Jose Theodore’s Foursquare Account

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Have you ever heard of the popular smart phone app called “Foursquare“? It’s a social media game/app designed to let you and friends share where you’ve been by checking into places and sharing information with your phone. You get points for checking into different locations and the app keeps score between you and your friends. So, have you heard of Foursquare? I ask because Washington Capitals goalie Jose Theodore has. And luckily for you, has actually found two screenshots of Theodore’s Foursquare account last updated on Saturday night.

Jose Theodore’s Foursquare Account (1 of 2)

Jose Theodore's Foursquare App!

Jose Theodore’s Foursquare Account (2 of 2)

Jose Theodore's Foursquare App!

You can download the high-res image here.

Stay classy, Jose Theodore.

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  1. Richard T. says:

    Totally forgot all about JT’s balding stuff from a few yrs ago!

    Caps are starting Varly tonight for game 3. Who looked worse in game 2 Varly or Halak. Neither played well IMO.

  2. Burgundy says:

    @ Richard – Yeah, Jose Theodore has had his share of troubles in the past. In saying that, and poking some fun at his expense, Theodore sounds like a really nice guy. No, all three goalies in game 2 crumbled pretty badly.

    I predict Montreal coming out pretty hard and pressuring Washington really hard with the Capitals scoring a few quick ones (similar to the PIT/OTT game yesterday). Anyone else have any predictions for tonight’s huge game 3?

  3. Sens19 says:

    Prediction: habs will probab play their hearts out but OV will score a hattrick while standing on Halak’s face after kneeing Markov but it’s all legal cause then he’ll get to play Crosby and bring in alot of money to the league…..

    Yeah I’m not over last night yet >:(

  4. Richard T. says:

    Gonna say 5-2 Capitals

  5. Burgundy says:

    @ Sens 19 – Uhhhh… Honestly, I didn’t find the reffing that bad last night. I think the Canucks and Avalanche had worse calls actually cost them their game 2′s. I didn’t like Ottawa’s sense of urgency. Yes, they played had and had a few bad breaks after sustained pressure, but Karlsson can’t be outmuscled on that Malkin goal. And Matt Cullen has to bare down on those 2 on 1′s (with Fisher). They need to bury those chances. That’s what I mean by urgency.

    @ Richard – I’ll say 4-2 Caps.

  6. Sens19 says:

    oh the Sens couldve def played better and we probab deserved most calls, what bothers me though was the stuff that Pens got away with. Anyways Im calmer now, and the Sens can make a series out of this if they play hard in game 4. Alfie seems edgy, Clouston seems confident, Cheechoo is coming back all should be good *I hope*

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