Can the Minnesota Wild's next GM be a monster?

May 6th, 2009 by Burgundy Leave a reply »

We’re pretty funny guys. Except Mantooth of course…  He’s not that funny at all.

All laughing aside, I’m totally serious when I say John Fergusson JR is reportedly being considered for the vacant General Manager position within the Minnesota Wild organization.

I’m unsure how seriously he’s being considered, but I think it’s safe to say the Wild have officially begun their GM search following Doug Risebrough’s dismissal last month. Some of the other (and probably more qualified) candidates include Pat Quinn, Jay Feaster, and TSN/NBC Monster, Pierre McGuire.

Pierre McGuire is classy.

Pierre McGuire is classy.

On Tuesday afternoon, McGuire confirmed he is on the shortlist for GM candidates. Love him or hate him, Pierre’s passion for hockey is rivaled only by Jim Balsillie’s desire to move an NHL franchise to Canada. I like this idea and I think he’d be a great Monster GM for the Wild.

(Yeah, the Monster jokes are only just beginning)

It seems like the NHL recycles through the same coaches/GM’s who’ve consistently won as many games in the NHL as they’ve lost. Great, your new coach/GM has a .500 winning percentage. That’s a good performance, but not a Monster performance. And trust me – you want to be a Monster performer. I realize you need qualified guys running teams, but look at the impact new/fresh Monsters made for the Ottawa Senators, Pittsburgh Penguins and San Jose Sharks (regular season only) this season.

We heavily blame the salary cap for league parity, but I think the fact the same coaches/GM’s are constantly rehired through many organizations plays a role in it, too. You’d think teams are thinking it’s environmentally friendly the way some league veterans are recycled.

McGuire’s impact to the Wild organization would be a positive shock to a team that many feel are boring inside-and-out. And just think about the impact McGuire could have on the organization:

  • Sit between benches to organize trades between teams
  • Ensure all interviews with Wild players focus on Monster plays and escape-ability
  • Replace game three stars with Monster of the game

The possibilities are endless! And maybe it’d be enough to keep Marian Gaborik around for a year or two longer.

Stay classy, Pierre McGuire.

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  1. Mantooth says:

    I’m still pretty upset that we never got the call for an interview!

  2. Kyle Roussel says:

    Weird, I always pictured McGuire as a lefty.

    Given the candidates, I don’t see how McGuire isn’t the front runner by far. I sometimes get annoyed with his over-the-top loud persona, but hearing him daily on the team 990, I’ve grown to very much admire him and his passion/knowledge for hockey. I hope he gets the job, though it would be a huge void in the hockey broadcasting world. I remember hearing him as the color commentator for Canadiens games in the mid-90′s and I could tell then that he would not be in that position long before he moved up and onward.

    Though I wonder what kind of expectations he’s created for himself? After all, he’s done a lot of criticizing of GMs over the past 10 years, so he’d best be ready to taste some of his own medicine. GMs all make mistakes and he will be no different.

    Nice article!

  3. Fantana says:

    Mantooth’s on to something here. Minnesota should send McGuire home, cancel all the rest of their interviews and hire the entire Stay Classy team as it’s GM group. The Wild would have one classy team…

  4. Burgundy says:

    Like I told Mantooth earlier – I did in fact submit an application on behalf of the Stayclassy crew to the Minnesota Wild organization. I cited our combined experience as a total of 40 years in an arm-chair GM role. I feel its more than enough experience. I also highlighted our enthusiasm and deep thought process for decision making.

    As well, I said we’d take $20 less than McGuire, making us economically friendly. Finally, I told him we’d all drive down to Minnesota in the same car to reduce gas emissions; something McGuire doesn’t care about as he hops from plane to plane.

    I think we have a good shot at this.

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