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I had a thought last night watching Sportscentre and Sportsnet Connected: I think Daniel Alfredsson and Tiger Woods are the same person.  Okay, maybe not the same person, but definitely drinking the same Gatorade.

Here’s why:

Remember when Tiger Woods burst onto the scene? 1996.
Remember when Daniel Alfredsson won the Calder Trophy? 1996.
Maybe a coincidence.

Are Tiger Woods and Daniel Alfredsson drinking the same Gatorade?

Are Tiger Woods and Daniel Alfredsson drinking the same Gatorade?

Remember that time that Alfie was the first European-born captain to reach the Stanley Cup Final? 
Remember that time that Tiger was the first golfer of African-American descent to win the Masters?
Both paving the way.

Remember that time Tiger went down after that knee surgery (not the big surgery after the US Open, but the arthroscopic one)?  It was his left knee.  Remember that date: April 15, 2008.
Remember that time Alfie’s Sens were eliminated from the playoffs in 2008, and Alfie played despite being horribly injured with a knee injury and needed arthroscopic surgery?  It was his right knee.  Remember that date: April 16, 2008.

You’re right.  These are two separate knee injuries.  Clearly Tiger and Alfie talked about this beforehand.  I think they both needed some well-deserved time off.

Remember that time Tiger won the US Open on a bum knee?
Remember that time Alfie only missed one game after a knee surgery?
Both clearly have super-human powers of being able to play while hurt.

Remember when Tiger’s resurgence started and he again topped the money list on the PGA Tour? 2005.
Remember when Alfie’s resurgence started and he scored his biggest point total of his career? 2005.

Remember when Alfie scored seven points in Tampa Bay?  Remember that?  January 24, 2008.
Remember when Tiger kicked off the 2008 season with a 67 at the Buick Invitational? Remember that?  January 24, 2008.

Remember that time Alfie had a training regimen sponsored by Nike?
Remember that time Tiger had a golf line sponsored by Nike?
Yep. Just saying.

Remember that clutch goal when Alfie sent the Sens to the Stanley Cup Finals: May 19, 2007.

Just guess what Tiger was doing that day…Go ahead. Guess.

Watching the hockey game. But Tiger won the WGC CA Championship the next weekend.

Anyways, I think it’s important to note the comparables.

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  1. Alfie Fan says:

    Alfie is probably the best captain in the league today. I think comparing him to Tiger Woods takes away from everything he does though. Tiger is awesome, but only Alfie can carry an entire team on his back! Next year Sens. All the way!

  2. Burgundy says:

    So its not all about the Dodgers? Seriously, I like your thoughts and agree. I wonder if Tambland concurs??

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