Craigslist w4m personal ads ad

craigslist w4m personal ads ad

The more detailed the better. Sorry if I sound a little harsh but, this is what works for me. I'm 6'4, and I'm "fat". Not comically obese like this woman, but I could easily stand to lose pounds and still have room for tons of muscle. At least they are honest about it. Now I get friendly, but HIV, really? I assume 2 people with HIV coming together is not as bad so why not ask for it like the friendly requested. Oddly enough two positive people having sex is extremely dangerous, as HIV has many strains and having two different kinds is particularly detrimental to one's health.

Also I think there is a very strong possibility that some TRPer or maybe some dude from 4chan is trolling craigslist for some lulz.

Like I said in the intro, this is a composite pasteup of many W4M personal ads, not one single ad by one person. But all content is guaranteed authentic. I think Craigslist is the ultimate in red pill awakenings as far as seeing women lay it all out there.

The ad you showed is exactly the kind of shit I see in my local Craigslist ads. All men could read those ads from their area and find dozens more examples of this exact shit.

I'll do it right now. Hold on give me like two seconds. I want a huge dick to pound my tight little pussy or else I'm going to have a panic attack!! Thead title "Married But Unhappy" Do you really need the direct quote with a title like that? If you are an asshole looking for a hookup She is a a single, 46 year old, very pretty BBW. I'm single and I'm looking for a single men, that may have to be very amorous and to love me.

I have forehead eyes, blonde hair" She's got a forehead, fellas. I guarantee she's an uggo looking for a beta provider. You do realise most CL ads in w4m are just spam bullshit or gay guys looking for pics, don't you?

That first one is spam, second one guaranteed spam, third could go either way, fourth is also spam. I've seriously seen so much bullshit on this sub since I resubbed the other day, half of you are just faggots sitting in your desk chairs pretending you have a "harem" LOL of sluts who you cycle through. That is the general drift of Craigslist W4M personals. Impossible dream-fantasy standards for men, but no room for compromise or discussion about a woman's own -- sometimes monstrous -- shortcomings.

I also think it's very interesting how often these women say they're "bored" with everything. Either they think that's somehow attractive, they feel alleviating their boredom is a man's job, or they're utterly clueless.

Obvious, theatrical boredom is so unattractive in either sex. It means you're too dense to make use of your environment and advantages. But women seem to think it's a man's job to keep her entertained, just like it's a man's job to earn the income and keep her fed and clothed. Almost as repellent as the "Think you can handle me? Aargh, don't care to try. I can't imagine many men in her intended age bracket being interested in a single mother of My life revolves around my five children and nothin else This is what we are looking at: Usually they don't recognize thats what they want.

Exactly what a well-travelled international man wants. Fuck me, can a woman like that actually wash down there? Shouldn't you keep to heavy but not diseased? So all those years busting my ass for a degree, overseas experience, tax free income, countless hours on the gym or cooking healthy meals, networking to preserve said lifestyle Will finally be paid off by this princess!

Holy shit I've never really looked at my local w4m page but damn. Every single post "BBW looking for something serious friends first then we'll see must be respectful and love kids I have 3 kids did I mention that must be able to host I have my own everything you must too must be between ".

Oh man, if I were tall enough for her I'd be all over her. We're all gonna be super jealous of the lucky guy that gets her once she's down to lbs! Half of the commenters just completely ignored the opening paragraph, only to ask questions regarding or referencing the material therein These are bits and pieces of several ads right?

If this is all from a single ad it can't possibly be legit. Craigslist is pretty much the lowest common denominator of functioning members of society ie; they can use a computer and understand english on a 3rd grade level.. Despite everything else, who signs off with 'I have herpes'?

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TheRedPill submitted 4 years ago by AnotherPint. I Want it All! I can host or travel, doesn't matter to me. Say hi if you're around.. I am 25 sexy woman. I m bored and have a house to myself. Hoping to find a guy in the same situation. I'm looking to have some fun right now, later too if needed.

Good looking, clean and smooth… Just text me I am looking for a man to show me a good time. I'm inexperienced, Now I'm free and wanting to know what it's really like. I am waiting for u. Mature attractive lady, I love to make sensual fingertip tease body rubs in freehold nj. I am available Mondays Wednesdays and every other Saturday.

I'm Stephy, 24yrs old, in AC.


No-strings promiscuous sex

Craigslist w4m personal ads ad Aargh, don't care to try. Samuel Axon is a digital content producer in New York City. Click Here to find out. Sorry if I sound a little harsh but, this is what works for me. One could simply say they have HIV.

Craigslist w4m personal ads ad