Classy interview with Steve Warne of Team 1200

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Today, because its Friday and because Steve agreed to it, we have a special treat for our readers. A second Classy Interview! You’ll recall last week we talked with Ian Mendes and we’re following that up with another great interview today.

Stay classy, Steve Warne

Stay classy, Steve Warne

So, Steve who? Steve Warne of the Team 1200 (Ottawa sports talk radio). Anyone who regularly listens to the Team 1200 should automatically know who Steve Warne is. In Ottawa, his name is synonymous with morning drives to work. Steve appears on TGOR (Three Guys on the Radio) weekdays from 5:30-9:00am. He’s also the guy that bails the morning radio show out when a certain co-worker inevitably calls in sick. I won’t name names, Jungle Jim. Which rookie deserves to make the Ottawa Senators more: Zach Smith or Peter Regin?

Steve Warne: Regin has been better. But I’d pass on both. It’s a big jump from pre season to the NHL, almost as big as the one from the AHL. Both of them have looked good in pre season but that’s the Brandon Bochenski effect. The veteran that Regin outshines in September is a veteran for a reason. He’s going all Green Day right now – Wake me up when September ends. So I think that even if one of the players you listed wins a job to start the year, he won’t hold it for long.

SC: What scares you more? The thought of Pascal Leclaire’s ankle getting hurt, or the thought of Jungle Jim in a thong?

Warne: Here’s a photo of Jim in a thong. Once you’ve gouged out your eyeballs, you tell me.

SC: During a live taping, have you ever accidentally added the wrong punctuation to your sentence?

Warne: Is that an Anchorman reference to go **** yourself San Diego? The answer then is yes. I used to tell the town I worked in to go **** itself all the time. They didn’t like it much as I thought they would.

SC: Two Part question: Odd–men out.

SC: Defense – With the arrival of Erik Karlsson, there will likely be a log jam on defense. For you, who’s the odd man out: Chrisoph Schubert or Alexandre Picard?

Warne: I don’t care. Both are ridiculously replaceable. Dump the one that’s paid more. Don’t rule out Matt Carkner either. Clouston digs him.

SC: Forwards – Ottawa has some depth for the 3rd and 4th lines, too. Who’s the odd man (or men) out with upcomer’s like Regin, Smith and a healthy Cody Bass: Jarkko Ruutu, Chris Kelly, Shean Donovan (or other)?

Warne: I don’t dump any of the vets for the kids. Like I said, the vets are saving it for the season. The rookies are going off like it’s game 7 of the cup final. They just want to stick. Once the nightly grind sets in against TRUE NHL teams they’ll be exposed. They won’t keep up the pace that might initally win them a job. Erik Karlsson will be the only newcomer in the discussion by Christmas. He’s a slam dunk. In fact, I think he’s already their best puck mover right now.

SC: Other than the possiblity of interviewing, what is your biggest highlight as far as interviews go?

Warne: Interviewing Wayne Gretzky about 5 minutes after Canada broke the 50 year drought at the Olympics in 2002. He called us live from rinkside as the players were still celebrating on the ice. Crazy.

SC: Do you have a favourite moment in Ottawa Senators history?

Warne: Easy. Alfie in OT in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Final. That goal was the genesis of the Church of Alfie. Praise Alfie! (SC: seriously, join the Church of Alfie Facebook group)

SC: What do you think Sex Panther really smells like?

Warne: A mix of Ralph Lauren Polo and cat anus.

A big thanks to Steve for answering our immature questions. Look for him on TGOR when into work on the Team 1200.

Stay classy, Steve Warne.

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  1. Mantooth says:

    Another Quality interview by! Steve, thanks for the picture of Jungle Jim, I just threw up a bit in my mouth. Great way to start the morning!

  2. Champ says:

    After seeing that picture I had to wash out my eyes with vinegar. Thanks for the interview Steve.

  3. OMFG My Eyes My Eyes says:

    Even 12 Molar Hydrocloric Acid couldn’t erase the images or return my eyes to their former pristine selves.

    That said the newcomers need a shot sometimes. Give Regin a chance to prove he’s not a Shastlivy, Eaves or Bochenski … where’s our Derick Brassard?

    Too much love for veteran plugs – that’s old school thinking, mate. Speed and youth are required to move forward, otherwise you’d still have Randy Cunneyworth on the fourth line.

    I like Donovan, he scored a wicked goal in practice on the 19th, and still has some wheels, but his days are numbered.

  4. Burgundy says:

    Bahahaha! It’s pretty harsh, eh? Well played, Warne, well played.

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