Secrets of the Ottawa Senators team building revealed

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Less than a week until the NHL regular season, and the Ottawa Senators spent this past weekend at the RCMP facility working on some team building exercises. They haven’t really clarified what the team building exercises might have been, but here at we like to think outside the box. Here are a few of the activities we think could help the Ottawa Senators this upcoming season:

Laser Quest

With all the questions about whether Erik Karlsson should make the team, this would provide just the scheme. In an elaborate plan, Karlsson fires a laser to Daniel Alfredsson, who deflects it with a mirror to Jason Spezza, who knocks it with his own mirror over Pascal Leclaire’s shoulder. Powerplay Unit number 1 is now set!

Video-gamer Jason Spezza staying classy

Video-gamer Jason Spezza staying classy


Zip-Lining is great because it calls on a number of different skills, including upper body strength, courage, and the ability to accept gravity as your God. This would be great for the Senators, because instead of gravity, they could basically put Cory Clouston at the top of each drop-off, eliminate the zip lines, and allow the Sens to accept Clouston as their God if they don’t listen to him. Imagine the fear of falling to your death each time you don’t backcheck? Perfect.

Piñata Party

No, not a pyjama party. A piñata party. Usually these feature funny cartoon characters filled with candy. Well instead, the Senators could bash on a Dany Heatley piñata full of signed Alexei Yashin rookie cards. While the attractiveness of candy isn’t there, taking out frustration on Dany Heatley is bound to bring a team together, right?

Nintendo Tournament – Super Mario 3

Stay classy, Super Mario

Stay classy, Super Mario

In an elaborate scheme by Cory Clouston, this could be an excellent way to determine ice time. Each player, organized by seniority, with get a crack at defeating Bowser. When a player is killed in the game, they pass the controller onto another player. The amount of time spent playing will also help determine ice time during regular season. Powerplay time will be given out by the players who are able to uncover the most secrets in the game (like the flute in the first castle or all of the free lives in Level 4). Anybody who defeats Bowser will receive assistant Captaincy.

I’m not necessarily thinking that the Sens will use all of these ideas, but at least a few of them could help the team as we gear up for the upcoming 82-game season. I for one am hugely excited to watch the Sens play this coming June. Go Sens Go!

Stay classy, Ottawa Senators!

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  1. Champ says:

    Love SM3…best video game ever!

  2. Billy says:

    wonder if spezz started playing boxing games after getting beaten by pheneuf last year..

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