Signs you’re ready for the next NHL season to start

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It hasn’t even been a week since the final NHL game of the season and already it feels like an eternity has passed. I’m so bored and I don’t remember what I did last summer or the one before that to pass the time. I also don’t recall feeling this lost less than a week after the hockey season ended.

In between spouts of depression and anger I’ve come to learn hockey fans want their hockey. Here are a few signs you know you’re ready for the next NHL season to start. Feel free to add yours below.

  • You miss Bob McKenzie’s insider analysis so much the HF Boards trade suggestions don’t actually look that bad.
  • In addition to announcing Dion Phaneuf as their new team captain on Monday, the Toronto Maple Leafs showcased their new brand new jerseys. Most people didn’t realize this since they looked exactly the same as any other blue Leaf jersey made in the last 30 years. This is hockey news in mid-June folks…
  • You actually know how to spell and/or pronounce “vuvuzela.”
  • You just found out about this hugely popular TV show called Lost that apparently ended a month ago.
  • Never in a million years did you think you’d actually be interested to hear what Taylor Hall says on draft day.
  • Upon further thought, maybe Jim Hughson wasn’t as annoying in the Playoffs as originally thought??
  • Reading one of Eklund’s “why I need three iPad’s to blog about hockey” was almost worth the annual $20 membership fee.
  • You actually read that article about Peter Forsberg nearly playing for the Flyers this season and didn’t want your last two minutes back.
  • You are bankrupt so you are pretty much ready to get back to work right away to pay for that tanking family construction business.
  • Wait. “Sports Talk Radio” actually exists in the summer?
  • Hey it’s been a week since you last saw a Sidney Crosby commercial!
  • You wonder if  a Rangers/Islanders  3-D NHL broadcast would be exciting to watch. Oh wait. No it wouldn’t. There’s no way the NHL would ever do something that gimmicky.
  • You unexpectedly enjoyed a quiet and relaxing last few months, you know, because your name is Carcillo.
  • Suddenly you realize going two full months without shaving isn’t that awesome and kind of gross.
  • Hey it’s been a week since you last saw a Bruce Boudreau commercial!
  • You watch CBC’s great Playoff montages to get pumped up for the World Cup.

Stay classy, NHL off-season. My god this is going to feel like forever! Is it October yet?


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  1. Haha Vuvuzela…. Where can I buy one? ;)

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