Thoughts on last night’s Senators-Flyers game

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Ottawa Senators- 2, Philadelphia Flyers- 0

Although every writer predicted the Ottawa Senators would lose (badly) to the Philadelphia Flyers last night, they didn’t. As it turns out, they shutout the Flyers 2-0 in a pretty solid road victory. This is probably the road game the Senators were looking to churn out in Philly back on November 12 in that 5-1 loss.

Before reviewing the game any further, I’d like to make two quick points.

  1. Today is Daniel Alfredsson’s birthday. The Senators captain is 37 years old.
  2. Does anyone else find it strange that the Flyers went out and hired Peter Laviolette? Sure, he was probably the best and most qualified coach for an NHL team in need of a fresh voice. But he’s also a coach that doesn’t believe in teams fighting and playing intimidating hockey. Although he’s a great NHL coach, I’m not sure he’s the best coach for the “Big Bad Flyers.” Just sayin’…

With that out of the way, here are last night’s Classy, Non-Classy, and Could-Have-Been-Classier moments.

The Classy

Little Nicky, where have you been all this time. I remember last year, after Clouston took over, Burgundy and I were all hyped up that Nick Foligno might actually make it to 25 goals. We even had a Little Nicky Watch, as we called it. As it turns out, the Little Nicky Watch had to be renamed after authorities caught wind of it and thought it might be something different….but I digress.

Great to see that Nick had arguably his best game of the season. He was all over the place. I remember after the end of the second period, only Nick Foligno had shots on net from the line of Foligno-Fisher-Kovalev. He has a really interesting skillset as a hockey player, and while his goals are rarely pretty, they sure are fun to watch at times. Just thinking about his little undressing of Pronger is exciting enough.


What can you say about the Philadelphia Flyers. I had extremely high hopes for them this season as an Eastern Conference powerhouse. I thought the addition of Pronger, coupled with solid goaltending in Emery was going to vault them ahead of the pack. Well, since that great start of the season, they are now playing below .500 hockey. Even a coaching change only seemed to light a temporary fire under them. They’ve been shutout in 3 of their last 6 games, which really shouldn’t be happening to a team that boasts Mike Richards, Simon Gagne, Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell and Daniel Briere, among others.


Brian Elliot.

Wait, what?!? A shutout. Sorry, he’s been my default guy here for a while.

But really, Jason Spezza seems to have lost a tonne of confidence. There was a time, on any one of his breakaways, when I could leave the room to grab a drink because I knew he would score. Usually he just fakes a huge shot from the hashmarks, gets the goalie to commit, and then dekes the puck into the net. Well last night, he let Boucher go down, and then he shot at the 5-hole?!???!?!? Just not sure what’s happening with his game. This isn’t a criticism. It’s a concern.

- -

Wow. Since none of the writers called that one at all, I’m surprised we’ll even have readers for our next gameday preview against the Carolina Hurricanes. Judging by the shear difference in points between these two squads, you’d pretty much have to give this to the Ottawa Senators. But we’ve been surprised before.

Hopefully–and I sound like a broken record–Ottawa can build off this victory and string a few more together. If not for my sake, at least do it for the kids. It’s the holiday season, after all.

Stay classy, recently off my S**t-list Ottawa Senators.

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