If NHL players used social media…

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Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors made headlines on Friday for using Twitter as a means to help figure out his basketball future. As stupid as it sounds, it made me wonder what some of our favorite NHL players would do if they employed Bosh-like attention seeking social media practices.

I have it on pretty good authority that the following bullet points are pretty accurate. But I’ve been wrong before. Anywhooo… If NHL players used social media:

  • Locating Alex Semin in the post-season wouldn’t feel as much like “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”
  • Kyle Wellwood’s YouTube channel would require hourly updates to answer the question “What is Kyle eating now?” And before I forget, #KyleWellwoodIsSoFat.
  • Henrik Zetterberg would tell you via direct message that his doppleganger — Jared Leto — doesn’t have a Stanley Cup ring. Pro Tip: I will fight anyone who says these two don’t look alike.
  • Using a variety of different methods, players of the Chicago Blackhawks could remind Stan Bowman to send their RFA offers on time this summer.
  • David Booth might tweet about the “dangers of concushions” every now and then, but a few words of wisdom: he doesn’t respond well to negative feedback!
  • Miroslav Satan could participate in social media for 1 or 2 months per season, like he does in his NHL career.
  • Matt Cooke would likely use the ‘elbow’ feature on Facebook far more than the popular ‘poke’ feature.
  • Henrik and Daniel Sedin might make a video to help everyone figure out which twin is which and how the hell to tell them apart… only 9 years into their NHL careers.
  • Tim Thomas could use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and any other outlet to remind the hockey world he’s still alive (and won last year’s Vezina trophy!).
  • Ryan Kesler probably wouldn’t hesitate to use the “hate” button on any Canadian’s Facebook Page.
  • Carey Price could blog live from the players bench 5 1/2 out of every 7 Montreal Canadiens games.

Stay classy, NHL players using social media.

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  1. Mark Spizer says:

    great post as usual!

  2. Richard T. says:

    I wish the Sedins would do that!!! Nice work

  3. metricjulie says:

    “Carey Price could blog live from the players bench 5 1/2 out of every 7 Montreal Canadiens games.”

    Me, metricjulie, Price lover (not Carey’s ACTUAL lover, but I’m working on it; I’ve sent many pairs of panties to his house, to no avail), am ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MILLION PERCENT OKAY WITH THIS.

    That being said, no matter where he goes next year, I’ll buy his tshirt because true love never dies.

  4. Burgundy says:

    Julie, was that a comment for the blog or more of a confession of love? I’m okay with the latter, by the way :)

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