A second open letter to Marian Hossa

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Dear Mr. Hossa,

I guess I should preface all this by telling you that I am not rubbing it in.  That would not be sportsmanlike.  Instead, I want to help your decision-making process over the summer.

First, you are probably worried about what people are going to think if you sign somewhere in an effort to win the Stanley Cup.  To be honest, whatever you do is not going to look great.  If you change teams again, you’re just doing what you did last season.  But if you stay in Detroit, you’re not doing yourself any favours either.

Dear Marian Hossa: please listen to Stayclassy.net this time

Dear Marian Hossa: please listen to Stayclassy.net this time

The Detroit Red Wings, for all intents and purposes, have missed their chance at another championship in the near future.  I don’t want to suggest it’s your fault, but you can pretty much blame yourself on this one.

Your best option is to sign somewhere, long-term, and at a reduced rate.  It shows loyalty, it is a sacrifice to the hockey gods, and it just might bring you that elusive Stanley Cup.

In fact, the hockey gods have already put things in motion for you.  I am not sure if you know who Dany Heatley is, but he wants out ot Ottawa.  He could probably fetch a pretty good trade partner, but you could really appease the hockey gods if you told Bryan Murray you want to sign in Ottawa.  He could trade for picks and prospects, and you could go to the city that gave you your start.  It is win-win.

I know you have a lot of thinking to do.  I understand.  I just hope you read this before it is to late.  Unlike my last letter.

Stay classy, Marian Hossa.



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