Signs you probably need to invest in goaltending

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As we move forward in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs, it’s apparent that some teams have better goaltending than others. Whether it’s through trading, drafting or both, it’s clear some teams place a higher priority on developing goalies.

To be fair, some teams focus on developing star forwards or solid NHL defencemen instead. But in saying that, there come times when plans need to change because you haven’t had a decent goalie in 10+ years (or something like that…). Here are some signs that you probably need to invest in goaltending:

  • You’ve started to correlate the cool masks of Evgeni Nabokov, Marty Turco and Patrick Lalime with skill.
  • Accusing every opponent of crease crashing is a clever method to divert attention away from the fact that your goaltending hasn’t been very good either.
  • Tuukka Rask is better than your last great goalie and has already had a better meltdown/flip-out at the age of 23.
  • You’ve already traded for Chris Pronger.
  • You’ve asked Brian Burke if he’d be interested in trading any of the 20 free agent goalies he’s recently signed.
  • The last time you selected a goalie in the 1st or 2nd round of the NHL Entry Draft, Zarley Zalapski was playing in his final season (as a Flyer, no less).
  • You are considering giving next year’s starting goalie job to Anton Volchenkov.
  • In an effort to mirror the way goalies like Jaroslav Halak and Henrik Lundqvist play the lower half of the net so well, you try to recruit Ben Roethlisberger into playing nets by telling him the crease is “easy”.
  • Ray Emery is still in your long term plans.
  • You aren’t concerned about Dustin Byfuglien because his presence in front of your goalie is a better excuse than “our goalie couldn’t save it”.
  • Daniel Carcillo is scoring hat tricks during warm ups… and he’s not even bragging about it!
  • Your team merch department starts selling # 13 Voorhees jerseys.
  • Sadly, you are very interested when Dominik Hasek makes his annual NHL comeback attempt.
  • Your scouts have looked into an older goalie prospect named Casey Jones.

Stay classy, certain NHL teams who need to invest in goaltending, for once.

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  1. Matt Reitz says:

    Up until the recent rebuild, this has been the biggest problem for the Kings. Just to add one to your list, this was something that actually happened to me that gave me a swift reality check:

    – When you look at the franchise records for goaltending and see Mario Lessard’s name on top.

  2. Burgundy says:

    LOL Matt – Mario Lessard – there’s a guy I never thought I’d hear of ever again!

  3. Richard T. says:

    love the TMNT reference!! hilarious

  4. Jason says:

    as a flyers fan this is funny nice job

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