Fun with Mad Libs! Solve these NHL riddles…

May 12th, 2010 by Burgundy Leave a reply »

Today, I want to have some fun and try something a little different. Below are three different Mad Libs riddles that I’ve already filled out with NHL players and teams (in red). Using the list of words below each riddle, your job is to figure out what the proper word should be. For example: “My mom grows Flower (Fleury)’s”… you get the idea. Leave your answers in the comments section. The first person to correctly answer all three riddles may or may not receive a surprise!

Words to use for Mad Libs #1: Serious, Vegetables, Block, Tamper, Flower, Rat

*  *  *  *

Words to use for Mad Libs #2: Expert, Taxi, Tank, Choke, Dive, Overrated, Mafia, Stop, Actor

*  *  *  *

Words to use for Mad Libs #3: Fat, Nuts, Twin, Drunk

*  *  *  *

Stay classy, NHL Mad Libs.

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  1. Lewy says:

    Great stuff as usual, Burgundy! I think you’re nuts for that last one though.

  2. Is it fine if I just write what the words are to be substituted for?

    1. Fleury – Flower
    Booth – Vegetable
    Volchenkov – Block
    Bettman – Rat
    Gillis – Tamper
    Toews – Serious

    2. Er… not sure but:
    Luongo – Overrated
    Carcillo – Actor
    Senators – Tank
    Lapierre – Dive
    Halak – Stop
    Sutton – Expert
    Kostitsyn – Mafia
    Kane – Taxi
    Semin – Choke <– there is something very funny about this, can't put my finger on it… :|

    3. This was the easiest.
    Sedin – Twin
    Wellwood – Fat
    O'Brien – Drunk
    Salo – Nuts

  3. Space Weed says:

    Wasn’t it Wilson that did the tampering? Gillis was the one who claimed he was tampering

  4. Burgundy says:

    @ Space Weed – No one said these things had to be accurate ;) Besides, I figure Gillis is well versed on what tampering is and isn’t. LOL.

    @ Lewy – Thanks! You might be right…

    @ ChiBlackhawks – Yes! Nice work, you got it!

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