Overall impressions of the Olympic Hockey (so far)

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Happy Friday, everyone!

Now that we’ve seen each of the men’s Olympic Hockey teams play, I have a few overall impressions from the first couple days of the tournament.

  • Last night’s Canada-Switzerland game last night was way more exciting than I expected. Perhaps it was unsettling or too close for comfort for Canadian fans, but it was a fun game to watch.
  • The quality of hockey played in every game so far has been amazing. I’ve enjoyed each game I’ve seen. When it’s all said and done, I think this tournament will go down as the best hockey tournament ever.
  • How awesome is it to see Jaromir Jagr, Sergei Fedorov, Peter Forsberg and others playing hockey with younger great players like Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby?
  • A few Tiger Woods brain cramps… (sorry in advance) … Did Tiger Woods really need to hold a press conference in the middle of the Olympics? Does he crave attention that much? What’s with calling cheating “sex addiction”? He’s a man and he’s horny. Wait, I’ve got it! Every man has an addiction to sex. Got it.
  • Everyone has talked about the offensive depth of the Russians and how it could result in a Gold Medal win. I’m starting to wonder if the Russian stars are having trouble playing 10-15 minutes per game when they are used to 20-25 in the NHL.
  • I’ve read a few things about Drew Doughty’s mistake last night being a result of his age. I think that’s garbage. Don’t blame it age – chalk it up to an error and everyone makes them. It wasn’t a mistake for Doughty to be selected for Team Canada.
  • Did anyone else notice that slight glove drop by Martin Brodeur on the game winning shootout save last night? That little drop was probably enough to distract Martin Pluss. Clearly, Pluss wanted to hit the high left corner and didn’t get the shot where he wanted it. Sometimes, that’s all that it takes to screw up a shooter’s plans.
  • I was very surprised the Russians didn’t use Alexander Radulov in the shootout last night against the Slovaks. You have to think Radulov was pretty upset about not getting to shoot, given Ovechkin got three attempts.
  • Despite different circumstances, I can’t decide which goal was better – David Backes breakaway goal (fast forward to 0:17)or Pavel Demitra’s shootout winner.

Which goal do you think was better? So far, this tournament has been amazing. What other storylines have you enjoyed from the Olympics (hockey or otherwise)?

Stay classy, Olympic Hockey.

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  1. Billy says:

    Backes easy.. Demitras was in a shootout and Backes was in the middle of a game with a player to deke round

  2. Sens19 says:

    Which goal do I like better? THE SIDNEY CROSBY BEAUTY WINNER!!! hehehe

    Great read as usual and (I agree with everything as usual- that’s my Olympic signature for every comment lol)

    Doughty was a great choice for the team, who cares he made a mistake, didnt Pronger make one too? I know last night wasnt the result we wanted but there are teams that just piss you off (or goalies in last night’s game). I think winning was a lot more bigger than points, it’s kina psychological for Team Canada, they got their revenge the curse is broken time to recollect and move on.

  3. Fantana says:

    Agreed – the improvement in sill amongst the ‘Tier 2 teams’ like Slovakia, Switzerland and Belarus is awesome! These teams aren’t easy to play against and you might actually lose if you underestimate them.

    It’s amazing that despite all the skill on the Canadian team, the players haven’t been able to develop much chemistry so far. Let’s hope that changes quickly!

    While watching last night’s game against the Swiss, I was very surprised that Canada’s coaching staff didn’t put players like Morrow, Richards and Bergeron on the ice more often in the first half of the game. Richards and Morrow saw more action as the 2nd period wore on, but to me, Canada’s near loss in last night’s game was a direct result of their soft play, especially in the first half of the game. Canada wasn’t hard on the puck, they weren’t playing physically and as a result, they couldn’t sustain any type of solid momentum in the first half of the game, when they could’ve put the Swiss away.

  4. Burgundy says:

    Yeah I thought that grinder line was excellent for Canada last night, especially down low and behind the net.

    How clutch was Bergeron last night on faceoffs in the 3rd/OT?

  5. The Fly says:

    Tiger Woods held his contrived nonsense when he did to avoid getting too much attention. Had he held it when the olympics weren’t going on it would get much more play, for a much longer period of time.

    Another reason for the timing is that accenture dumped him and their holding a tournament this week so it does overshadow the actual tournament and is a little middle finger from tiger to accenture.

    That said, it was all quite ridiculous and overplayed. He doesn’t have to apologize to anyone except for his family. I couldn’t careless who he bangs and most sane people should feel the same way.

  6. Burgundy says:

    Actually, if you really want to get into Tiger’s timing (was more of a joke than anything else), Fantana and I believe part of Tiger’s timing revolves around his desire to have golf included as a summer Olympic sport. Sure, it’s subtle and the Accenture play is probably accurate (to what degree I’m not sure, but I do buy the argument), but it’s no secret Tiger would love to see golf in the London 2012 games. Food for thought…

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