Waffle Insight: A small chat with THE Waffle dude

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In typical Burgundy fashion, I have another weird-ass story that treads on ‘WTF territory.’ Here we go…

It’s a normal Wednesday night in Toronto which means it’s cold, I’m tired and I’ve got hockey to play.

On a night that saw my team win, take over first place in our league and me scoring a hat trick (seriously – now I can coast like Alex Kovalev for the rest of the year with no questions asked!), something cooler happened. “But how, Burgundy, how? What could possibly have topped such an epic on-ice performance??”

Kevin Burgundy and the Waffle Man (with a waffle)

The picture is real but the waffle might not be. Well, maybe.

I met Joseph Robb. No big deal.

Who? Joseph Robb. You know, the Toronto Maple Leaf fan facing charges after throwing waffles onto the ice during the Leafs loss to the Atlanta Thrashers on Monday night. I’m not even kidding. Where did I meet him? At the local hockey rink of course. My God – Us Canadians are so cliche…

It seems MLSE hasn’t banned him from local hockey arena’s. Yet.

Some teammates and I were enjoying a post-game brewski (or five) after our big win when a few guys from another team entered the dressing room. If you aren’t familiar with unspoken beer league hockey rules, it’s customary to “kick out” the team using the dressing room before you. It’s basically one group of guys telling the other group “Alright, we’ve waited long enough. Get out so we can get dressed for our game.”

As we were leaving, Robb was the first of his team to enter the dressing room. A minute or two later, a few of his teammates jumped into the room with newspaper clippings and screenshots of TSN’s article. They explained (and proved) Robb was and is the waffle guy. Robb was celebrated in the room as though he just won the Stanley Cup. Or as if he was Brian Burke and actually fired Ron Wilson.

Everyone was dying laughing. This man was and is a king!

Robb mentioned he had to take the day off work because his phone wouldn’t stop ringing with national media outlets, radio stations and sports shows all wanting to speak with him.

So I asked him a few more questions.

The obvious one: How did you get the waffles into the building?
He explained he snuck the waffle packages into the Air Canada Center under his coat when entering the arena prior to the game starting. He indicated the waffles (of the Eggo brand) thawed pretty quickly.

Editor’s note: I’m kind of impressed he held onto the waffles for so long (He threw the waffles on the ice in the 3rd period, when the score reached 5-1 for the Thrashers).

The next obvious question: Why did you throw the waffles?
He said he wanted to make a statement. That statement – That he’s tired of the Leafs losing most of their games and playing “like shit.” He couldn’t stress enough how big a fan he is of the Leafs. He wants a better team to cheer for. Tough to blame him there.

Some other bits of info of Toronto’s newest Hero:

  • The beer Robb is holding in the picture above is from my hockey team. It was our last beer and we figured he earned it.
  • According to Robb, he “had to” take the day off work to deal with the amount of phone calls he’s received from friends, family and national news outlets. He said his parents were slammed with phone calls from reporters all day too.
  • A US-based radio station offered to fly Robb to their studio Thursday morning for an in-person interview. He declined because he had a hockey game to play on Wednesday night.Editor’s note: That’s amazing. What a true Canadian.
  • The local bar near Robb’s home apparently has a picture of him with the newspaper clipping that patron’s have cheered for and celebrated since being put up. The picture was brought to the bar by Robb’s father.
  • Robb has been contacted by several Toronto-based lawyers who’ve all offered their services for free on account of “[the pending charges are] total bullshit.” (Sorry for the language – according to Robb, it’s official lawyer-speak).
  • Robb is unsure of his next move, however, he acknowledged it would be wise to keep a low profile for the time being.

Stay classy, Joseph Robb. I hope your crown bares some waffle-like characteristics.



  1. This guy’s antics is both hilarious and epic. The fact that he skipped an interview to play hockey is truly Canadian. Great account! This guy gets a big thumbs up from Kings land!

  2. Fantana says:

    Hilarious! Can we get a second interview?

  3. Wes Mantooth says:

    This is just Awesome… there is no other words that can describe it.

  4. Burgundy says:

    @ Mantooth/Keith – Waffle-gate may just be my favourite story of the year!

    @ Fantana – No, we can’t get a second interview. I didn’t even bother getting Robb’s email address or phone number. With all the stuff he’s going through, he doesn’t have time for a follow up!

    The funny thing about this is that large and national outlets (mainstream media) are desperately trying to get hold of Robb and this “lowly blogger” got the interview first (exception: TSN). Eat that, MSM!

  5. Nock4Six says:

    Big round of applause to Joseph Robb. Given how the Leafs are performing, MLSE should be freely handing out tickets to the game. To think of the prices we pay to see these asses, not to mention being charged for LeafsTV.
    Every Leaf fan should toss a waffle onto the ice just to show our disgust for this poorly managed, money grubbing organization.

  6. Burgundy says:

    @ Kym – Couldn’t agree more. Perfectly said. I have to believe most fans, hell even purists, would back Robb up. It’s absurd what MLSE charges for the product they put out each night. Other than Montreal (maybe – but they’d never let it get to this point… too much class), no other franchise could get away with doing this. Leaf fans should have had a waffle toss at yesterday’s outdoor practice.

  7. Petula says:

    Maybe he can come up with a few new items to toss by checking this site out http://www.waffleizer.com/

  8. Burgundy says:

    Bahaha Petula. Great link. I’ve bookmarked this site. Gonna have to try some of these out!

  9. Real Leafs Fan says:

    Wow people ought to get their facts straight before publishing things about others. That flake didn’t miss an interview to play hockey, the guy was still recovering from his coke binge the night before. And missing work? Ha, that kid hasn’t worked in ages. Joe called me shortly before the waffles hit the ice, there was no real rhyme or reason behind him throwing those waffles other then the fact that he’s a twat and loves attention. He’s 31 years old, unemployed, doesn’t work and lives at home with his mummy and daddy. So now I have a question, if he’s so damn legendary, why do I have pictures of him in a dress???

  10. Burgundy says:

    @ Real Leafs Fan – I’d LOVE to see that picture. Seriously… email me and I’ll put it up on this post. Burgundy AT stayclassy.net

    While your points could very well be right, and I’m not doubting that, everything published is what Joe told me. I can only go on what I was told. As far as the legendary thing, I’ll answer that with a question back to you: can’t be that legendary if we haven’t thought about the guy in over six months, right? Seems his 15 minutes of fame are up.

  11. Real Leafs Fan says:

    @Burgundy. I most definitely will send you that picture. Although it doesn’t always work via email through my bb. Regardless, I will be sending every local news paper the pictures as well as a letter titled “The truth behind The Waffle Moron”!!

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