Mats Sundin, the Hockey Hall of Fame will soon be calling

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Morning sportsfans, with news that Mats Sundin has hung up the skates for good one can’t help but look back at the tremendous career he had. This includes all his accomplishments on the ice and off the ice… specifically the commercial that will live with him forever. Yes Chunky soup and Mats Sundin will go hand and hand forever. And one will never forget the tag line “Mats your mommy is calling”. Ottawa Senators fans took great pride in reminding him of the goofy line at every opportunity and it still makes the Champster laugh even today.

Stay classy, Mats Sundin. You may be a Hockey Hall of Famer.

Stay classy, Mats Sundin. You may be a Hockey Hall of Famer.

But when we look at Mats’ career it’s hard not to believe that he’ll be soon hearing the Hockey Hall of Fame calling him instead. From the goofy young lad in the Quebec Nordiques uniform breaking into the league with that god awful Jofa helmet he used to wear, to playing as a Vancouver Canuck in his final season, Mats was always a leader in every team he played on. Senators fans took great frustration in losing to the leafs numerous times in the playoffs and often it was Sundin who was handing the Sens some humble pie whilst moving on deeper into the playoffs.

But nevertheless, Sundin has had a career worthy of getting the call to the HHOF. His numbers are impressive


Games Played: 1,346

Goals: 564

Assists: 785

Points: 1,349

In today’s NHL, a point a game player is almost guaranteed to get into the Hall of Fame.

A Sundin moment Champ will never forget was the famous broken stick toss into the crowd which earned him a 1 game vacation. It was a pretty lame suspension by the league. Nobody can forget how Daniel Alfredsson then mocked the jesture in the Senators’ next game in Toronto and people wonder why Leafs nation aren’t fans of Alfie…lol But I digress…

The only blip on Sundin’s impressive career was the lack of a Stanley Cup ring to his resume though not for lack of trying. Sundin will forever be remembered as number 13 and captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He was their leader by example, a player who worked harder than anyone else on the team and bled blue and white through all their ups and downs. His leadership was beyond reproach and at some point he’ll have his number honoured and hung atop the ACC where it belongs

Stay classy, Mats Sundin.

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  1. Burgundy says:

    I’m on the fence about Mats Sundin being inducted into the Hall of Fame. I’m a big believer you should have one Stanley Cup (at least) on your resume to get into the HHOF. And if you don’t, then you’re career numbers better be good – real good. I’m not sure Sundin’s numbers are THAT good.

    To me, Sundin’s achievements should set the bar for the minimum to be considered for the HHOF. He should be among the better players to never be selected as a Hall of famer.

    That said,’s poll has people are 70-30 in favor or Sundin getting into the HHOF. Shows what I know.

  2. Tambland says:

    “The only blip on Sundin’s impressive career was the lack of a Stanley Cup ring to his resume…”

    I’m going to respectively disagree. Second blip: Playing for the Leafs.

  3. Fantana says:

    I definitely think Sundin should be inducted in the HHOF. It’s worth noting that the bulk of his “prime years” were during a time of clutching and grabbing and goal-scoring was way down. To average a point per game is pretty impressive, especially when you consider the revolving door of mediocre/washed up linemates he had to play with. Stay Classy, Mats!

  4. Tambland says:

    Stop pandering to the LEAFS!!!!!!

  5. I’m a big believer you should have one Stanley Cup (at least) on your resume to get into the HHOF

    Frankly, in a 30 team league, this is a pretty short-sighted requirement.

  6. Burgundy says:

    Maybe. I guess you can point to long term contracts as another short-sighted requirement (in similar vein).

    Thing about Sundin – I just don’t think he’s accomplished enough. Only once did Sundin register a 100+ point season (back in 93 w/ Nordiques). And only twice in the last 10 years did he register more than 80 points per season.

    Yeah yeah – he didn’t play with the best linemates (often described as bad), but that’s the breaks.

  7. You realize that more and more players will be retiring without Cups right? It’s just a numbers game now. Iginla will likely retire without one, Thornton’s another.

    Sundin was more than a point a game player in the dead puck era when he was usually the only top-flight offensive player on his team.

    It’s ok, Alfie will make it too.

  8. Burgundy says:

    Yeah, a fair point. There won’t be guys winning 4 or 5 Cups in a career now.

    Honestly, it pains me to say this. If Alfie retired right now, I can’t say I’d vote him into the HHOF.

    Difference between Thornton/Iginla and Sundin (and Alfie) is MVP honors and big time scoring titles. Iginla is a guy who like Mats hasn’t always had enough talent around him. But he produced slightly better results. Maybe you are right and winning a Cup won’t play as large a factor moving forward (likely), but there’s still enough reasons to suggest Mats isn’t good enough to get in. Both he and Alfie probably will. I’m just saying I wouldn’t put either in the HOF.

  9. Linus says:

    Why would the lack of a Stanley cup be a problem? It’s called the hockey hall of fame, not the NHL hall of fame. Just look at his international (you know, hockey?) success and it’s a no-brainer.

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