The Kadri Experiment

December 6th, 2010 by Baxter Leave a reply »

In Victoria, British Columbia on business. Nice city. Best part is the insane selection of local beers. I’m watching the beer menu like a dingo watches a baby.

Anyway, now that I have some time, I thought I would weigh in on the Leafs. Am I missing something, or has Burke totally lost his mind?

Nazem Kadri - Toronto Maple LeafsLet’s recap how goofy this season has already become. In October, Nazem Kadri finds himself not good enough to make the Big Show. Fast forward to November, with the Leafs in the midst of a slump only fourteen games into the new season and nursing a seven game losing streak. Burke calls Kadri up to centre the Number One line, between Phil Kessel and Clarke MacArthur (uh…who?).

Seriously? I this what the Leafs have come to? Has Burke finally gone off the deep end? This sounds an awful like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. By December, Kadri is demoted back to the fourth line, and Kessel is now the centre on the top line.

I’m starting to feel sorry for Kadri. First you’re not good enough. Go back to the minors and work on your development. Wait, no, come back. We really need you. You can help save the season. No pressure, but we’ll put you in as the number one centre. Just score a few goals and help us salvage our season! Remember, there is no pressure!

Hold on, actually, you’re not that good. Don’t worry, we’ll put you on…hold on…let me think about this….how about the fourth line?! Yeah, that’s the ticket! You’re important to us! Don’t let your confidence fade! You’re good! Really!!! Just not good enough! At least we didn’t send you back down…

This kid is going to need some serious therapy after this season just to regain his sanity. The Leafs have all but killed this kid’s confidence before he gets a chance to even get rolling. Say what you will about Jacques Martin keeping Jason Spezza in the minors to develop when Spezza thought he was ready to play in the NHL. Was Spezza helped or harmed by this move? A debatable point for sure, but certainly he was never put into the same predicament as Kadri. With that much pressure on a young player, Kadri was essentially set up for failure.

Stay classy, Nazem Kadri. At least try to keep your sanity….



  1. SensDew19 says:

    Kadri’s strength comes in his swagger (some call it borderline cockiness) so maybe Burke is trying to change that because umm being confident isnt truculent?

    After seeing that Sun cover when he first got sent down, I knew it would be a loong season for the kid….

  2. Burgundy says:

    If I’ve learned anything from the NHL recently, it’s that confidence isn’t appreciated (see: PK Subban). What is appreciated is no self esteem or confident (see: Pascal Leclaire, I kid….).

    I actually feel kind of bad for Kadri. Kind of because he still plays hockey for a living. I think most teenagers wouldn’t have handled Toronto as well as he has. Gotta give the kid credit there. The Sun cover was unbelievably retarded and completely uncalled for. It’s not Kadri’s fault that the Leaf hype machine was working on 200% overdrive.

    Thanks SD19.

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