Classy interview with Sportsnet’s Eric Gage

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Is there a better way to end a work week than reading a brand new Classy Interview? Today, we’re lucky enough to sit down with Eric Gage, Rogers Sportsnet’s King of Fantasy Hockey insight. I’m telling you right now, Eric has a great pulse for nearly every player in the NHL and will help you win your hockey pool.

One thing about Eric that I hope comes across in the interview below is his great sense of humour. It’s been some time since I’ve met a sports media professional this light hearted. Eric’s sense of humour is refreshing and helps him stand out in the hockey world. That’s not a critique on anyone else, but Eric’s done a nice job finding a unique niche. Unique niche. Sounds like  Burgundy warm up exercise.

Anyways… enjoy the Classy Interview with Eric! How did you first get involved with sports broadcasting?

Eric Gage: After graduating from University with an arts degree, I “creatively” got myself into Ryerson University. From there, I followed my passion for Racecar Driving and ended up being a web producer for the PLAYERS Indy Racecar team. I spent 7 years doing online videos (in the days of dial up modems!) for PLAYERS before getting into Rogers Sportsnet. editor’s note: I’m sworn to secrecy on what Gage did to get into Ryerson. It may or may not involve a hammer, a 1940s typewriter, a dozen cases of beers, and a large picture of Ian Mendes.

SC: Do you have any specific career highlight(s) that stick out in your mind?

Gage: I love getting positive feedback from readers/viewers, coworkers, etc… and I love the fact that my job at Sportsnet allows me the creative freedom to do what I want. To me, that’s a highlight in itself. Having said that, getting Marian Gaborik to apologize to Fantasy Hockey fans for playing a defense first system In Minnesota was great. Working with and getting to interview the late and great Paul Newman was an amazing experience, as well.

SC: You are the Fantasy Hockey buff. Pick your 6-man dream roster for the new year to the end of the NHL’s regular season (the 6th player must be a rookie).

Gage: Good question! OK… wow… this is tough!

(I’ll avoid saying the obvious names like Crosby-Malkin-Ovechkin, etc…)

Goalie: Craig Anderson
Defencemen: Erik Johnson, Drew Doughty
Forwards: Marian Gaborik, Rich Peverely, Ryan Kessler
Rookie: John Tavares

SC: Have you ever read punctuation incorrectly from a teleprompter in your career?

Gage: Absolutely! All the time, in fact. And everyone else who says they don’t use teleprompters is lying! No one likes admitting they use them… but the people who deny it are probably the ones who rely on teleprompters the most. editor’s note: (LOL) That’s great! That’s exactly what we all thought!

SC: It seems you are a big baseball fan. Who do you cheer for and why?

Gage: No matter what sport, I always root for one team from each Conference. Being from Ottawa, I couldn’t cheer for the Toronto Blue Jays (as a matter of principle), so I started following the Detroit Tigers for the American League. The Pittsburgh Pirates are my National League team. editor’s note: I like your principles, fellow Ottawa resident.

SC: What do you think Sex Panther (Anchorman cologne) really smells like?

Gage: The aroma of Brian Fantana having sex. I mean really, what else would it smell like?

A huge thanks to Eric for taking the time to sit down with us and answer our ridiculous questions. I urge everyone reading this to follow Eric on Twitter (@EricGage100) for all your fantasy hockey tips, news, and updates. Catch him daily on Sportsnet’s Fantasy Hockey Updates.

Stay classy, Eric Gage.

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  1. Champ says:

    Great interview…though I’m not sure he got the smell right

  2. Mantooth says:

    Awesome work Ronny B! Thanks a ton Eric.. Why didn’t I listen to you when I was picking my players for my pool… *Head Smack On Desk*

  3. Fantana says:

    I can’t help but feel slightly offended by this interview…

  4. C says:

    I thought the Unique niche was the best… made me chuckle.

  5. Eric says:

    This guy is so unfunny.
    I cant believe there is anyone with a pulse that thinks he is.

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