Could Bryan Murray look like a Regin idiot?

September 23rd, 2009 by Tambland Leave a reply »

I have spent a lot of time in this particular venue espousing the benefits of adding Peter Regin to the lineup. I have said quite frequently that he would make Mike Fisher look a lot better, and he would be the first player to crack the NHL out of Binghamton for a full time position with the Ottawa Senators.

It seems more and more that this is now becoming a common adage throughout the media and the blogosphere. Jeremy Milks over at Black Aces wrote a great article about how Regin has stepped up to the plate, and James Gordon at Hockey Capital recently quoted Bryan Murray as saying he would make a trade to make room for the younger guys like Regin, saying that he is NHL ready.

And now that I’m basically being vindicated for all those predictions I made, I’m now getting worried. And all it took was a ghost from preseason’s past: Brandon Bochenski.

Now I’m not suggesting that Peter Regin is our next Brandon Bochenski, but there’s been plenty of times that a particular player has shone during the preseason, only to fizzle out in the regular season. In the past, I think it was in part due to the fact that preseason was an easier game. Players weren’t giving it their all, and there was a definite apprehension from veterans to play the game to the full of their ability. Why get hurt, right?

But now, and particularly this year, it seems that everyone is battling hard during games. It likely has a lot to do with the same fact that Ottawa is facing today: if veterans fizzle, there’s plenty of young guys will to take their place.

So now all remains is my fear of moving players before the season begins. I’ve now heard names like Chris Kelly, Jarkko Rutuu and Chris Neil all being tossed about to make room for the younger players. And while I have no problem making a trade, I would hate to see something done too prematurely just because a preseason player has impressed. Regin may not live up to the lofty expectations we are now setting for him, and he may become the next Brian Lee. It was only two seasons ago that Murray said Brian Lee was an NHL defencemen from now on, only to have him play half the season last year in Binghamton.

The bottom line is this: I think Peter Regin deserves a spot on this team. I think he should get one starting on October 3. But I think a few healthy scratches might be in order before we start shipping guys off.

Stay classy, Peter Regin. Welcome to the NHL.

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  1. Beerbaron says:

    You can add Denis Hamel to your list. He scored something like 6 goals in the pre-season and then made the big club in 06-07 and then put up a big 7 points for the Sens that season.

  2. Tambland says:

    Yeah. I thought about Hamel too. I’m not saying that Regin will become any one of those two guys, but I would hate to see a knee-jerk trade just to make space. They’re fine for the cap right now. Let’s play it out and see how it works with a few healthy scratches.

    This preseason has been fun though. I’ve never seen this level of competitiveness across the league before. Even last night’s game between TOR and PIT was kind of fun to watch.

  3. Burgundy says:

    So long as you didn’t mind Kadri turning the puck over every shift only to have that validated by getting a pretty nice shootout goal. Great talent, but stop with the fancy crap you can get away with in Juniors. I don’t think he’s mature enough (mentally and physically) to play at the NHL level.

    Another beef with last night’s game: are we going to see more fighting from the Leafs for the sake of fighting? Komisarek’s fight with Staal last night reeked of “Is truculent spelled F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G?” Maybe I haven’t seen Komi play in some time… but he seemed unnecessarily (and over the top) rough all night.

  4. Beerbaron says:

    Agreed he was definitely over the top, if he starts focusing only on the big hits his game will suffer. Conner’s breakaway goal showed Toronto still have a long ways to go on team defence.

    And to close, Pierre McGuire drives me bananas. On the leafs first goal he went on and on about how great the leafs effort was and that’s what contributed to the goal. Uh no, it’s cause the 2 penguins d-men got caught on the same side of the ice leaving the front of the net wide open. Oy!

  5. Fantana says:

    So we’re all in agreement that McGuire needs to take several chill pills. Maybe he’s just excited to have the NHL back?

    I’d like to echo Tambland’s comment about the competitiveness of the pre-season. I can’t remember ever actually wanting to watch pre-season games on tv before. They used to be worse than watching a Peewee house league game but since there are so many more (and talented) players fighting for jobs, it’s really made things interesting. Really looking forward to seeing the opening day rosters of both Ottawa and Toronto.

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