Unseen NHL Center Ice Press Release

September 9th, 2010 by Burgundy Leave a reply »

Recently the NHL issued a press release for the 2010-2011 Center Ice TV package. The actual news release seems pretty normal but it’s definitely a polished and more refined version.

Like any other press release, several drafts were probably written before any such polishing could happen. Somehow I’ve managed to get my hands on a draft version of this press release… check it out below. It’s probably a good thing they changed it.

NHL Center Ice Press Release | Stayclassy.net

If you would like to download a hi-res/totally awesome version of the image above, click here.

What do you think? Did the NHL do the right thing by changing it? Were they onto something with the draft? Who knows…

Stay classy, NHL Center Ice.



  1. Hilarious! The coupon code doesn’t work anymore. It’s been changed to #WyshynskisFault

  2. Wes Mantooth says:

    I tried faxing, but keep on getting a error? Do I need to include a cover sheet?

  3. Burgundy says:

    @ Wes – I’ve found a secret fax number that seems to work… 1-888-GARE-BEAR

    @ Keith – As always, thanks for reading this little site! “#WyshynskisFault” gets you nothing but poor viewing quality, for some strange reason ;)

  4. SensDew19 says:

    Fanatastic Read!

    Yay More Sidney Crosby!! :p

  5. Richart T. says:

    OH man this is great. Can’t believe i’ve forgotten about StayClassy for so long! great stuff

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