches Vivian, suggesting they do business once her work with Edward is finished.

Insulted, and furious that Edward has revealed their secret, Vivian wants to end the arrangement. Edward apologizes, and admits to feeling jealous of a business associate to whom Vivian paid attention at the match. Vivian's straightforward personality is rubbing off on Edward, and he finds himself acting in unaccustomed ways. Vivian is moved to tears by the story of the prostitute who falls in love with a rich man.

Vivian breaks her "no kissing on the mouth" rule which her friend Kit taught her and they have sex; in the aftermath, Vivian tells Edward she loves him, but he does not respond. Edward offers to put her up in an apartment so she can be off the streets. Hurt, she refuses, says this is not the "fairy tale" she dreamed of as a child, in which a knight on a white horse rescues her.

Meeting with the tycoon whose shipbuilding company he is in the process of "raiding," Edward changes his mind. His time with Vivian has shown him a different way of looking at life, and he suggests working together to save the company rather than tearing it apart and selling off the pieces.

Phillip, furious at losing so much money, goes to the hotel to confront Edward, but finds only Vivian. Blaming her for the change in Edward, he attempts to rape her. Edward arrives, wrestles Philip off her, punches him in the face and throws him out of the room. With his business in L. Edward re-thinks his life and has the hotel chauffeur detour to Vivian's apartment building, where he leaps from out the white limousine's sun roof and "rescues her. The film was initially conceived as a dark drama about sex work in Los Angeles in the s.

Edward eventually throws her out of his car and drives off. The original script by J. Lawton, called , [5] ended with Vivian and her sex-worker friend on the bus to Disneyland. The deleted scenes have been found, and some were included on the DVD released for the film's 15th anniversary. In another, she is confronted by drug dealers, then rescued by Edward. Though inspired by such films as Wall Street and The Last Detail , [5] the film bears a resemblance to Pygmalion myths: It was Walt Disney Studios then-president Jeffrey Katzenberg who insisted the film be re-written as a modern-day fairy tale and love story, as opposed to the original dark drama.

It was pitched to Touchstone Pictures and re-written as a romantic comedy. The film is one of two movies that triggered a resurgence of romantic comedy in Hollywood, the other being When Harry Met Sally. Following this film's success, Roberts became the romantic comedy queen of the s. Casting of the film was a rather lengthy process. In this movie, one of you moves and one of you does not. Guess which one you are? Many other actresses were considered. Marshall originally envisioned Karen Allen for the role; when she declined, auditions went to many better-known actresses of the time including Molly Ringwald , [12] who turned it down because she felt uncomfortable playing a sex worker.

Jennifer Connelly was also dismissed for the same reason. Meg Ryan , who was a top choice of Marshall's, turned it down as well. According to a note written by Marshall, Mary Steenburgen was also among the first choices.

Diane Lane came very close to being cast the script was much darker at the time ; they had gone as far as costume fittings, but due to scheduling conflicts she could not accept. Michelle Pfeiffer turned the role down, saying she did not like the script's "tone. Her performance made her a star. Lawton, writer of the original screenplay, has suggested that the film was ultimately given a happy ending because of the chemistry of Gere and Roberts.

Veteran actor Ralph Bellamy , who plays James Morse, appears in his final acting performance before his death in The escargot restaurant the "Voltaire" was shot at the restaurant "Rex," now called "Cicada".

Filming commenced on July 24, , but was immediately plagued by problems. These included Ferrari and Porsche declining the product placement opportunity for the car Edward drove, neither firm wishing to be associated with sex workers.

Shooting was a generally pleasant, easy-going experience, as the budget was broad and the shooting schedule was not tight. The scene in which Gere playfully snaps the lid of a jewelry case on her fingers was improvised, and her surprised laugh was genuine.

The red dress Vivian wears to the opera has been listed among the most unforgettable dresses of all time. During the scene in which Roberts sang to a Prince song in the bathtub, slid down and submerged her head under the bubbles; she emerged to find the crew had left except for the cameraman, who captured the moment on film.

Considered eccentric and heretical, the cult is a common enemy of the orthodox sects. Its members are known for engaging in various types of cult-like activities and committing heinous crimes. It was led by Ren Woxing until Dongfang Bubai ousts the former from power in a scheme. Dongfang treats his followers cruelly, forcing them to consume poison pills and giving them antidotes to temporarily ease their agony only if they obey him.

In the afterword, Jin Yong mentions that The Smiling, Proud Wanderer can be read as a political allegory disguised as a wuxia novel. The play was adapted and directed by Joanna Chan and featured 18 actors playing 26 roles. The game also features additional sects that do not appear in the novel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see The Smiling, Proud Wanderer disambiguation. List of The Smiling, Proud Wanderer characters. List of organisations in wuxia fiction.

Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance. The Cinema of Tsui Hark. Growing Up Asian in Australia. Handbook of Chinese Popular Culture. Jin Yong 's wuxia stories. List of characters Dongfang Bubai Dugu Qiubai. Retrieved from " https: The Smiling, Proud Wanderer novels Novels first published in serial form Works originally published in Ming Pao Novels about orphans Novels set in Imperial China Chinese novels adapted into television series Chinese novels adapted into films.

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Cover of the edition. The Smiling, Proud Wanderer. Laughing Proudly in the Jianghu. Shaw Brothers Studio Hong Kong. Film Workshop Hong Kong. See The East Is Red film. Bryan Leung , Leanne Liu. See State of Divinity TV series. See The Legendary Swordsman. See Laughing in the Wind. See Swordsman TV series.

. The film saw the highest number of ticket sales in the U. Jin Yong 's wuxia stories. Gwyneth then found fame when she wrote the story of her life in the book 10, Men and Counting, which was released in Gwyneth said she hoped that her book would shatter the preconceptions people hold of sex workers and show the world that they're 'human beings'. Raja Gosnell Priscilla Nedd. Through this, Linghu Chong learns that Yue Buqun, his respectable former master, is actually a hypocrite who plotted an elaborate scheme against Lin Pingzhi to seize the swordplay english escort times classifieds, and that both Yue and Lin have castrated themselves to fulfil the prerequisite for learning the Bixie Swordplay. The scene in which Gere playfully snaps the lid of a jewelry case on her fingers was improvised, and her surprised laugh was genuine.

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