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dependant escorts esorts

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It's a huge argument against a woman. As for me - I don't care. And if I had kids, I would tell them about my job by myself. I really love my job and it was my conscious choice and I'm not shy about it. But for most of my colleagues what they do is still a shame, and they are very afraid that family, friends or neighbors will find it out. So this knowledge always will be a leverage for theirs men.

Back to the list Pages: Do I hear the phrase "The classical dilemma between the head and the heart" lurking in between the lines? All in all - shouldn't it be quite simple: A client meeting with an escort girl should be accompanied with mutual respect, sincerety and a clear understanding of what to do if the clients heart takes over for the head.

Always let the girl decide. And if her heart turns in the clients direction never forget that she comes with a suitcase full of baggage noone can undo. If that's a hard nut for a client to swallow - then the client should turn away.

If not for the clients sake, it should be for hers! I think it's sad that society often labels escort girls as a person of lesser value and morals. What about the client? Without the client there'll be no escort services! Sincere escort girls are often a bigger benefit to society than most "righteous" people dare to admit.

I also find it hard to call an escort girl a prostitute, since the latter often comes with a less fortunate connotation attached. From my experience a true escort girl is a clean, healthy and caring person - only there to brighten up your day And, if the client is lucky there might be true friendship waiting down the line.

When it comes to freedom between people the lines below should be a guide on how to treat each other Hi, In my experience escorting is a situation where one can get close to each other very fast if spending a lot of time together, and deeper feelings easily develops. I have been there myself during the last year, until she ended it a few month ago. I don't know what you mean when you say "And later [ In my situation it was the opposite as I continued to support her financially her situation made it difficult not to, and as I believed it was "her and me" I wanted to , but now and then I had a little thought in the back of my head that 'maybe she uses me' and that was not so good.

I think transitioning the relationship fr om professional to private can be challenging due to the money involved, and it can go both ways. Also some times I thought that 'she is a professional, she knows how to make a man feel good and wanted, so how can I be sure about her feelings? For me it was if I imagined her with other clients, it really is not a good feeling for anyone.

But at the same time it was that job that brought us together, so my attitude was that I just had to handle it for as long as took and not let myself go into those images, and I managed quite well.

For me, when we spent time together her work was never in my mind and did not disturb me, and my main concern when we wh ere not together was that she was safe and not compromised with her well-being.

It is interesting what you say can be challenging for the escort work in such a situation regarding closeness to other clients, I never thought about it that way. A relationship in this situation is special, and in different ways challenging for both I believe.

When it comes to breaking up people handle it so differently, and some just don't handle it at all and can get very ugly. I can see that with escort work it can feel unsafe that the other-one knows something that potentially can be used against you later. To some extent she can also use it against him maybe. How can you trust one-another not to hurt each-other with this later? If the two talks about this very early on, then maybe it will put some kind of brake into their minds that will stop them using it later if a difficult situation occurs.

Honesty, sincerity, and respect is crucial. On the other hand, I think there are some positive side to starting a relationship with a client. The escort will never have to worry about him finding out or asking questions that can be difficult to answer, and that I think can make a relationship with a client more open, honest, and relaxing in contrast to a relationship there the past has to stay hidden.

Also, in the future if something difficult situations, memories, feelings etc. With love there is always a risk of getting hurt in some way or another. My life philosophy is to not worry too much, but go with it wherever it leads. For me it lead this time to a lot of pain and sadness when she ended it, but it still can be nice to meet her at least for dinner when she gets back - I hope.

How old do we are? I mean where is the maturity? If you start a relationship with an escort, from the begin you know the situation so you take it or you leave it.

Threatening with expose you to your kids You say a thing but your acts reveal other It was interesting to read your blog post about falling in love with an escort. It has happened to me, but only once. I agree with most of what you write, but I think maybe you are a bit deterministic, and not seeing all the different shades that can be taken in a situation like this.

You do not operationalize the term, but it seems like a serious relationship means marriage and kids in the end. I want to challenge this a bit. For me a serious relationship is situational. Falling in love with someone does not mean that you are predetermined to marry the person and get kids.

The goal is not always marriage and kids. For me it was the excitement with constantly meeting new escorts that gave me an adrenalin kick, and which became the driving factor. Sex was also important of course, but just as the reward after the hunting process. But after years it was not so exciting anymore. The hunt for new escorts had become a boring routine, plus I felt the sex was best with escorts I had met before. Plus I felt this had become an expensive hobby..

So I wanted changes At the end of I decided to not meet new escorts, and only meet a few of the ones I had met before. The hunt was over. I implemented this plan fr om february , and Anna was my last new escort. And I am still meeting her. I met her first time in february She is fr om Russia, speaks perfect english and have higher education. In october I had a big major crisis in my life because of a serious blackmailing situation against me from a person in the escort business.

I saw my world fall apart. I could not sleep at night, I did not function at work and I got almost depressed… It was a personal problem that I could not discuss with anyone. I was all alone about it for some time. The only one I could turn to was Anna. I told her everything about my problems. And for some weeks and months she was a very very important support for me in this extremely difficult time. She told me exactly how to handle the blackmailer and was my trusted life coach.

And after a few months the blackmailer gave up.. I do not know what would have happened if she had not been there for me. After this I decided that I was finished with the escort business, and that I should only meet Anna when she is in my country. I have a job that makes me travel all around in Norway for business meetings, and I coordinate my travels with her travel plan so that we can meet. For more than 2 years I have only met her. After a while my emotions got involved.

But at a relatively controllable level. But it is not only a joke. It is also a serious relationship, but of course the situation around it is also very different from what is normal. In the beginning I felt a little bit insecure about it, and I was not sure about her intentions. I was very aware that money is involved, and maybe it was just practical for her to have me as a customer because of the money.

And from time to time I still think a little bit about this, and wonder what is really going on. I really trust her. And our relationship is not only about sex and money.

We share the same interests, and we do things together when we are not working. I feel that we are very connected, and we know a lot about each others private lives. I really like this situation. And I think she likes it as well. It makes me stay away from other escorts, and she has a positive impact on my life situation even when she is not here.

She gives me energy. And she is one of the most fantastic women I have ever met. So how I can do this when I am married and have kids? It is complex to explain.

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