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I have some pretty cool news to share. Perhaps I should insert a disclaimer saying “Well, I think it’s cool.”

Some of you might already know and some might not (I mentioned this on Twitter and Facebook a few days ago). As of last week, I’m an official contributor or writer or guy who types stuff on The Score’s newly relaunched hockey blog, “Houses of The Hockey.” Bookmark it now. I’ll wait. While I wait, I’m contractually obligated to tell you how amazing this site will be.

Now that you’ve bookmarked the site or added it to your RSS reader or whatever you cool kids do these days, let’s continue.

Essentially, I’ll be writing anywhere from one to two articles per week on “HOTH,” once the NHL season officially gets underway. And if I actually want to impress the super awesome and incredibly good looking people at The Score, I might aim for three articles per week (Ha – Yeah right!). Here’s the thing: all the content you’ll see and read on HOTH will be completely new and independent from anything here on

Actually, that’s not 100% true. I fully intend on recycling bad jokes across both sites.

Something else I should clarify: isn’t going anywhere. In fact, I should take this time to reaffirm that nothing will stop Stayclassy. Not a lack of hockey stories, potential NHL lockouts or even Stephane Auger!

Actually, that’s not 100% true either. Laziness will definitely kill Stayclassy.

For people twisted (read: nice) enough to read my “work,” this actually means you’ll be getting more Stayclassy than ever before.

On second thought, that’s probably not a good thing.

My articles on HOTH will be slightly more serious and sort of “insightful,” whereas my Stayclassy content will continue to be ridiculous, immature and borderline embarrassing. And to prove this, here are links to articles I’ve already written for HOTH:

Season Preview: Los Angeles Kings
Season Preview: Ottawa Senators (and at least 30% nicer than my ViewFromMySeats-Sens write up from a few weeks ago!)

Yeah… season previews aren’t the most exciting thing ever, but I made up for that with cool pictures and lyrics to your favourite rock songs. Once we (the HOTH team and I) get through the team previews (I have two more: the Lightning on Sept 23rd and the Leafs on the 27th), the “carte blanche” topics can come out.

Major mistake by The Score. Giving me carte blanche on content direction might be the worst decision they’ll ever make.

I’ve been fortunate to enjoy several cool opportunities as a result of doing I owe a huge thanks to everyone who’s read, commented, tweeted, liked and helped along the way.

Stay classy, Houses of The Hockey and The Score.



  1. Chris Nadeau says:

    Awesome stuff and congrats! Looking forward to reading your posts on the Houses of Hockey

  2. metricjulie says:



    I look forward to your Carey Price bashing all over the internet.

    You’re one of my favorites; I’ve always said this.

  3. Good job man, does this mean you are both MSM and a blogger cause I don’t think you two are suppose to get along…


  4. Burgundy says:

    Good question Justin. I’m not sure. In all seriousness, I don’t consider myself MSM… mostly because I’m waaaaaay too good looking for that.

    Thanks Chris, this should be neat. What’s the over/under on how long it takes for The Score to get sick of me?

    @ Julie – I had to google “TL;DR.” I don’t know who that makes more of a geek. I’ve decided I’m going to like Carey Price this year and see if the Montreal media follows my lead. If they don’t, it’s OK. I will be able to sleep at night knowing metricjulie won’t want to kick my ass anymore!

  5. metricjulie says:


    I’m MSM and a blogger.


  6. SensDew19 says:

    yaaay more Stay Classy. Awesome news, congrats

    question: when I tweet your articles from HOTH do I refer it back to @Stay_Classy still? Def like this Sens preview better ;)

  7. jared says:

    thats cool news bro. lookin’ forward to seeing some more work

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