Mike Richards hit on David Booth

October 25th, 2009 by Burgundy Leave a reply »

In case you haven’t seen it, below is a video of Mike Richards completely destroying David Booth from the Philadelphia Flyers – Florida Panthers game last night:

Obviously, the big question is: clean hit or dirty hit?

My take: Clean hit. Incredibly unfortunate result for David Booth, but Richards arm was tucked close to his body/chest and there wasn’t any elbow. I hate to take shots at players, but I think Booth knows better than to admire passes like that in the offensive zone. It was a very solid hit, much like the Willie Mitchell hit on Jonathan Toews earlier this week. What do you think?

Stay classy, Mike Richards.

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  1. Shaun says:

    You know I didn’t get to watch this live last night, but I saw a vide of it like right after it happened, albeit I was pretty buzzed when I watched and my initial reaction was clean, very hard, but clean, watching it now I still feel that way, it reminds me of Doug weight hitting sutter a few years back, booth seems to lead with his head and I think Richards picked up on it and wanted to avoid him but ended up nailing him in the head with his shoulder.

  2. Burgundy says:

    @ Shaun. I agree with you. The reality is if a face/head hits someones shoulder or arm at the force and speed, nothing good can come of it. But that’s not dirty. Perhaps the hit was a tad late… but things happen so quickly, I can’t honestly say Richards was trying to hurt Booth.

  3. Billy says:

    i don’t mind the hit.. wasnt dirty.

  4. Tambland says:

    I think it’s a clean hit as far as the NHL rules are concerned. No problem there.

    My only problem with it is the physics of it. When Richards comes in, he’s almost hitting him from behind. Even if Booth would have got his head up, he probably wouldn’t have seen Richards coming. It makes it extremely difficult to make any evasive maneouvers.

    It kind of reminds me of the Mark Bell hit on Alfie a few years ago. Except without the cheapshot.

  5. Tambland says:

    Dear Burgundy,

    I think this is the blog you mean to comment on.

    While Booth was guilty of admiring his pass (I will give you that one), it’s hard to really know that Richards is coming down on him.

    Again, it’s a clean hit. I maintain that. But Booth didn’t stand a chance given the angle that Richards was coming in on him.

  6. Burgundy says:

    Yes, we can agree to disagree.

    I did post my comments in the wrong blog… crap.

    I agree with your point too. I think both players were a little bit at fault for the hit.

  7. DK says:

    old news to be commenting on this now, but still relevant..
    @ Tambland.. you’re on Booth for admiring his pass? watch the clip again, did you see some stupid goofy grin on his face, showing that he was thinking “mmmm, now THAT is some amazing pass…oooo, I know my g/f will like that one…” or would you say he was still in a hockey frame of mind, making sure his pass got to where he wanted in case he had to change direction into the zone and chase it down himself? Sorry, this is Booth’s 4th year in the league, if he had any primadonna/”admiring” bones in his body, they’ve been straightened out by now..
    Besides look at the clip at full speed again, he actually spends more time looking FORWARD (or to the right side) after the pass (possibly seeing Richards coming), then he did looking at the puck after the pass.
    Not legal at all, completely a late hit.

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