NHL trade deadline recommendations

January 20th, 2010 by Burgundy Leave a reply »

With the NHL trade deadline quickly approaching, teams are probably starting conversations with each other that will lay the foundation for trades we’ll see on or before March 3rd.

Whether it’s big name players or subtle character additions, deadline deals rarely pay off. To help GM’s make the best possible decisions, I thought’d I’d make a few NHL trade deadline recommendations:

  • Atlanta should trade Ilya Kovalchuk to Toronto in exchange for approximately 19,000 fans who don’t care about winning.
  • Keith Tkachuk, Bill Guerin, and Doug Weight are always available at trade deadlines. I think Mike Sillinger might be too.
  • Remove any and all deadlines for trades with the Ottawa Senators and Bryan Murray. Unlimited trade time will allow Murray to continue blaming anyone/everyone else for the Sens poor performance.
  • We should all continue to ask Brian Burke about Tomas Kaberle’s availability. Why? To provoke more Angry-Burke reactions, of course.
  • San Jose should trade for a scape goat like Sean Avery or Alex Burrows immediately. That way, when they inevitably lose in the 1st round, they don’t have to blame Thornton or Heatley.
  • Montreal should trade all their disappointing 1st round selections for other disappointing 1st rounders. It worked with  Pouliot/Latendresse, right?
  • The NHL should allow teams to trade GM’s and front office management. This way, Brian Burke could screw up every other Eastern Conference team to help the Leafs finally get in the playoffs.
  • The NHL should encourage teams to place French-Canadian players on the trading block for the sake of the Montreal Canadiens. This way, Vinny Lecavalier’s name won’t be the only one rumoured for the Habs.
  • Continue giving Eklund cryptic/vague ‘E5′ quotes like “The deal is imminent, pending another deal that could shake the very foundation of earth”.

Stay classy, NHL trade deadline.

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  1. Sens19 says:

    “The NHL should encourage teams to place French-Canadian players on the trading block for the sake of the Montreal Canadiens. This way, Vinny Lecavalier’s name won’t be the only one rumoured for the Habs.” haha niice

    - I think Hamhuis from Nashville wont stay there for long, rumours are he doesnt want to be there. You think the Ruins might trade one TO’s first rounders to get Kovalchuk?

  2. metricjulie says:


    I wanted to list my favorites, but I would simply be re-posting the entire entry in another order.

    Bien joué!

  3. Burgundy says:

    I like that Montreal/Vinny line too. At this point, that rumour is so ridiculous it’s funny. Thanks as always!

    RE: Hamhuis/Preds – If that’s true (and I don’t know one way or the other), I don’t blame him. With Weber, Suter, Franson, Sulzer, and Ryan Ellis on the way, there might not be much ice time left for Hamhuis. He’s a great defenseman and if available, could get a nice return for Nashville (but he’s a big part of their success right now). He’s a UFA now and his contract is a nice $2.5M cap hit for the year!

    RE: Kovalchuck/Bruins – In all seriousness, I doubt Kovalchuk to Boston for a few reasons.
    1. They’ll have to give up a whole lot more than that sweet Toronto 1st rounder (although it could be Taylor Hall!!)
    2. Boston are technically over the cap hit (with bonuses, injuries, etc…), so they have no room to absorb Kovy’s contract this season – unless they move some big contracts the other way (something ATL might not want to do, unless its a good player with a reasonable deal).
    3. Boston have approx. $45M in contracts for next season and that doesn’t include Derek Morris, Dan Paille, Blake Wheeler and others who need new contracts (also, Kreijc, Bergeron, Ryder, Chara need extensions after next season too).

  4. Burgundy says:

    As always Julie, you rule. Stay classy!

  5. Dave Young says:

    I like this as always, very funny

    but ottawas poor performance? man! we are currently 6 spots ahead of last year with key players missing all year!

    and last night we beat the leagues best!

  6. Burgundy says:

    This is true, Dave. Admittedly, that part of the blog was written 4-5 days ago, when Ottawa lost 5 straight games. I knew I should of posted this blog sooner!!

  7. Sens19 says:

    Good I keep posting the Kovy to Bruins thing to get an argument on why it WONT happen to make me feel better haha. Also with the first pick, I personally dont think itll be Hall; Edmonton and Carolina are making a pretty good case for last place. Seriously havent seen two teams work as hard for a last place finish like these two. Although a part of me will die if Hall goes to the Canes

  8. Burgundy says:

    At least we know what he looks like in a red/white jersey :)

    But yes, I’m thinking more and more that Edmonton is going to finish dead last. They are far worse than Carolina.

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