Georges Laraque’s Octane 7.0 (he shoots, he scores)

October 14th, 2009 by Baxter Leave a reply »

In case you haven’t heard, the NHL is not too happy with Georges Laraque’s latest antics.

On the other hand: “Mission accomplished!” At least for the makers of Octane 7.0.

George Laraque, classy as always.

Georges Laraque, classy as always. An actual screenshot from the Octane 7.0 commercial.

What else can you conclude after Octane 7.0 will undoubtedly become the top selling alcohol-based energy drink? Who cares about the uproar from the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement which states that no player can endorse or sponsor an alcoholic beverage? Really.

You gotta admit Laraque looks pretty happy doing the commercial spot, despite having to lift his knuckles off the ground to shed his caveman persona. His spin-a-rama move is the stuff of legends. Montreal Canadiens fans, take notice.

Well, if Georges Laraque’s apology is to be believed (he claims he didn’t know the script. Whatever…), you might as well go along with all the Major League Baseball players who claimed they “did not know” they were taking steriods. Let me introduce you to the New York Yankees’ A-Fraud (Alex Rodriguez).

“If I’d known [the ad's content] I wouldn’t have done it – that’s for sure.”
- Georges Laraque, Montreal Canadiens forward, tough guy and alcoholic drink endorsee

Hey c’mon – what’s this really about? Honestly, I’m not really sure. Seriously.

Hockey and alcohol? Nope. Watch hockey=>drink beer. Play hockey=>drink beer. Think about hockey =>drink beer.

Hockey and scantily clad women? Nope. They are even promoted on the NHL’s own website:

Actual screenshot of the Dallas Stars official website. Classy.

Actual screenshot of the Dallas Stars official website. Classy.

Stay classy, Georges Laraque. Keep your stick on the ice.

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  1. Tambland says:

    Haha, if I would have known…. I bet that was the selling point from his agent.

    “Georges, instead of skating with tiny players, you can play street hockey with tiny women in very little clothing.”

    Where do I sign up.

  2. Champ says:

    bwahahaha this who thing has become a farce. Of course he knew and really I think a lot of it has been blown way out of proportion. Has anybody seen the go commercials? I think it’s easier for the media to point and jeer as there’s a celebrity involved then if it was joe public playing hockey with the girls. Do professional athletes have to be held to a higher level of morality…yes…but within reason people.

  3. Nock4Six says:

    I will abandon hockey if they bring in cheesey ass cheerleaders across the board. I will jump ship. Yeah dammit.

    *stomps feet*


    Laraque is an idiot to begin with. The most shocking part about him is his salary.

  4. Burgundy says:

    Jump ship to what?

    Laraque likes his name in the press, that’s for sure. Remember last season when he said he could play a bigger role than tough guy? Riiiight, George.

    Nice blog, baxter.

  5. Tambland says:

    Jump ship to cheering for a real team. Oh. Bam. Go SENS Go.

    It’s also shocking the Brian Burke still hasn’t truculenced that entire locker room. Oh. Bam.

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