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With the men’s Olympic hockey set to start in a number of hours, there’s no better time for us to roll out our tournament predictions. Especially when you consider that we’ve been talking about this tournament for about 2 full years. Below are each writers Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal predictions. Of course, we’d love to hear your thoughts (you know, if you agree with us or not), predictions and more. Folks, get ready for the greatest hockey tournament you’ve ever seen!

Burgundy’s Olympic Predictions
Gold- Canada; Canada might just have the most well rounded team in this tournament and they’ll need to be firing on all cylinders to defeat Sweden in the Gold Medal game. I believe Canada will move pucks better than any other team and their talent mixed with grit will put them over the edge. I predict Sidney Crosby to be the dominating force Canadians hope he’ll be.
Silver- Sweden; Team Sweden is one of the older teams in the tournament and I believe their experience (and Henrik Lundqvist) will get them through to the Gold Medal game. However, as smart and as well coached as the Sweden team is, I don’t think they’ll be able to keep up with the pace Canada will set in the Finals. Plus, for whatever reason, Crosby always scores a few goals on Lundqvist… yeah, you heard it here first!
Bronze- Russia; No one is giving Finland any love whatsoever, so I’m predicting the Fins meet Russia in the Bronze Medal game. Given the depth the Russians have, I believe they’ll win the Bronze medal by defeating Finland in a closer than expected game. I think the Russians won’t win their semi-final game because their defense and goaltending isn’t good enough. In fact, when you consider the talent they carry in forwards, their defense isn’t even comparable (aside from Markov). This will be the #1 thing that hurts Team Russia in 2010.

Fantana’s Olympic Predictions
Gold- Russia; There’s too much offense on this team to be able to contain it all. If you manage to shut down Ovechkin and Semin, players like Datsyuk and Kovalchuk will step up and lead the way. Their defense isn’t the best in the tournament but I think their goaltending is strong enough to bail the D out.
Silver- Canada; Canada is sending a great team to the Olympics this year and they will definitely make up for the disaster in Turino 4 years ago. Having said that, I don’t think they quite stack up against a strong Russian squad, though it will be close. 2nd place is no shame and I think this is where Canada, as a country, needs to learn that it’s no longer our game.
Bronze- Sweden; In the Bronze Medal game, I think you’ll see a great match with the U.S. and the Swedes going head to head. Both teams are lead by solid goaltending and exciting young players who are emerging as superstars around the world. In the end, I give the edge to Sweden because they’re a little bit older and a little bit more experienced on such a large stage.

Champ’s Olympic Predictions
Gold- Russia; What can we say, the Russians have more fire power than the US army. These guys will just come wave after wave with speed and all out talent and will embarass a good number of teams. This will be the year the Russians return to the top of hockey internationally.
Silver- Sweden; The Gold Medalists from 2006 return with a very strong team and will benefit from players currently playing well for their respective teams such as Daniel Alfredsson. Good goaltending and good defence will help this team do well throughout the tournament.
Bronze- USA; Team USA is going to surprise a lot of teams riding Ryan Miller throughout the tournament. I would be surprised if Tim Thomas or Jonathan Quick even see any action. Look for team USA to be a very fast team that many will under estimate.

Notes: What about Canada you ask? As I said I believe the “jinx” will unfortunately hit the men’s hockey team as well as I believe they will be “shocked” in the quarterfinals once again. My heart truly hopes this does not happen as Champ would love nothing more than to celebrate a gold medal like in ’02, but my gut tells me it will be for not. Let’s hope I’m very very wrong!

Baxter’s Olympic Predictions
Gold- Canada; All round best team. Motivation to win at home should be enough to be a difference maker. Watch for other forwards to capture the limelight as Crosby will be a marked man the entire tournament.
Silver- USA; Ryan Miller will steal games for the Americans. Offense is not much to write home about, but his stellar goaltending will be good for a few key games.
Bronze- Russia;  Surprise upset prediction. Goal scoring will be not an issue, but preventing goals against will be their challenge.

Stay classy, Olympic Hockey.

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  1. metricjulie says:

    1. Russia
    2. Canada
    3. Sweden

    I bet it all on those 3 teams in my Olympic hockey pool. Much like my playoffs pool, and I NEVER lose my playoffs pool.

    Also, I think it’s pretty classy that Fantana & I share the same predictions. It’s like he’s a good blogger or something. I see Tambland’s predictions aren’t up… this I do not approve of.

    Stay Classy, Tambland’s Non-Existent Olympic Hockey Predictions.

  2. Burgundy says:

    Hey Julie, feel free to send Tambland an ‘e-kick in the ass’ …

    We’ll see how good you are in Justin’s HockeyCardShow Olympic pool. I don’t like that you have Russia winning it!!

  3. Billy says:

    gold: Russia
    silver: Sweden
    bronze: Canada

  4. SensDew19 says:

    Thanks again for jinxing our team, you did the same thing in the World Juniors and you’re doing it again here in the Olympics (Burgundy you’re the only sensible one here).

    The Russians may be good but at the end of the day they have 1.5 maybe 2 amazing lines. Their D is overrated imo and their goaltending is solid but not superb. Look at Team Canada we have 4 lines that will be rolling all game, so even if you put our 4th line of Iginla against their first line, we have a very good chance at containing them. Add to that the fact that our D is 10x better than them. People are overhyping the Russian team and insulting our own Canadian stars, yes even Danny Douchebag… My predictions:

    Gold – Canada
    Silver – Russia
    Bronze – Sweden

  5. metricjulie says:

    The reason I kick all my friends’ ass in fantasy hockey, specifically our playoffs pool where I destroy them, is that most of them pick with their heart over their head.

    During regular season, it’s less emotional and the end of the season/pool is too far away, but with playoffs/olympics, it’s so easy to get all patriotic and let your pride/love/whatever cloud your judgment.

    You’re all going down, except me & Fantana.

  6. Burgundy says:

    I thought my justification of “most well rounded team” was enough. Clearly not. At any rate, by now, most readers should get I’m pretty objective, regardless of what game it is. I legitimately believe Canada can win (yes, I Believe… oh god. What is this song doing to me???), but it won’t be a cakewalk.

    @ SensDew19 – Absolutely great quote “Burgundy you’re the only sensible one here”. Beautiful.

  7. metricjulie says:

    PS. I believe they can win, but I believe Russia will win gold. I will be very sad if Canada does not win, but I believe Russia will make all of our brains explode.

  8. Burgundy says:

    I still think their D could cost them gold. Not sold on goaltending either.

  9. metricjulie says:

    Call me crazy, I like Bryzgalov in this tournament. Also, I think what they lack in D they’ll make up for in 10-goal leads. I may or may not be exaggerating just a little bit.

    It’s true though that Canada is more well-rounded, and it’s going to be an awesome race for Gold.

  10. Fantana says:

    I’m with metricjulie on this one… I think we’d all like to see Canada win, but I’ve just got that feeling that the Russians will be too much to handle.

    I’m also expecting the Czech Republic to surprise everyone. Nobody is talking about them right now and I think perhaps we’re all underestimating Mr. Jagr and company.

  11. Sens19 says:

    @Fantana: I think the reason why so many people have high expectations/really want Team Canada to win is because we look so darn good. I know we looked kinda good when we finished 7th last time but it’s a different look this time couples with the fact that Canada isnt going into this with confidence as the former Olympics champions. Team Canada got insulted big time in Turin and many players are on this year’s team, they’re hungry for revenge and have all the tools to assist them. imo they have more passion/drive than the Russian team which is an advantage.

    Czechs are going to be good, maybe even a bronze medal (a little stretch) but they still dont have as much depth as teams like Sweden, Finland, Canada and Russia

  12. Burgundy says:

    The Czech’s were very impressive last night. I found last night’s game to be the most entertaining so far. I know Slovakia weren’t supposed to win, however, Czech’s played well together and seemed to have a lot more chemistry than Canada, Russia, Sweden or the USA. And Jagr was outstanding!

  13. Sens19 says:

    Yeah I missed the game pfft. But as for the other countries I’m surprised at Sweden a little they were good dont get me wrong but at times players seemed out of place a little. Canada for the first period has nothing going for them absolutely zero chemistry except the Sharks line (shocker!). It’ll be interesting to see how the teams develop throughout the tournament. And can we please have Jagr back in the NHL??

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