The NHL’s 2010 Yearbook

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The NHL likes to do things a bit differently than other pro sports leagues. Shortly after the end of each regular season, the league releases it’s annual yearbook complete with typical “Most Likely To” and “Classy Photo” sections. Usually, most players receive their yearbook in the last week of April.

Apparently a lot of time is put into this tradition and players themselves vote on various categories. Don’t ask how, but I’ve manage to obtain a screenshot of a few pages from this year’s NHL yearbook. I’ve cut the left and right pages into 2 separate images for your viewing pleasure (below is a link for the full version)…

The NHL’s 2010 Yearbook (left page)

The NHL’s 2010 Yearbook (right page)

I highly recommend viewing and downloading the high-res image here.

Stay classy, annual NHL yearbooks.


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  1. metricjulie says:

    My favorite part is the picture of Semin.

    Also, the picture of Scott Hartnell reminds me of a famous blogger who apparently resides in the same area in which Scott Hartnell plays (e5).

    That was mean. Stay classy, Julie.

  2. Richard T. says:

    This Yearbook rules!! Tell me there’s a Playoff yearbook coming

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