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Chris Chelios' mug shot... not so classy

Chris Chelios' recent mug shot... not so classy.

So a day after Chris Chelios signs a second contract with the Chicago Wolves of the AHL (minor league farm team for the Atlanta Thrashers), he apparently was pulled over for “improper lane usage” at 4:00am driving his truck. He was charged with speeding and drunk driving. A $300 bail charge later, and he is released with a promise to appear in court on February 1st.

Hard to believe, but 2009 is the first year since 1983 in which Chelios did not attend an NHL training camp. That’s a whopping 26 years.

In 1983:

  • Lotus 1-2-3 is introduced
  • Final episode of M*A*S*H
  • Michael Jackson first does his moonwalk
  • Microsoft Word is first released
  • Jason Spezza is born
Chris Chelios as a Montreal Canadien... much classier.

Chris Chelios as a Montreal Canadien... much classier.

Think about it. I can’t think of a single thing I have done (successfully) for the last 26 years. Most of the guys I play hockey with haven’t even been on this planet for that long.

His credentials just ooze Hall of Fame material: 3 times Norris Trophy winner, 11 All Star games, 3 Stanley Cups over 1,644 NHL games (185 goals, 948 points).

Sad to see the lack of good judgment which lead him to driving drunk. Maybe he was out celebrating the fact that he doesn’t have to hang up his skates just yet. You’d figure old guys would know better.

Stay classy, Chris Chelios. Sometimes you just need to know when to say “when”.

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  1. Sens19 says:

    You wouldn’t expect that from a classy veteran like Chelios, not something you want to be remembered in your last days as a hockey player

  2. Burgundy says:

    Yeah, although this is a minor blemish on an otherwise clean slate. It’s not like he’s got two dozen transgression-ette’s on speed dial with a ton of other baggage.

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