Miracle on ice – Columbus Blue Jackets redux?

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Two heroes last night. Two former Ottawa Senators. Kind of makes you sad. But it also makes you think. And here’s what I think: This year, a former Ottawa Senator will hoist the Cup over their head. That’s right. I’m going out on a limb. 

Right now most people are probably thinking it’s going to be The Green Giant himself; the man, the myth, the legend. Zdeno Chara.

Or it could be that other guy. The perpetually injured, but incredibly talented forward: Martin Havlat.

On a side note, I feel like I’m a ring announcer for the WWE or something. 

But personally, I don’t believe it’s going to be either of them. It’s going to be the greatest two-way player who ever played here in Ottawa: Antoine Vermette.

Why you ask? Even if you look beyond the obvious look-alike of Vermette to the player on the Miracle movie poster, Columbus is this year’s Dark Horse. 


  Here’s how I see it playing out.

  The Blue Jackets will obviously beat the Red Wings. Don’t ask why.      Don’t ask how. But it rhymes with Miss Tason. And Mick Crash. And Partay Humberger.

So who’s next. It’ll be the San Jose Sharks. Well, with no offence to my counterpart named Burgundy, but this isn’t the Sharks year either. Why? Too much riding on the season. How many times, as Ottawa fans, have we seen playoff exits because the expectations were too high. Anybody remember the bitter taste from that Jason Pominville goal. Besides,what better way to go than to the young, talented Blue Jackets. I know. The Jackets only went 2-2 against the Sharks this year, but the playoffs are a whole new ball game. And again, not to harp on Ottawa, but the Sharks are victims of playoff records from the past. Not the Jackets.

So what does that leave? It will clearly be the Calgary Flames, once they dispatch Kane and Toews (how much do you want Jonathan Toews to be named Jonathan Abel, if nothing else but the references to Kane and Abel?), and Luongo’s Nucks. Again, I have to go with the good story. The Jackets are the equivalent of 2006′s Edmonton Oilers. They’re going to play the best teams, adapt their systems accordingly, and rely on the stellar goaltending of Mason. Now as long as he doesn’t get hurt like Rolly the Goalie did in the Finals, you can start printing the Columbus Blue Jackets Stanley Cup t-shirts.

And if you don’t believe a word I said, just check out the Miracle poster. You can’t disagree with movies. 

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