Significance of the NHL’s 2010 Research, Development and Orientation Camp

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Toronto is getting ready to host the NHL’s 2010 Research, Development and Orientation Camp next week. The event is so big that Gatorade is actually sponsoring the event! Granted, Gatorade sponsors anything with young hockey players but it’s still pretty cool, right? On second thought, they’d probably sponsor Neverland Ranch if those kids wore skates…

Uhhh, anyways… (how does one transition from that?!?!)…

Part of the excitement behind the 2010 Research, Development and Orientation Camp (RDO for short) is due to the fact that next summer’s top draft-eligible prospects will participate in the two day event. The consensus from all the hockey fans I’ve spoken to is no one really cares. But today, I’d like to explain the RDO’s significance to you:

  • If this event goes well in Canada, it’s very likely the NHL will bring it to the US, make it an annual tradition and start taking it seriously.
  • This entire event is a mirror image of Gary Bettman’s corporate philosophy: Fix what’s not broken and ignore what really needs attention. Brilliant, Gary.
  • Pro scouts can use this two day event as a good measuring stick for prospects future weight, height and nurse outfit size.
  • Media, bloggers and Brian Burke can get a closer look at who else the Toronto Maple Leafs won’t be drafting next summer.
  • RDO organizer, Brendan Shanahan, has said he hopes the camp will encourage new coaching strategies and offensive innovations. And then he hired Ken Hitchcock to run the event.
  • The New York Islanders intend to hire Mike Milbury to serve as a special advisor to their scouting team during the event. The Islanders staff will ask Milbury who he would trade in order to rank the top talent.
  • One of the lesser discussed camp seminars will teach top rated prospects to continue working hard and taking training seriously to avoid one day surpassing Wade Redden as the high paid AHL player of all time.
  • Every NHL team will send their scouting departments to this event to make note of the young, upcoming talent. Everyone except the Calgary Flames, who are still using the Sutter brothers “only if they’ve played for us before” policy.
  • NHL scouts and GM’s will get a first hand look at how these kids deal with adversity like changing rules, shifting crease sizes, wider blue lines and more. It will feel just like any Stephane Auger officiated NHL game.

Stay classy, 2010 Research, Development and Orientation Camp.



  1. Wes Mantooth says:

    Great stuff! I laughed though all of the points, any other home run Burgundy.

  2. SensDew19 says:

    Fantastic read, great laughs!

    “The consensus from all the hockey fans I’ve spoken to is no one really cares. ”
    Priceless :D

  3. Absolutely brilliant! I loved it. Especially the Auger jokes.

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