Why drinking beer at a hockey game is good for you

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The last few times I managed to get myself to an NHL hockey game, it was one of these mad dash drive-home-from-work-grab-tickets-rush-to-the-rink affairs. No big deal, I thought. I’ll just grab some food at the arena.

Not so fast.

A comprehensive study released by ESPN found some pretty bizarre (read: scary) food violations that would make anyone think twice when ordering anything that doesn’t come pre-packaged in several sports arenas. Some NHL highlights (or lowlights):

Jobing.com Arena – Phoenix Coyotes
“Inspectors reports mention a server scooping ice with his bare hands instead of using scoops.”
When asked asked why he didn’t use the scoops provided by Arena and team owners, the server replied “the new scoops Ice Edge gave us have way too many holes in them.”

Joe Louis Arena – Detroit Red Wings
“Inspectors noted cockroaches below a soda dispenser.”
Must be a neat promotion the Red Wings are doing to welcome Chris Chelios back to Detroit. Just like cockroaches, you can’t kill Chelios either!

RBC Center – Carolina Hurricanes
“Inspectors saw employees handle raw, breaded chicken and then handling cooked food without changing gloves or washing hands. The employees placed cooked chicken back in the same container used to hold raw chicken.”
The Hurricanes have finally found an area star Jiri Tlusty can help the organization.

Mellon Arena – Pittsburgh Penguins
“Inspectors found a live cockroach on top of a soda dispenser holster behind the bar.”
Don’t worry, the Penguins new Consol Energy Center houses state-of-the-art, bigger and better everything. Of course that will include nicer digs for all walks of life including cockroaches and Matt Cooke.

Wachovia Center – Philadelphia Flyers
“Inspectors found evidence of mouse and fruit fly infestations at one bar location.”
Upon further investigation, it was determined the fruit flies weren’t a result of poor sanitation or cleaning. The mouse and fruit flies came directly from Scott Hartnell’s hair.

BankAtlantic Center – Florida Panthers
“Inspectors issued several violations for soiled ice bins and coolers.”
Wait. Where?

Rexall Center – Edmonton Oilers
“At one location, workers used contaminated cleaning items.”
I bet Kevin Lowe and Steve Tambellini deliberated for months on what to do to before reaching a decision that any one of us “non-hockey people” would make in about two minutes.

American Airlines Arena – Dallas Stars
“Inspectors find expired milk, brown lettuce and employees caught drinking or eating while they were working in the stand accounted for some of the stadium’s critical violations.”
How long has this been happening for? Once the milk, lettuce or bad employees have been with the Stars for 20 years, they’ll be sure to let them go promptly.

Phillips Arena – Atlanta Thrashers
“At a couple of locations, inspectors found food not being protected from contamination.”
I wonder if this was happening in Chicago last season?

I’m still trying to picture the customer’s reaction when he saw the guy scooping the ice cream. Will that be one scoop or two?

Stay classy, hungry hockey fans.



  1. “Inspectors reports mention a server scooping ice with his bare hands instead of using scoops.”

    So wait, somebody was trying to sell scoops to the public, even though they had no way of actually producing scoops?

    Hm. Nice to see Eklund expanding his business empire.

  2. Burgundy says:

    @ DGB – Ahh. I probably should have used this as the original joke. Damn you showing us up on our own site!!! But seriously, who scoops ice with their hands??

  3. SensDew19 says:

    haha great read!! Im going to laugh every time I pass by the ice cream carts at SBP :p

    “The mouse and fruit flies came directly from Scott Hartnell’s hair.”

    hahaha this is solid gold!

  4. Justin says:

    Glad to see the beer is safe to drink ;)


  5. The beer might be safe to drink but can you afford too!

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