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Senate candidate, said Tuesday that several state attorneys general sent a joint letter to Backpage and asked that it drop its adult services section. Backpage officials quickly responded and said it would not close the adult-services section. In a blog posting, Backpage officials wrote that it would not drop the category because it had increased efforts, including working with law enforcement officials, to block ads promoting prostitution and child-trafficking.

It is our sincere hope that law enforcement and advocacy groups will find helpful partners there. John Duffield, who worked five years ago as a detective in the vice unit for the Ontario Police Department, said Craigslist was the most popular Internet site because, at the time, it was free. We would know which ones were new, which were local. Pimps will face higher charges on other websites.

Regardless of the recent developments, officials agree there will always be a way to find sex for sale, but censorship can at least slow down the process, Duffield said.

List of states whose attorneys general signed a letter requesting Craigslist. By Redlands Daily Facts redlands dfmdev. He was promoted to CEO in November The website expanded into nine more U.

On the same day, a new section called "Gigs" was added, where low-cost and unpaid jobs can be posted free. With more than 80 million new classified advertisements each month, Craigslist is the leading classifieds service in any medium. The site receives more than 2 million new job listings each month, making it one of the top job boards in the world. In , Craigslist operated with a staff of 28 people. Craigslist's main source of revenue is paid job ads in select American cities.

The company does not formally disclose financial or ownership information. The company was believed to be owned principally by Newmark, Buckmaster and eBay the three board members. In April , eBay announced it was suing Craigslist to "safeguard its four-year financial investment".

On June 19, , eBay Inc. The move came shortly before eBay's planned spin-off of PayPal , and an effort to divest other units to focus on its core business.

The Swedish luxury marketplace website Jameslist. As of , mashup sites such as padmapper. In June , Craigslist changed its terms of service to disallow the practice. In July , Craigslist filed a lawsuit against padmapper. Over the years Craigslist has become a very popular online destination for arranging for dates and sex.

The site is considered particularly useful by lesbians and gay men seeking to make connections, because of the service's free and open nature and because of the difficulty of otherwise finding each other in more conservative areas.

In , San Francisco Craigslist's men seeking men section was attributed to facilitating sexual encounters and was the second most common correlation to syphilis infections. The service stated that "US Congress just passed HR , 'FOSTA', seeking to subject websites to criminal and civil liability when third parties users misuse online personals unlawfully. Any tool or service can be misused. To the millions of spouses, partners, and couples who met through craigslist, we wish you every happiness!

Advertisements for "adult" previously "erotic" services were initially given special treatment, then closed entirely on September 4 , , following a controversy over claims by state attorneys general that the advertisements promoted prostitution. In , a disclaimer was put on the "men seeking men", "casual encounters", "erotic services", and "rants and raves" boards to ensure that those who clicked on these sections were over the age of 18, but no disclaimer was put on the "men seeking women", "women seeking men" or "women seeking women" boards.

As a response to charges of discrimination and negative stereotyping , Buckmaster explained that the company's policy is a response to user feedback requesting the warning on the more sexually explicit sections, including "men seeking men". On May 13, , Craigslist announced that it would close the erotic services section, replacing it with an adult services section to be reviewed by Craigslist employees.

This decision came after allegations by several U. On September 4, , Craigslist closed the adult services section of its website in the United States. The site initially replaced the adult services page link with the word "censored" in white-on-black text.

The site received criticism and complaints from attorneys general that the section's ads were facilitating prostitution and child sex trafficking. The adult services section link was still active in countries outside of the U.

It would likely result in the takedown of what might otherwise be perfectly legitimate free expression. On September 8 , , the "censored" label and its dead link to adult services were completely removed. Craigslist announced on September 15, , that it had closed its adult services in the United States, however, it defended its right to carry such ads.

Free speech and some sex crime victim advocates criticized the removal of the section, saying that it threatened free speech and that it diminished law enforcement's ability to track criminals.

However, the removal was applauded by many state attorneys general and some other groups fighting sex crimes. Craigslist said that there is some indication that those who posted ads in the adult services section are posting elsewhere. The company makes efforts to fight prostitution and sex trafficking, and in , Craig Newmark received an award from the FBI for cooperation with law enforcement to fight human trafficking.

On December 19 , , after pressure from Ottawa and several provinces, Craigslist closed 'Erotic Services' and 'Adult Gigs' from its Canadian website, even though prostitution was not itself illegal in Canada at the time. Craigslist has a user flagging system to quickly identify illegal and inappropriate postings. Users may flag postings they believe to be in violation of Craigslist guidelines.

Flagging does not require account login or registration, and can be done anonymously by anyone. The number of flags required for a posting's removal is dynamically variable and remains unknown to all but Craigslist staff. Flagging can also alert Craigslist staff to blocks of ads requiring manual oversight or removal.

Craigslist includes a barter option in its "for sale" section. This growing trade economy has been documented on the television program Barter Kings and the blog One red paperclip. In July , the San Francisco Chronicle criticized Craigslist for allowing ads from dog breeders, stating that this could encourage the over-breeding and irresponsible selling of pit bulls in the Bay Area. In January , the San Francisco Bay Guardian published an editorial claiming that Craigslist could threaten the business of local alternative newspapers.

Gordon Crovitz , writing for The Wall Street Journal , criticized the company for using lawsuits "to prevent anyone from doing to it what it did to newspapers", contrary to the spirit of the website, which bills itself in a "noncommercial nature, public service mission, and noncorporate culture". In , Craigslist sued PadMapper, a site that hoped to improve the user interface for browsing housing ads, and 3Taps, a company that helped PadMapper obtain data from Craigslist, in Craigslist v. This led users to criticize Craigslist for trying to shut down a service that was useful to them.

It accepts charitable donations, and rather than directly funding organizations, it produces "face-to-face events and offers online resources to help grassroots organizations get off the ground and contribute real value to the community".

Since , the Craigslist Foundation has hosted eight annual conferences called Boot Camp, an in-person event that focuses on skills for connecting, motivating and inspiring greater community involvement and impact. As of summer , the Craigslist Foundation's functions are mostly moved to LikeMinded. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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When you log in to make a post on Craigslist use a proxy server. Change your IP often. Change computers if you can. Clear all your cookies and Java script. caribbean personals - craigslist. select all. search titles only; has image; posted today; bundle duplicates. age. reset update search. list; thumb; gallery. newest. Gay Online Dating Birmingham -Get connected now-Gay Personals-Meet guys now-FREE CLASSIFIED ADS. I'm a young Asian skinny lad from kings heath I' m 30 and I have a shaved hole I . want a mature cross dresser who can still get nice n hard for fun or a group of cds. . African · Blonde · French · Massage · Polish. Private girls escorts privateescorts

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I cannot dedicate hours to delving into your specific situation. The best thing to do is read through the comments and suggestions here and at my site www. Try different things until you are able to narrow down what the actual problem is. Posting on Craigslist is not as easy as it was a decade ago. Now it takes time, trouble and expertise. Educate yourself here and you should be able to post with ease given enough effort on your part.

Not only am I getting ghosted, but I am technology stupid too. So far behind on the technology lingo ei…what is a proxy server? All I want to do is post some pups who need homes, but apparently I broke some rules; posting in multiple cities quickly I travel between Dallas and Austin, often and copying and pasting my ads.

Let me tell you what I got so it might help you, help me… Cell phone……live in the middle of nowhere Laptop….. You see, you have a special case. It is NOT allowed, and there are Fanatical groups that go around ferociously flagging people that try to post ads for selling animals.

Is it better to delete a post and simply repost or Start a brand new one from scratch? Have wondered if previous flags stay with a post when you delete and simply repost from the same ad thread. I have a waaaaay old, like 4, 5 or 6 years old craigslist account.

Any idea if that would be worth using again? I did figure out that I needed to start fresh with a new account, but that is getting flagged too often as well. Am actually thinking of getting a tablet, so I can switch between multiple accounts.

Can you say more about how using the same pictures are problematic? Any idea how long that lasts for? Like taking 2 diff pics of something and using one til it gets ghosted or flagged, then another? By the way, I tried downloading your middle video. The IMEI number is not a big issue. If you change networks and get a new number, CL wont check to see if your are the same person from before using the same phone. They just worry about the number itself. Even same network, different number is OK also.

Delete a post and repost or start from scratch? I think you are saying the same thing two different ways there. Yes, start a new post, and yes, make it different.

Same post will get flagged again for same issues. If you abandoned an account years ago for problems on CL, then I would never revive that account. The blocking will still be in place. You still have two other options. Both of those are way more secure. Can u say more about the pictures issue? Or do u mean the CL police ppl with too much time on their hands will flag when seeing same pics? Pictures are problematic for various reasons.

Yes there is the CL Police that goes around and tries to spot similar posts and Flag them down to satisfy their sense of order. Aside from that using images triggers algorithms that will track your posting to see if you use the same images elsewhere. That is why I suggest changing images names, sizes, hosts, etc. Also there is a problem where there now exist server side software now that can read what is written in images. If your images are just images of cars, houses, etc, then there is less to worry about.

But I know many folks try to use images to evade the text reading algorithms and say whatever they want in their posts trying to evade Flagging or Ghosting. My pics are typically a dresser or table, etc. I sometimes put them in a different order when I repost. Will just start new clean posts once a month for good measure. A pain, but better than having to create a brand new account. Hi, I got the following email email from craigslist management today. Are they serious… should I be worried?

Deceptive commercial emails are also subject to laws banning false or misleading advertising. Secondly do they have all your real info so that they know who you are and where to get at you as to be able to start legal action against you? Thirdly, I cannot comment on whether you should worry or not. There is a world of information missing from your comment and all I can assume is that you have been doing some NASTY stuff to bring down such attention on yourself.

So If this is really from Craigslist, and IF they have your real info, and IF you have been naughty and causing the problems described in the letter, then I would follow as the letter says and get legal counsel. I checked and yes it really is from CL and not another source. Just a bunch of ads everyday per day compared to the one posting allowed per day. Have you seen this email from Craigslist before? Have you heard of people getting fined 11K?

I am not a lawyer, nor do I claim to be one, but I have heard ways where they can file a John Doe lawsuit against people and later narrow it down based on whatever info they find out. Again this is something that only a real lawyer could give you concrete information on.

They may not go after everyone, but why they picked you, I would be very interested to know. The reason I said you must be doing something nasty is because this type of email would not be generated for something as simple as over posting. Thank you very much! Happened to me as well. I get the email from craigslist to publish my post but they are blank.

No link no nothing inside. I have not come across that before. It may be another form of Ghosting, but before we jump to that conclusion I would suggest a few things.

Somethings antivirus can do an update in the background without your knowledge and start blocking links and it can be VERY hard to decipher that it is happening. Hopefully some of this will help you track down the issue you are having. It drives me nuts! Then everyone could post — or get filtered at the register through a new posting process — and posts would stay up. I agree with you. It has been mentioned before but for some reason that has not been disclosed publicly they choose not to.

They want to keep this community mentality which I think is long past gone by now. CL does make changes on a regular basis. Not all changes roll out evenly across the board in all areas. OR you may not have experienced the changes personally for whatever reason be it posting types, or section, or frequency of posts etc. Anything really major happens you will learn about it here. After suddenly not being able to post at all no matter what solutions I tried I suddenly have found the reason which is: Thanks for the update.

I have mentioned this before about other services. CL is VERY particular about the services they allow you to use for email, images, redirecting, etc, etc. These change all the time and I always tell people to be ready and willing to change the accounts you use with CL on a moments notice.

One way of finding if you are being blocked or banned is to systematically go through and start changing the services that you use with CL. Yes, it is difficult, annoying and tedious, but it is the ONLY way because they will never tell you the reason that you are being blocked.

Glad you were able to make sense of it all. I really need help with this one! When I confronted him about this He swore it was an ad that he posted on CL 2 years ago long before we met and that Craigslist re-posted it without his knowledge. He vehemently denies it to this day. In your opinion or if any of the viewers here ever had such an experience with I like to get some feedback. Problem is my heart wants to believe him. So anyone else ever had CL repost an ad without your consent?

If it were to be an error like a double post or something like that it is possible and then two ads would show up at the same time, but definitely not a 2 year old ad. That would have been deleted long ago from the system. CL goes to great efforts to stop over posting, they certainly would not place ads randomly for people. Hi, I post for my fiance in the services section. I am really baffled, and not sure how this is possible. I post daily sometimes 2 times a day we have noticed in the past week he has not been getting any phone calls, so I checked the site and it only shows for the last 3 days.

On top of that it does not show anywhere at all where I post that it was even posted or renewed. How is this possible? Please help, thanks so much. If the posts are not showing up at all then you have been ghosted.

If it is not showing up in your control panel then there is something odd going on with your account. That is very possible to do from the back end. Or maybe its a caching issue with the site or your browser. Maybe clear your browser, cookies, history, stuff like that and see if you see anything different.

Hi there Thankyou for your information. I was trying to a certain if it was one trouble maker nazi on my case. Your advice and help would be much appreciated. There are many different variables that go into posting on CL. Once you start having problems then the variables increase and it becomes even harder.

Yes, it is possible that a fellow user or a staff member may be on your case. I would never rule that out completely. Also possible that your email is setting off red flags.

If you are creating new posts with the same email, it will not work once you have been put on the shit list. If you are creating new account or VPN using the same email it is a wasted effort. Any old email, heading, VPN, images, etc, etc, that you used before and caused you to get flagged will give you away and will ruin anything you did to get around being noticed.

Running frantically and trying to post under different headings or sections with the same info will not have any different result. Not to be insulting to you in any way, but try to always keep this one phrase in your mind when dealing with CL. Thankyou for your time answering my email. Ive posted various items under the same section some with pics some with none even a post asking whomever to stop flagging me all Flagged. Then I posted a random totally fictitious post in a completely unrelated section and it remains.

So now you have some direction in which to explore and test your theory and try to eliminate that problem. Hi Grant, I was just casually browsing the internet when came across your post. I have been posting on craigslist for many years, various items such as electronics, furniture, etc. I have been flagged before and I would switch between accounts and that would usually solve the issue.

Recently I have been flagged for personal items in various categories that I am just trying to sell off and I am getting flagged and removed for no reason.

I listed left over siding and vinyl flooring and the posts just wont stick. I have listed brand new mattresses and some older phones and they also keep on getting flagged. I created a new email, new craigslist account, purchased and ExpressVPN and same story. At this point its very frustrating. I do have some listings that are active and people are texting me about but these for some reason wont stay up.

The siding I am selling is a Veneer Architecural Stone. Nobody on CL has a listing for that in my area. With my other items Im pretty sure its also the CL autoflag system.. Well, it seems that you have done much of the basic stuff and are still experiencing problems. I would suggest Level 5 because it is the most complete and also the best value.

To make sure that you are not overwhelmed with the information, the lower levels are also included for the one price, so you can build up your knowledge and start at whatever level you feel most comfortable until you can master all of it.

Start with what you already know how to do and add to it until you can kick ass. My Craigslist experience has been to search the ads and occaisionally post one. Never had any trouble until now. I am trying to find an apartment. When I pull up the page of listings it will not come up, so I wait about 15 seconds and try again, it comes up. Needless to say searching for an apartment has become impossible on my Macbook Pro.

But absolutely no problem on my cell phone. What goes, anyone have an idea? I would say that is an issue with your Macbook or your ISP. I have been Ghosted for being flagged too many times. My ad has survived three postings, but each time it was taken down by flagging. This time it is no longer showing up, I am ghosted.

What is your advise? My advice is as follows. This is why it is under lock and key and only Members get access. Craigslist is responsible for a lot of the bad workmanship in Construction. A lot of these are people that said they know how to do this business came to work for me and I got rid of them and then those guys flag me. Awesome job there on that reporting. In other words people that hardly even go to school to learn the language and skills are running ads on Craigslist and deleting so it workers to get that money.

Answer this one, why is my ad that has been up for over a year now getting flagged after less then an hour. There is no reason it should be flagged as it is for toys kids toys. As of right now my ad has been flagged 19 times in less then 8 hours. SO my craigsliststaff… answer that one? I think you already answered it yourself. Maybe you should take the ad down for a time and come back when things cool off.

A single person clicking flag over and over again on the same device from his home internet WONT flag u by himself… Even if he flags u from his laptop, tablet and cellphone… Using his home internet access…. He will have to call all his buddies and ask them to flag u … Or something like that. So in the past…. Ur adds have a 48hr waiting period before being able to be re-posted. And a 7day expiration period….

With my years and endless accounts, devices, internet addresses ive noticed…. There is no way that a ONCE flagged post will ever be able to stick again ever again…. And you literally have to make a new add With different wordage, pictures and play with words on description…. So that it will stick again…. Obviously if you are dealing with an actual human flagging you then u are stuck with ur items…. Now… If you post too many times on a category and u get flagged over and over again…. U can change content, titles, description on a post and it will be ghosted and then… Flagged.

No matter what you sell or if its a total different item…. It will just get flagged because your account its … Fully flagged. So i can only recommend u… To from a never used device, from a never used internet connection… And vefirication phone number….. Beleive me craigslist does and wi correlate ur IP and all ur device unique internet address MAC address and will flag ur new account if it notices u are trying to fool him. Thanks for the secrets cause I keep getting flagged over and over and over again and tired of it thank you so much.

They should really have some sort of way to stop unjust flagging or ghosting on CL. Especially if a CL employee has a hair across their ass for a particular post or person posting. They should have to show just reason for continual flagging, and if no just reason found, the flagger should be banned.

And I find, oh they flag based on religious or ultra conservative beliefs. Real nut job flagging reasons. It was pretty evil looking.. They flagged the crap out of it. If post it, two minutes later it would be flagged. But with no recourse for unjust flagging or ghosting… It certainly makes you want to reach through the wires and strangle the frack out the person responsible.

Employees of CL are biased in their own way, yes, but really Liberal. Remember these are people that live in ultra Left Wing San Francisco. The city that is a Sanctuary city for illegals, and allows people to walk around naked legally, and allows homeless people to live in the subway. No, CL is not flagging you for those reasons, conservative is a bad word in SF.

On the other hand if you want to answer other peoples ads then there is a fairly small limit. Their filter will stop sending out emails fairly quick if it catches you and thinks that you are spamming.

If you do it gradually and slowly, then it will allow you to answer many emails. I think most spammers probably use a cron job or software to send out their emails.

Out of emails, maybe will respond to them. Then they get a little bit more personalized. Thank you for your response! Basically, I just responded at the end of the day to everyone that contacted me that day. And then I got concerned so I decided to run a test. So I contacted my own ad using a different email.

The email did get received successfully. Any thoughts on this? Does it look like I was blocked? And when CL does this, is this a temporary block? I thought it might be like 10 per day: Thank you so much! The email system generally speaking only does a temp or soft block. If you get blocked just stop and come back after an hour or two. Nothing to worry about unless you do it too often, then you will get hard blocked.

As far as the emails I would try to reword at least the title and starting sentences a little so they differ from each other. Use a thesaurus and get some ideas on saying the same thing different ways and you should be OK. I thonk the flagging process should be made longer and annoying so people only do it if you really must..

Why I got flagged my post when I renew? How can I pass this problem!!! Do you have some advice to avoid getting flagged on craigslist?? I have covered that here and at my site extensively. Too much to explain in one post. Read through my site and here for advice. Usually u have to wait a whole week… To repost… But once a post gets flagged… U cant really ever repost it…. It just goes on ghosting for hours so u think its live.. But then it gets taken down by the system….

All here to do is…. Wait a whole week to post anything on that account… And then post the add u wish … BUT make sure it does not have the same or similar wordage as any add that got flagged previously….

I like the fact you respond. Do you know the actual number of post you can post without getting ghosted. After that need new IP, possible new phone number, but that will let you post in other cities without being ghosted. Worth a try , works sometimes for me, but i still get flagged, so would need to do this 15 times a day to get the desired reach for that city.

Thanks, I do respond, unlike other bloggers. I am here to help people when possible. Reasons being that 1- They change and update rules constantly, 2- They do not tell anyone what their rules actually are, and 3 Rules differ between locations ie, Los Angeles, Tulsa, Dallas, New York, Tallahassee, etc. Your speculations seem safe to me. As far as Flagging that is a whole new battle right there.

You are dealing with humans outside of CL that are taking you down for their own personal reasons, so that is way harder to deal with. But what about your own domain? If you register a domain with an e-mail server and create new addresses on there, will Craigslist get suspicious about accounts created with addresses like joebrown somerandomdomain.

I have been telling my followers about this for years. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail emails can fall into disfavor at any time because of over use or spamming, but if you create a new domain with NO history, then your email is clean. Now for anywhere from 99 cents on up you can register your own domain and create an email account with it and create as many CL accounts as you wish. I would stay away from. I just created an account using Mailinator. I wonder if it is my Mailinator address?

No clue why it is blocked. Their flagging and ghosting protocols are out of control. I have also noticed less and less reply s to my listings. I hope to one day see Craigslist fail, just as I hoped to see Blockbuster video fail back in the day.

Bigger, better enterprises have failed and this miserable mess will also one day. For now the scammers keep it alive. I say it is time to Drop craigslist. We have Options like local yard sales pages on Facebook, Close5 app, and others.

Why continue to give our time and business to such jerks? Why continue to open the door for so many scammers? Just move on and sell in other ways on different websites. No one is stopping anyone from using these other options. The fact is that CL has seen a dramatic drop in usage over the years but some people still choose to use it.

It has just become part of the popular lexicon just like Google has. In the Vegas area we have continual artificial grass sellers not only flooding connected categories, but flooding totally unrelated categories. They use a VPN system or something similar. You can do the same thing they do if you really want to fight fire with fire. They have it set up incorrectly if it is spilling out into totally unrelated sections. I am trying to promote my amazon discount club website. I could not think of any spam, harmful content of my site but still , most of my ads on craigslist got deleted or ghosted.

There are many ways to change your URL. You probably have a free website given to you by your ISP or Data plan on your phone.

You can create unlimited subdomains through that service for free. There are also many free domain or subdomain providers on the web. Do a search and you will get many to choose from. Use those until they get blocked then create a new one and forward to your site.

Yes, a VPN is one of the ways that we show you how to get around all the Ghosting issues. A bonus is also that you can post unlimited posts using a VPN system. This is how many people are flooding the system with their crappy ads. They are using the system in a negative way of course. Thanks for this great info. I was doing great with Craigslist, then had ads ghosted right and left. Can you please post a link to your Members Section Tutorial?

I would love to have a walk-through on how to set up VPN and the best service to use. Go to this link: I just posted in the Classified, never been flagged and have only used Craigslist about 5 times.

I cannot search my items? I have tried several different searches,so what happened to my post? Impossible for me to say definitively, but if you cannot find it by any searches you have tried, yet the direct link works, then that sounds like your classic Ghosting of your ad. Seems to me that this information and all that comes with it is just letting all the crazy people know how to mess with Craigslist and ruining a good thing.

Some people just like to take down a good thing — go figure. And you would be completely wrong in your analysis. They spend their entire days trying to figure out flaws to exploit. The good people are the ones that are left holding the bag and not understanding what is happening to them or their posts. The entire point of this article is to educate people. Because of the information here people are better able to understand what happens to them on CL and how to deal with it or prevent it from happening.

CL has been forced to make several modifications because of shining a light on their problems. Things that are clarified and exposed can only be made better. Things that are kept in the dark shadows will always get worse. Hiding facts helps no one. I have received many thanks over the years for helping people understand and possible resolve their issues.

It just means that they know better how to get things done. My post are innocent. I have a direct internet line one ip address only. Then you have to think outside the box. You can use a friends computer, use a free VPN online and see if that works.

If not then you can buy VPN service online Not very expensive actually. Use your cell as a hot spot, etc. Try different services to change your IP address is what you need to do. I sold a car on Craigslist about 5 years ago. Smooth sale, happy me, happy buyer. Two years ago I tried to list my boat. Never tried to sell anything else EVER between the car and the boat.

CL has just become a way to kill or be killed. Honestly the sooner the shit site is closed down the better, if your going to run a free site for the world let them say and do what they want closing everybody down is just fucking yourself in the ass, I sick to death of the dickheads and their procedure of flagging and Ive only tried for 3 days.

Great page — most helpful! Until recently, I was not aware of ghosting. I would like to look into a class action suit. Look into it if you are angry enough and maybe you can build that lawsuit bandwagon. I hope you enjoy my metaphors. I am not sure if this is appropriate to post here, under ghosting, if not please feel free to redirect as long as you let me know! I have been leaving messages on all CL sites I can think of.

It started by noticing that my posts I just buy and things, without creating an account, been doing it for YEARS were not getting toplisted. They were still there, but not when I searched by neighborhood, which is how I normally search. In fact, few listings were there and I know, I just KNOW, that there are a ton more than are showing up, not just mine.

I went to the free page, and saw neighborhoods listed when there was no search criteria, but then when I input the neighborhood name again, which I can see among the listings when there is no search criteria entered , those listings do not come up. I think CL might be having some issues now.

I took a different computer to a separate hotspot and the same thing happened. They may be having issues, or they may just be tweaking their search function. Hard to say but CL has never liked having a search function.

They only implemented it after many other sites including ours created search functions to find stuff on CL easily. Then they followed up by blocking everybody trying to do that. Without people to post cl would be out of business. I had a post that was ghosted about a year ago. Impossible to say the way CL behaves. I would suggest that you try making another post as a test and if it gets Ghosted then you know how to proceed. If not, then continue to use your current account until a future problems arises.

I just posted something legitimate , and within a few minutes got a text with a bitly shortened URL. The url went to a craigslist page in another city with a page not found. Thought they just screwed up the URL. A few minutes later I got an email that my posting was removed for ToU reasons. When I went to look at my posting from my account, it was something completely different.

The only thing that was the same was the location. How can this happen? A little hard to follow everything but I would say your post has been Ghosted. You can follow the link but otherwise it is not visible by doing a search. This is old fashioned Ghosting of your post. Keep reading through here and at my site and you will learn much more about Ghosting if you are still in doubt. I have been posting for awhile.

I noticed in the last month or so that all of my posts would get flagged immediately. I created new accounts and started posting from my phone connected to LTE instead. I could easily switch IP addresses just be restarting the phone. Now, however, I can still post.

But every post is taking more than an hour to go live. The other day one post took 3 hours before it appeared. I am still switching IP addresses and my accounts are all phone verified. I know they can track Mac addresses but I thought that was only on Wi-Fi.

What else could they be tracking? If you have several computers or devices set up at your home like I do, connect to your router and you will be able to see that all connected devices have MAC addresses including both WiFi and physical via cable connections.

But clearly they have. Is there any reliable way that you know of to change your Mac address whether on the phone or computer? There are several programs available to change your MAC address. They are all acceptable. The one problem is that only some devices allow you to change the MAC address and others will not.

The ones that will not, well, how can I put this…. I am trying to post on cl and only want to post one ad. Its about vaping products for alternative to smoking cigarettes but i am not selling anything with nicotine or illegal. I would like to try and figure out exactly what wording is causing the system to categorize me as related to controlled substance and make me get flagged……I want to help people stop smoking and get away from the controlled substances lol. You will spend a LOT of time with trial and error trying to figure out what wording is hurting you only to find out that CL changes the filters all the time.

So you will be back to square one not making any money. The easiest way is to get new emails, new account and new numbers. You decide which is best for you. Long and drawn out or quick and easy. Kind of on this same topic….

So I went to my acct and went to those two months, and the ad was only posted maybe 5 times throughout both months not each month at 5, but total 5 …so it was easy to find them.

What I saw was a certain word had been hookerized in both the title and twice used inside the text of the ad! Did someone get into my account to play with it?

CL is constantly trying out and applying different filters and probably one of then had a glitch and made these modifications. Its the same as when writing here on WordPress or other sites you have to be careful because it will take certain letters and make then into smilies or on your phone for example where it can auto complete or auto correct certain words you have written.

They prompt you to email them to fix it. This i am told happens often. Several people I know have told me this. This changes back and forth over time as CL fancies so you have to see what works best for you. For a while renewing your posts and keeping them alive was better than creating new posts in an attempt to avoid ghosting. Eventually CL caught on to this and stopped people from renewing posts and would cause them to be blocked or ghosted again their methods change over time.

There was a point where you could renew a post and have it go to the top of the front page. That no longer works so if you renew a post that is already on page 45, then you will stay on page 45 and continue falling. Therefor it is more advantageous to delete and create a new post to be able to show up on the front page again. Also deleting old posts before creating a new one is a good way to fool the system to prevent it from doing a comparison between new and old posts and possibly labeling you a cheater.

In some locations you can fall from page 1 to page 45 in 24 hours. In other locations not so much. Make a post in Los Angeles and in less than 3 hours there will be over posts causing you to disappear.

This is also why people delete and repost and try to get around the 48 hour rule. So technically you are not over posting because your original post is no longer in existence.

A technicality, I know. That is exactly why I asked if she could not see anything on CL when I gave my answer. Only sellers generally get blocked so it would have to be a very severe case for CL to block an IP completely. You are wrong on the selling thing.

Us who are looking for dates and adult situations minus the play for pay and play for peeps, who can keep posting tend to get ghosted. Sometimes our innocent posts never show, sometimes we get a message ad to our IP being blocked after post attempts.

When we say sellers we mean people posting anything at all, not just viewing CL. It is very strange for someone just viewing the site to have their IP completely banned. Maybe when they try to post another question is when they get the block message….

I recently came across this blog and found some very good information…. What I find hard about CL is posting in between someone that is dominating a site that is supposed to be for everyone. KISS and be kind to one another! I agree with you, but to answer your questions, its just human nature. People like to do things and get away with it. No one likes to get caught. Like you said CL does a lot of bad things and some innocent people get caught up in the mess.

Those are the type of people I try to help. The others that do bad things I will not. My husband and I are searching CL for a boat and a travel trailer. Our IP is now blocked. I have no idea why this happens? Blocked as in that you cannot see anything on CL? If that is the case then you probably have an IP that was previously used by someone that CL decided to ban. You can do a few different things to correct this.

I doubt you will get anywhere with 3. This will NOT work for selling of course. Thomas… If you have something to say, would you like your words to be unknowingly censored, for unknown reasons? The issue has 2 factors- 1 They are censoring, if not profiling, in some cases. Free speech within the USA is not being followed. That is never made public. Often it appears that CL has an agenda, but cannot be proven by protocols and rules… Even when one follows the CL terms of use, to the letter.

There is no transparency and faulty reasoning… Never mind consistent. Sure, you are looking at it from a control stance.

But many like myself, followed the rules. Somehow, we were told we were no longer equal and could not post. We never knew why either, to even watch out for what we may be doing wrong. Now I guess I know why. Boy, between CL and Amazon, we are enslaved. What was not mentioned about ghosting, is how to tell if you ARE ghosted.

Than can work sometimes and not others. You have to remember that the system may give you false results because ads that are Ghosted will show up and existing ads for the author. So if you are logged in to your system it will automatically show you your posts when you search for them even when you are ghosted. That is how they fool you. Also the system can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours sometimes for an ad to go live depending on the area and traffic. So you may believe you have been ghosted and actually it was just delayed.

If you are being ghosted it will become obvious soon enough unfortunately. I conducted an experiment, having read many blog posts like this one and sympathizing. I went to a category full of crap spam on Craigslist and decided to flag every MF on there, one after another. I did it through a proxy, like have sex with a condom, as you should do until you are ready to have a child. I got STD anyway. They banned my account with an obscure message.

I should dig up that email. It flamed them so badly that within about 3 hours they reinstated my account. It proved they are corrupt as all HELL!!!!! But in the end there is or was at least one human being working there. Not sure if they fired him or her after showing a glimmer of guilty conscience. I agree that they are corrupt as hell and they show favoritism all over the place.

They crate and apply the rules of their TOS willy nilly, no consistency. They change the way their algorithm works constantly yet no one has any idea how it is truly applied. Yet with all the NAZI government that California has I see no governmental requirements anywhere asking for transparency. They also are constantly fooling people to keep them off track as top how to actually get their posts to stay live.

You notice no one talks about Ghosting any more. When people like you Flag posts they get banned or nothing happens. The Flagging system has now been coopted by the system instead of working as it was intended to by human beings readers. I am noticing a pattern….. All of my posts no matter what IP location are always flagged. Someone who works those Bank Holiday weekends, is overdoing the censorship, to the point they are flagging innocent posts.

Someone was hitting on me and the interest was mutual…, did no ave a way to jot info down… So I posted. Theyclearly are using their own rules, not the TOU we look at and copy, so we have documentation. They should just cut the shite and stop giving you an email addy to do so. Craigslist has become the epitome of idiocracy. I only wish there was a way for the government to shut it down.

Craigslist is branded and so if you are banned from using the site, you in essence cannot do a job search, sell an item or advertise your services or almost anything else successfully. If you do then it will always get the same IP again. I have to say its nerve wrecking all that i have experienced with CL in the last days, i mean all the annoying flagging, ghosting to deny of service by all means!!

About 5 yrs ago i used CL for selling multiple things, some where very repetitive and all we had to do was just change lil things like the working and structure with the add and yeah if you had very alike adds it will flag it immediately.

But now they strip you to your computers DNA!! Just for an add??!??!? Its sad but idk, if everyone just was complaint to this TOS and what not.. But when you see that Hank has like 12 adds in a row and yours its just left in the limbo ghosted to tell you later that it was flagged…. I mean i get it CL.. It doesnt take much to just get on a section of the classifieds… specially the stuff for sale by dealers and the services to see that the same add its over and over and over….

And unfortunately you as me are in the wrong side of this, taking losses on business and employment, but really….. Bottom line… Get greedy. Ran into this site due to yes im finding was to alternate CL.

CL its just the easy way and it works great but…. There is multiple classified websites.. However like everything… CL bombers are also listing on those websites but not with the same ,s of posts as on CL. What you really need to to its to get as on many websites as possible obviously that are popular so that you can get also showed on google. Think ahead people… CL its not going to back up on their TOS and shady but clever ways to allow a post to add, ways-rules-procedures that if we all were abiding of..

These days are very different from when CL first started. There are MANY other popular websites to get good traffic from. CL has allowed itself to be populated by scammers and is slowly fading into oblivion. Their TOS could be applied evenly and fairly by simply using some simple programing but instead they play games. Their site is a custom made site so it has not the restrictions of WordPress or Joomla or something like that. Instead of the haphazard way they go about it now.

Other sites do it and they could also. That is a very complicated question to answer with many variables. You should visit my site www. This has been covered there extensively.

Your problem is that you could be getting blocked by Dating services, or HMA might not be working for you. YOu may have an account that has been blocked, etc. Many different possibilities, too many to answer here. Hi, really liked your article here. I use HMA pro and all my ads are being ghosted and getting flagged in couple of hours. There are many good VPN companies out there but like everything on the web their service and prices change every day. Once you find a good one at a good price it is best to lock in your terms with a one year contract.

Just keep searching and you will find a good one. This is a dead giveaway to CL. I have a Linksys router that lets me change my IP easily and use multiple emails an this worked fine in the past.